Daily Inspiration #267 by Andre Bogaert

Street snapping, OK I got into that a while ago when I was in the right place at the right time, Easter in Sicily.

Leica, well that’s Mr Huff’s “fault”. I started reading this site a couple of years ago and the Huff enthusiasm is sooooo contagions ……

Oh! and most of the time he manages to hit the nail on the head, metaphorically speaking, with his comments/reviews.

So now I use an M9 + 4 lenses, 21, 35, 50 & 90mm, all between f2.5 & 2.8.

The Summarit-M 35 is my most frequent weapon of choice.

Here are 3, I took in Delhi in July.

If you combine the monsoon season, Delhi and Leica together, well what you can get is shown below.

Hope you like.

More at bogaert.co.uk if you are a glutton for punishment.

Born, some considerable time ago, and living in London. Been taking photos for about 40 years and anticipating getting the hang of it any day now. Kit, Leica M9 as listed above + my iPhone


  1. Hi Michiel,

    just had a look at your Zeiss images – great stuff, you don’t see this quality (composition and IQ) much here.,

    You use the “bukeh” thning that I usually don’t like most times in the right way. Also I think you “know your light” quite well.

    I am very interested in Nikon 700 (assuming you use this machine) , just bought a 5 100 but want to explore Full Frame.

    Maybe we can communicated direct: heiner1960@hotmail.com

    Best regards

  2. Hi all,

    yes Michiel, first photo I would have framed either only head and shoulders (but the full head!) or even better the whole body.

    Second ok but I don’t see any Leica glory, can be done with a nice bridge camera.

    Third typical for my 9 years old daughter with her mobile.

    Sorry, Andre’, did not want to insult you but this is my true opinion. Went to your web page and saw many really GREAT photos.

    Sometimes you frame too narrow for my taste. Cannot understand the intention behind this.

    Best regards

  3. Ce que j’aime dans ces clichés c’est l’impression de mouvement. Rien ne semble statique et définitif. La pluie accentue ce sentiment. Et puis il y a les regards…très bien saisis. Magnifique “rendez-vous” avec la mousson!

  4. Back to the Leica sales office then. Nice enough tourist images, though framing and focusing are still (apparently) difficult arts to master.

    • would you mind providing us with a link to your work so that we can all see non-touristy, techically perfect yet inspiring work and hopefully learn something

      • I don’t have a website but look at nikonimages and zeissimages under MikeD700 for my “work”. I’m not qualifying it, others can do that. I have submitted images to Steve three times now, the last batch acting on his “dlsr users nver submit any images” uttering, never got through, so I don’t get the opportunity to be criticized here.

        I honestly don’t think they were worse (in any sense) or less interesting than the average level posted in D I.

  5. All nice photos, love the first shot, very, very nice. I like you comment on “shooting 40 years, anticipating getting the hang of it soon” – I feel the same way, the sweet thing is the journey to “getting the hang” is pretty fun all by itself!

    Thanks for sharing – really nice.

  6. Love the first one! They’re all good, I really like your style. I looked at the rest of your Delhi gallery, and even though the compositions/subject/etc. are fairly different, you definitely have a consistent “feel” to the photos which I really enjoy.

    By the way, new m9 owner here and still not over the “fear” :). Can you share some of your experience and tips about using this kit in the rain (monsoon!) and not regretting it?

    • I am not sure if your fear is street shooting or taking the Leica into the rain or both. For street shooting, I have found the more I do the more comfortable I get. If you stand in a place for a while, let the shots come to you and start that way, work up to more boldness. You’ll find it works. I also enjoy engaging my subjects, for me it really enriches the experience, and people do want to talk. As far as the rain goes – just do it, I don’t baby my M9 I bought it to shoot and that’s what I am going to do with it regardless. I take care to protect the lens, and of course don’t abuse it, but I do not take any special care. I think the M9 is a robust camera that can take it. I just don’t worry.

      • Cool, thanks for the advice. I was referring more to damaging the m9. While I wouldn’t have bought it if I couldn’t afford it, it is still a decent chunk of change. I usually try to take care of my nice things, but I also get things to be used. I also intend to shoot with my camera, but I was just curious about these seemingly hazardous conditions, i.e. there seems to be quite a bit of rain, not just a drizzle, in these photos.

        I try not to read the forums about these issues because it is an odd sampling of data there. You hear stories where the m9 is an epic hero that withstood a decent into Tartarus and back, and then you hear tragedies where it got moisture damage from sitting in a glass case in someone’s house during a thunderstorm (hyperbole). So now I just try to collect 1 on 1 info from people about practical usage issues, good and bad. Andre seems to have some experience in this area 🙂

        • Graham, I think you’re on the right track. I wouldn’t leave it sit in the rain, I do protect it as I can, but I would not leave it home due to rain. Reasonable, sensible care is what I go for. I should mention too, that for me resale value is not something I think about, when I am done with it, I plan on it being “used up” so to speak, that’s why I take more care of the glass.

        • I also use my m9 in all range of conditions. I’d add a few notes: it is more rugged than some folks think–mine has been soaked many times (but also had to be serviced once so far); it is not as rugged as my m6 (not even close), so i try to use that if i am expecting truly horrid conditions; and finally, i have my cameras fully insured. It’s an expense, but if it frees me mentally to take evry picture i can, it is worth it.

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