Daily Inspiration #236 by Michael Schmidt

Hi Steve!

So, you’re back from the European Tour with Seal. During your journey back I have been invited by an old friend who left Austria 15 years ago to visit him in Berlin.

During the 3 days there I used the M9 with the f0.95 Noctilux and the X100, nothing else.

Chinese tourists taking pictures of “Marx and Engels”

the “Brandenburger Tor”

both saved through Silver Efex Pro II using Photoshop Lightroom v3

The last image is a handheld panorama made with the Fujifilm X100 using the in-camera pana-function, showing the “Olympia-Stadtion”, originally build for the Olympic Games 1936 in Berlin.

Hope you like ‘ehm and they appear on your blog. Kind regards,

Michael S. – Austria/Europe


  1. And by the way – sorry for the typo – of course it should be “Olympia-Stadtion”, without the additional “t” in it.

  2. @John and DJDLV according DoF:

    Hehe – I did it the way around you suggested – no tripod, no f22 but f0.95 (of course with an ND-filter on) and of course handheld.

    And yes – I was lucky to have clouds in the sky – which makes every photo more “interesting” to look at then a clean sky without any.


  3. I love #2.Is this with the m9? Nice cloud formations…I wonder what it would look like if you used a tripod, went to f/22 and did a longer exposure with movement from the crowd and the clouds 🙂

  4. Nice images. Like the distance you chose for the second and third. Gives a real feeling of size.

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