1. So, what’s up with the new 1-series?

    I think Nikon made a fundamental marketing mistake with the entire line. First, let’s be honest, the camera is a marvel. The focus speed, image quality and lenses are amazing for the size. It truly is a breakthrough from a technical point of view.

    So, what’s the problem. Well, as Steve said in his review, it’s the camera that photographers want to (and do) hate. Why? Well, for a starter, Nikon did not make it for them. There are no advanced features whatsoever. The sensor is too small to allow for shallow depth of field shots. It is marketed at the young, hip crowd (the Ashton Kutcher set), while most serious photographers are neither young nor hip 😉

    I am certain there is a market for people wanting to move from their P&S cameras to something like the 1 System. I am sure Nikon’s research confirms this. The problem is that their target market is more than likely to ask the semi-pro or pro-photographer for a recommendation. Since there is no appeal (in fact there is hate) in the Nikon 1 system I nth is crowd, you are much more likely to get a recommendation from them for a Micro 4/3rds camera or a Sony NEX.

    What Nikon forgot is that Photographers sell cameras, not trendy life-style ads. Had they made the J1 more appropriate for a photographer; had they made the system with at least a x2 crop sensor (a la m4/3); had they cut the cutie ads (and colors) – then I think they may have had something.

  2. Out of stock at B&H, and at Adorama.
    Adorama has a kit with 10-30 zoom and 10mm for $999.00, other kits are OOS.

    Good price compared to original, still seems a little high to me.

    Interesting camera, very well reviewed by respectable people, but I think I’ll wait until the price finds its level, or maybe never.

    Fuji rumors are more interesting.

  3. The V1 by itself id just discounted by $50. The double lens kit prices were way overpriced to begin with to take advantage or early adopters. The price now is what we normally expect to pay for a dual lens kit.

    I don’t regret paying a bit extra for the past month of photos I’ve gotten out of it. The double lens kit price is great now. I can now recommend it to other friends who might have been on the fence.

  4. Well that makes the V2 coming faster.

    Not sure though that they’re not selling too well. May be a marketing thing to undercut the competition. Nikon 1 seems to do quite well.

  5. it’s not selling well because, well, it shouldn’t.. people realize this is just another consumer level camera that will devalue faster than the competition.. don’t hate me for stating the truth.. peace out..

      • Go learn about some history about the province of Tibet before you insult a 3rd of the worlds population and every other scholar of history that just doesn’t reverb some lame under graduate grasp of complex issues. :-S

        • I would consider both of the above comments as heavily unrelated to the original topic.

          But Richard, not being a studied historian I just checked wikipedia on the history of Tibet and I do not see why an insult should be taken by 3rd of the worlds population. Tibet never was directly ruled by the China since it emerged in 7th century (they were under Mongols for some time later) even though part of the todays Tibet was incorporated under neighboring Chinese provinces in the early 18th century. Beginning of the 20th century China started military operations and in 1911 beheaded Dalai Lama. Things were south until 1950 and in 1951 China formally reached sovereignty over Tibet.

          So the above is probably 3rd off-topic comment here, but I could not resist.

          • Well, Americans have not directly ruled Texas until 1836. Can you say Texas is not part of US? When you post “Free Texas”, is that an insult to 300 million Americans? I do not understand why people just say something that they have no knowledge and take pride it.

          • You both miss the point. The phrase used was “Free Tibet”. I made reference to an insult to a 3rd of the worlds population. Now lets understand how M’kay?

            You both jump on some narrow bandwagon about sovereignty as the issue here. While we are at it, lets free the commonwealth shall we?

            The insult is the suggestion that somehow the province of Tibet is under duress, suffering and is in the same boat at the hands of the Chinese as Libyans were to Gadaffi, Iraqi’s to Saddam, Chileans to Pinochet or the Chinese to Mao.

            That mplied suggested it patently incorrect and goes against the facts and the efforts of the Chinese people to raise these people out of poverty and from being mass servants (and serfs) controlled by a few like sheep in a farm. The Chinese didn’t have to do any of that. Tibet is not rich in natural resources.

            So again let’s not rattle off undergrad slogans and insult a bunch of the world. M’Kay?

    • Isn’t it tradition that everything get’s discounted during Black Friday? And isn’t Black Friday this weekend? The thing is, Nikons new pricing policy forbids retailers from offering discounts, so every discount must come from Nikon. Thus, this is the only way there could be discounts on the 1 series for Black Friday. And considering who the 1 series is aimed at, discounting it on Black Friday seems like the way to go.

  6. Dual lens kit at Amazon 999.00 as well. If you are a prime member, you get 2nd day shipping for free or 3.99 for next day air. I wonder if Nikon is planning any other lens on sale before Christmas.

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