Huge Dust Storm hits my home town…time laps video is incredible!

In Phoenix a huge dust storm rolled through the city, and I was not there to witness it! Looked pretty massive and two photographers caught it using time lapse photography. Pretty intense…


  1. the ALIENS controlling that dust storm is on the cloud above it.. see how it moves along with the sand..

  2. I didn’t go outside until it had already hit us. This was awsome to see. Glad you could share this!

  3. amazingly scary……..back in 95, we had to pack up a BBQ in Cairo very quickly when we saw the heavens turn orange. Took the rest of the week to clean up………Natural powers.

  4. I was in Scottsdale over July 4th and saw an impressive Thunderstorm, with a huge dust cloud – not quite as big as this one, but apocalyptic enough for my taste 🙂 I took a nice picture of it, turned out great in b&w.

  5. Be glad you weren’t there. I’ve seen storms like that in Saudi and the dust gets in everything. Your mouth, ears.. and it would ruin camera equipment.

  6. very incredible stuff!!! and very sorry Steve, hope house and family are OK. watching things like this reminds me how tiny we are.

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