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  1. I guess there are not many, if any Panasonic fans on this site… but…I picked up a GX1 a couple of days before Christmas as an update and a companion to my GF1. Have to to say it is a nice step (perhaps it could have been a bigger stride, tho) up for one of my favorite cameras. Noticeably smaller (which I could almost do without), a lot faster (frame rate, focusing AND write speeds), and a significant upgrade in image quality. Plus, I get all the zoom readout and camera controls for the 45-175 X lens I have been using (GF1 firmware unable to accomodate that lens). I purchase the “Astin-Martin” silver addition and it is quite a smart looking camera as well. Also, I am NOT a fan of touch screens on a camera and figured when I bought this I could turn it off (which I can), but the interface is so well designed and tactile that I have changed my outlook on that aspect of the camera. I really like it. It feels like I just got the sportier, more nimble turbo-charged version of my GF1, a version that is EXTREMELY customizable with many personal-preference, function buttons. It is a joy to use. If you like the GF1…you will love this camera.

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