Sony NEX-5n – Low light and High ISO Video Samples

Low Light and High ISO Sony NEX-5n Video Samples

Took the 5n out to shoot some low light video at higher ISO. I went to an aquarium and set the ISO to 3200 and 6400 using the kit zoom. My full review of the 5n will be up by Monday but here is the HD video samples and what the stock 5n and kit zoom can do in near darkness. Enjoy!

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  1. I simply don’t understand, how you achieve video with this little noise! I mean, there’s close to no noise there. How do you do that. When I use my 5n i similar conditions, there’s a lot of noise. And I use maximum quality (60p).

  2. I just tried it exactly like you had it. I set it to Aperture mode (A) and ISO 6400. As soon as I start shooting the movie it drops to 3200 (same for AVCHD and MP4 modes). If I try to change it during shooting, anything above 3200 is grayed out :-(.

    p.s. Your video only shows “3200”?

  3. I have the same question as Frankie; I just bought the 5N thinking that I could use it with ISO=6400 for Video.
    However, anything above 3200 is grayed out. How did you set it to 6400?
    (I even called Sony and asked, but they said that 3200 is max)

    • My camera was set to ISO 6400 when I pressed the movie button so I assumed I was at 6400. I keep it in A mode and use the record button to record the movie, so the option is not greyed out for me. if it goes down to 3200 automatically I was not aware of this.

  4. I read from various sites that 3200 is the highest iso that can be used in video. Can you confirm that it can reach 6400? or is there any workaround to bypass the limit?

  5. Jorge, I am more invested in the glass than the camera bodies… I love the adaptors in the micro four thirds and the endless possibilities of the new M43 format. I sold all my Nikon equipment to make this move because I fell in love with Micro Four Thirds! 😉 You can see photo samples on my site with the M43 cameras I use… These dang 3 year old sensors of more and adequate for my professional needs! 🙂

  6. Hi Steve
    Just had a second question.
    I do time lapse photography with my canon 5dmk2.
    Is there an option to use remote- intervalometer on the nex-5n
    to do the same.

  7. Hi Steve
    Video looks good
    Could you include in your review the iso spec in video mode
    The spec for stills is 100-25600, can you use 25600 in video

  8. Is it me or does this video look much better than the Jelly E-P3?
    Would love to see a comparison of the two camera’s video modes.
    So far the E-P3 seems to be worse.

    • Jelly is a byproduct of the Oly IBIS. Disable IS, no jelly.

      Would be more interested to see this versus the Panasonic G3 or GH2 for video.

  9. This is good to my untrained eye. Ordered the 7 but Will add the 18-55 for that extra 200 bucks. Worth it it seems for some Motion picture fun

    • Ah go see it in the flesh, it is tiny, samller than any of the m43s. It is smaller than a Rebel for sure, maybe the pentax is as small. but no it is not as big as any of the DSLRs around. The zoom is about the size of any other SLR 18-55 (but lighter, and a tiny tad smaller but this is easy to check), the body is definitely smaller and even with the EVF, it will be smaller than a DSLR with its Pentaprism. Again, there might be exceptions but on these exceptions you cannot use leica, Zeiss or CV M-mount or any mix of ANY lense on the market presently or in the past. Right now I use, Sony, Contax G, Leica, CV, and Zeiss on my NEX5. Upgrading to NEX7 for the added control, more definition for my Leica lenses. I am sure the Leica EVIL will be quite a contender when it comes out. And not too many DSLR can give you AF Zeiss lenses that could be matched only by Canon L (or top line of Nikon) which are expensive, heavy and HUGE. Anyways I made the switch, and never looked back when I see people running around town with lower quality DSLRs to keep the kit small.

      • Buy bags for an EVIL and DSLR. Then you’ll understand what I mean: both have the same bulk.
        The plug-in EVFs are a mess from my point of view – they are always disturbing me, because they get stuck into the clothing or the camera strip, and they tend to get lose and fall off. Furthermore I prefer the grip of a DSLR (or a Leica M). I like to hold something in my large hands, instead of fiddling with my finger tips on an unergonomically tiny toy.

  10. I was already enamored at the IQ from just watching the video but I have to say that my mind was blown when I read that you were using just the kit lens. I can only imagine how it would look with faster prime albeit with less DoF. Especially with the Zeiss 24/1.8.

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