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Follow me on Google + and Facebook/Twitter!

Wow…the site is doing great. Traffic is up, getting more and more cool things in for review and the Social Networking thing is in full swing, especially with Google + which is now open to everyone! Not sure if Facebook is going to go the way of MySpace but in two months I have more followers on google + than I managed to get in two years on Facebook. Google + looks promising and there are so many amazing photographers there who share every day including many of you guys! I have been enjoying it and look forward to getting more involved.

If you are not yet following me on Facebook, twitter, or google + you can do so at the links below. I am trying to get my #’s up so I appreciate all who follow me! THANK YOU!

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  1. It’s not open to google apps users (paying customers using google powered email addresses). Google keeps saying “Coming Soon”, “Near Future” and such regarding availability of Google+ for Google Apps users (like myself). Further proof that Einstein was right when he said that time is relative.

  2. Have been following you on all three for a while now Steve, and Google+ is definitely a great addition. Took me 4 years to get 350 contacts on Flickr, took only a couple of months to get 3,000+ followers on Google+. And that number increases by the hour. Really cool website! I can see how it’d be great for a review site like yours!

    Some shameless self-promotion here, if you don’t mind:
    ^ B/W street photography with the D-Lux 5. M9-P in a couple of months. = D

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