1. I got one! I also would like to know the default calibration??? Steve do you know how these come from the factory now?

  2. I’ve had one of these for ages, I miss a lot of shots because of the focus shift, but the ones I get, I love.

    Steve, are you still doing an updated review on it for the M9? I’ve got it, so it doesn’t matter much to me and you’ve obviously been quite busy.

    • f/2.8 I guess, since of the 5 people I heard about this lens, 5 had it ‘calibrated’ @ f/2.8. None of those had it re-calibrated to f/1.5 (which is done for free by Zeiss). It’s only a challenge with close-up focussing. Something I don’t seem to do very much.

  3. A friggin’ fantastic lens, full of rich rendering. I was doubtful initially, due to “focus shift” reports, but this is a great lens for the classic look, rich bokeh, and is quite sharp in the center….it’s become a go-to lens for me….

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