PRESS RELEASE: New 12-36X50 ED Spotting Scope for M4/3 by SLR Magic


We have some news for you. We have a new digiscoping solution for micro four thirds bird watchers. With this solution micro four thirds users may easily take photos or video of birds at great distances.

The current options by other brands with ED glass offerings cost from $1000-$5000. The longest micro four thirds lens for now only reach 300mm and cost between $500-700.

We have a new SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED Spotting Scope. The photo of the Flamingo is shot at 420mm and the photo of the bird is taken at 840mm.

Our stand alone SLR Magic 12-36×50 ED spotting scope should be released in October for $250 and SLR Magic 12-35×50 ED sporting scope for micro four thirds should be released in November for $400.

Kind rgds.,

Andrew – SLR Magic


  1. Steve,

    Eh, take a Nikon old 75-300 AF(can be bought deadcheap on Ebay but my dad owns one)…..then ad a TC201(second hand for a few dollars) converter……and voila you wind up with a 150-600 (with crop factor 2 a 300-1200) which is a 24 times magnification lens at f 11.2 and that is a nice value considering even Nikon’s 1200 don’t have that more aperture available and are considerably more heavy. And without the converter you have a 5.6 600 which let me take this (see link below) shot by HAND and yes it is sharp due to 1/2500 I could use at 800 iso. Micro 4/3 camera’s can be realy great telephoto camera’s due to the crop factor. You only need a bit of light. I even used that combination on open air concerts…….

    Greetings, Ed

  2. Hard to believe the “ED” marking at this price. Really curios about optical quality. Just recently I had the chance to peek through Leica ED spotting scope and while the image was very contrasty and sharp, I DID mange to see some CA in the outer part of the field. But surely it could be fun.

  3. Looks like could be fun for the photographer with just a casual interest in wildlife shooting, birds etc who might find themselves taking some vacations to areas with great wildlife viewing opportunities

    Curious on the price though as $250 for the scope alone and $400 for a m4/3 mount version seems a pretty large price difference for what is probably just an adapter

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