WOOHOO! As I posted over a week ago, I am giving away a SLR Magic 28 2.8 Manual lens for the NEX E-Mount cameras (NEX-5, 3, C3, etc) and the contest is underway with some fantastic submissions already sent in to me. To enter and read the rules, be sure to go to the contest page!

SLR Magic/NOKTOR donated the lens for a giveaway and they wanted to sweeten the pot a bit so they sent me another super cool prize to GIVE AWAY for this contest and it is their top of the line E-Mount offering, the Noktor 50 f/0.95 Hyper Prime for E-Mount. I already announced that Noktor is releasing a 50 0.95 for Leica mount, which will be an ALL NEW Lens design but this one for the E mount is similar to the Micro 4/3 version. I did a few test snaps around my house with the lens and it looks pretty good so far. I did NOT get to take it out anywhere so I have no idea of the quality but I am going to do my best to review it before shipping it to the winner 🙂 It would also be cool if the winner wrote up an article with some images shot with the lens…hmmmmm.

The lens is new, in box. It has the end cap and screw on metal lens cap. The lens is all metal, solid and heavy and seems to perform a bit better on the NEX than M4/3, probably due to the larger sensor. THANK YOU Noktor for donating this lens for the contest! Free stuff for the readers here is always VERY cool!


ANYWAY, keep sending in your submissions to the contest! I have extended the deadline now to August 26th 2011 at noon. All other rules remain the same and the top ten will now be posted on this site on September 1st 2011. THEN you will vote for your favorites and the top three vote getters will win!

1st place: Noktor Hyperprime E Mount 50 f/0.95 lens

2nd place: SLR Magic 28 2.8 E mount lens

3rd place: ThinkTank Photo Retrospective 5 Bag

To see the official contest page and the rules and how to enter, CLICK HERE! 

GOOD LUCK TO ALL and remember, all you have to do to get a chance to win is to send in your best shot taken with a Sony NEX camera!


  1. Oh no, I want to win both the 1st and 2nd prize, lol!
    Thanks for extending, got a bit late in, have more time now reviewing all photos!

    • So on the official website it says the price of the lens is over $8,000 but on ebay (where SLR Magic sells it) it’s only a little over $1,000.

        • That would make more sense. I wouldn’t believe they would just send you an $8,000 lens to give away hahaha. Well this makes me more excited to see the results of this contest! Hope I make it into at least the top 10.

  2. I think it’s slightly funny that SLRmagic is making tons of interesting lenses, none of them for SLR’s (that I am aware of)….

    Maybe EVFMagic or RFmagic….LOL…

    Kudos to them for offering up another lens for giveaway.

  3. Holy crap! Thank you SLR Magic/NOKTOR! Whoever wins this is going to win this will make the rest of us really jealous!

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