1. I got one! I also would like to know the default calibration??? Steve do you know how these come from the factory now?

  2. I’ve had one of these for ages, I miss a lot of shots because of the focus shift, but the ones I get, I love.

    Steve, are you still doing an updated review on it for the M9? I’ve got it, so it doesn’t matter much to me and you’ve obviously been quite busy.

  3. Keep an eye out at popflash photo as well – they have stock in now and then and are helpful guys.

  4. Steve, what is actually the default calibration of the focus for the Sonnar – f/2.8 or f/1.5?

    • f/2.8 I guess, since of the 5 people I heard about this lens, 5 had it ‘calibrated’ @ f/2.8. None of those had it re-calibrated to f/1.5 (which is done for free by Zeiss). It’s only a challenge with close-up focussing. Something I don’t seem to do very much.

  5. A friggin’ fantastic lens, full of rich rendering. I was doubtful initially, due to “focus shift” reports, but this is a great lens for the classic look, rich bokeh, and is quite sharp in the center….it’s become a go-to lens for me….

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