The new Canon G1x – Will you buy it?

The new Canon G1x – Will you buy it?

So with the huge Fuji news and the Pro X1 over the past few days we all have been excited and in a craze over the interchangeable lens Pro X1. But what about the new Canon that was announced? At first glance it looks like it could be called a G13 but Canon has decided to start the numbering from scratch and go with “G1X”. I love how the letter X always seems to make us feel like we have an exciting camera. D1x, X1, X100, Pro X, etc. Wonder why the letter X is always used? Why not G1P? There must be a reason…

Anyway, this new Canon was announced as Canons answer to the mirrorless market. It seems like some are in an uproar like they were with the Nikon V1 but after talking with a buddy last night it all came into perspective. All of us here at this site are excited about the new Fuji and what Leica is going to release this year. Well, not all of us but I’d say 90% are at least interested in seeing more about the X-Pro 1. But what about the masses? The average Joe’s who visit Best Buy when they research a new camera. They put their trust in the guy wearing the blue shirt who tells then Canon and Nikon are the best you can get. That blue shirt has been trained to push Canon and Nikon and they truly think they are the best of the best.

In many ways this is true. Nikon and Canon are HUGE when compared to the small guys like Fuji, Leica, or Olympus. They also have a very lucrative DSLR line to protect and they are careful to not release something as bold as the Pro X-1 because if they did their DSLR line would most likely suffer as would their lens sales. So instead they release cameras like this. Small cameras with larger sensors and in the case of Nikon, the J1 and V1 with smaller than larger sensors that perform amazingly well.

Sigma started the small size/large sensor craze with the DP series a few years ago but the Sigma cameras I used were so dog slow they were not fun to use. At all. The image quality was fantastic though and I am happy to see the big guys catching on, each in their own unique ways. Nikon went the other way and released the J1 and V1, which most of you know I am a fan of (The V1), with a smaller sensor. But the Nikon sensor in the J1 and V1 is fantastic for it’s size and provides super color and sharpness.

The new G1X from Canon has a large sensor. Bigger than the J1/V1 and the Micro 4/3 cameras. The G1X has a 1.5 inch CMOS sensor which is about 6X larger than their previous G series small sensors and a bit smaller than APS-C and THIS IS GOOD for image quality, low light and dynamic range. I was never a fan of the older G series as I felt the image quality looked hard & flat and low light was not so hot. This was due to the small sensor so the G1X now changes the game because all of those things that I just mentioned will now be much improved. The new camera does look a bit beefy though…

Zoom Lens?

The one thing that most enthusiasts (like me) are not a fan of is slow zoom lenses. Well, the Canon has a built in Zoom, and it’s somewhat slow at f/2.8-f/5.6. It has a 28-112 reach and that is good for just about any and all every day snapshot situation but for me, I feel it is too slow for any kind of creative use. What does this mean? Not much as Canon does care about me. Again, Canon built this camera for the masses…Canon likes to sell mass amounts of cameras and this is the camera that the masses want. Great IQ, Fast AF, Swivel LCD, Zoom Lens, HD Video and easy to use. Thats what most people want these days and the Canon does it all for $799. Id rather buy a Nikon V1 for $849 but for those who just want a camera that does it all, and does it all well, the G1X may be the one to go for.

Your Mom, your Wife, your Daughter or Son. This camera is something they would love. 

So while many get irritated about Canon releasing this and not an advanced model I think Canon did the smart thing, for them. They are in the position to release this G1x and sell loads and loads of them to the people who do not want to spend time reading up on every camera model or those who do not have any interest in changing lenses. All in one goodness and besides, the blue shirt at Best Buy will tell them all that THIS is the best camera they sell.

Me, I will not buy this camera as I have no need for it but I do not doubt that it will be fantastic. I hope to review one ASAP.

B&H Photo is taking pre-orders now. 

So, what is your interest level in this camera? Will you buy one? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on the Canon G1X.



  1. Steve -Have many slrs and other cameras-said goodbye to my 60d and all the lenses-kept a Pentax kx and lenses and an new 3 and lenses and am shooting the G1X nonstop. To solve the Macro issue just shoot in macro under 6 ft-also use dig zoom 1.9x and it’s a no sweat camera. Shaper than any g series camera-like the N1 with the 18.5 1.8 but this is easier-and has a large sensor and great fixed lens-they say! It is a hunk-but I can live with it for what it does. Does have a learning curve. 2.8 is enough light with the high iso usability-Amazing camera. It’s not a cell phone!

  2. Yes, I will buy one soon. Why not? Great camera with excellent image quality…
    I don’t understand why you people write about something that you don’t like and wouldn’t buy??? Cameras are not made only for you…

  3. It would be great to have a review comparing the X100 with the G1X and the NEX-5N. Why? Seeing the X100 made me start to think about getting a new camera. But reading up on it makes me wonder if I should go for the (presumably?) higher image quality (and shallow depth of field) of the X100 or if I should go for a G1X or NEX-5N instead and get a zoom plus a couple of hundred dollars left in my pocket.

    I understand that this would be a cross-class review, but I am probably not the only one out there in the market thinking like this.

    • Have an Nex 3 and it is sharp-but I missed the Canon color-not happy with having to edit every darn photo for color. Love the nex for use of other lenses with adaptor- but that’s also a hassle. Am tired of hassle-The g1x eliminates that. Have still got 2 many pt and shoots trying to find a simple solution-for me the New G1X answers that. Buy it try it and I’ll bet you keep it!

  4. Like the site, Steve – lively and intelligent comment without too much technical jargon.

    I think the G1 X is a big step forward – sort of G12 with a more useful sensor size. The body size does put me off – it’s very clever of Canon to have shrunk it so much, but it’s still too big for your pocket, so why not use an SLR?

    When Canon brought out the G9 / G11 / G12 they also did a pocketable version with the same sensor – the Canon S90 / S95 / S100.

    What about an S100 – sized version of the G1 X?? Now that I WOULD buy!

  5. Would I buy the Canon G1X? My initial impression, when I saw f5.6 at the long end of the zoom range, was “no way”. Not when the Fuji X10 has a f2.0 – f2.8 lens with the same zoom range.

    In fact I almost bought the Fuji X10 until I saw the resolution tests and read reviews from enthusiasts talking about disappointing image quality.

    My requirements are : 1) good for low light photography; in particular the ability to take photos indoors without needing a flash; 2) image quality; 3) smaller and lighter than my DSLR

    The new Olympus OM-D was the front runner… until I read reviews of the Canon G1X and Panasonic GX1 (which shares the same sensor and lenses with the Olympus OM-D ) on

    According to, the Canon outperforms the Panasonic GX1 in high ISO tests by a substantial margin – 2 or 3 stops.

    For the Canon G1X:
    “Shots taken at high ISO settings were consistently clean and noise-free up to ISO 6400. Long exposures at higher ISO settings showed signs of softening due to noise-reduction processing but flash shots at ISO 12800 remained remarkably sharp.”

    Compared to the Panasonic GX1:
    “… showed little visible noise right up to ISO 1600, even without noise reduction processing. Stepping up to ISO 3200 revealed slight granularity in test shots. By ISO 6400, both colour and pattern noise were evident and shots were slightly soft.”

    So the slow lens of the Canon doesn’t seem like such a problem as it is compensated by its awesome high ISO performance – and the M4/3 zoom lenses are no faster than f5.6 and have a reduced zoom range.

    In the resolution tests, the Canon G1X was not only better than the GX1 with its kit lens, it pulled down its pants and soundly spanked its bot-bot saying “who’s a naughty boy for having soft edges” – figuratively speaking. Seriously, the Canon’s image sharpness would put most pro-quality SLR lenses to shame. I was also disappointed by the resolution tests of M4/3 lenses, in particular the primes and their edge sharpness or severe lack thereof.

    So, after my initial rejection of the G1X based on assumptions and cosmetic based impressions, this camera is now at the top of my wishlist.

    • Now that I have had a proper look at some high ISO test shots from both the G1X and the GX1, I think may have been a bit generous saying the G1X’s “Shots … were consistently clean and noise-free up to ISO 6400”. To me, ISO 3200 looks clean but there is definitely some noise evident at 6400 – not a huge amount and would be OK for 6 x 4 prints, emails, Facebook, that sort of thing. Actually looks a lot cleaner than my (ageing) Canon 40D set at ISO 800 which I consider unusable.

      So the high ISO performance isn’t quite as awesome as I thought and (maybe) only 1 stop better than the GX1 but high quality shots at ISO 3200 is still fairly awesome. I remember buying “super high speed” ISO 1600 B&W film not so long ago and getting really grainy photos back from the developer which I told myself had an artistic, old school look to them… (the phrase “grainy low-res crap” comes to mind now).

      Still a toss up between this camera and the Olympus OM-D – a dead sexy looking camera but not sure I could be bothered with the interchangable lenses.

  6. looks like i will get one, lots of stuff i’ve been waiting on compared to my G10 / G12 that are still very likable buddies everyday.

    dont understand the negative sentiment, vastly improved picture quality over previous G models and still just one piece to grab / store in car and carry around with – for such uses I dont want to mess with changing lenses around for the perfect setup. get an extra battery and card and your ready for great shots that offer a lot of DXO potential if shot in RAW.

    I dont mind loosing the iso controls either, as it should become so much less of a factor with that sensor size. previously for G10 you had to rather strictly step into it as otherwise the pics were useless due to noise, but now…goes down on my needed know list I feel.

    agreed though it’s on the pricey side, but does it matter honestly if used like it should?

  7. I’ve had a number of G cameras over the years and this one looks like a winner, albeit at a steep initial price. I use these cameras on backpacking expeditions where weight and bulk are factors. Gs fit right on the waist strap. The G12 took some very nice shots on a recent trip and it looks like the G1-X will outperform it in all of the important qualities. I only shoot raw and I was pleased at the quality of the G12, which I hadn’t been with earlier G models…………..and I’m use to processing IDs III and 5D2 files so I have set a high bar. Don’t know if I will buy one………….still looking at alernatives. I know that I’m in the minority but I just could not get used to the ergonomics and clunky menu associated with the Fuji X-100, my only venture outside of the Canon realm since the Nikon Coolpix 990.

  8. Am enthusiastic amateur agonising over the next camera choice for an every day walk-about cam – have a 7D which I like and respect, but too heavy/big for travel and street stuff. Intrigued by X-100 but concerned by the eccentricities – impenetrable menus, focus issues. Really impressed by X-Pro 1 – maybe that will enable me to move on from the Canon system and will have fixed the deficiencies of x-100? Maybe the G1-X would give me a high-IQ alternative walk-about at 2/3 price of X-100, then wait for the X-Pro 1? Have an EXF flash unit which I could use on the G1X. Help! Any thoughts, anyone?

  9. Perhaps I buy it as a second camera. Nice sensor, smaller then most mirror less camera’s with standard zoom. I think Canon has made a fine camera, the only thing I do not like is the VF. The Sony Nex7 let us see what is possible, a much nicer VF. Maybe that’s the deal breaker for me and keep using my Sigma DP2 next to my Canon DSLR’s.

    That Steve rather buy a Nikon V1 is beyond me.

  10. I will definately buy it if it doesn’t fail in the upcoming tests. I was waiting exactly for this camera to use it beside my DSLR – and as that also happens to be a Canon I can go on using the flashes etc.
    I don’t expect it to be the perfect camera and I like the fact that this camera is still some sort of affordable

  11. Edit: That should read LOW shutter lag not SHOW shutter lag, typo.

    And one more thing: Many of the new DSLR alternatives are omitting the view finder. That little piece of “tunnel vision” makes taking a pic so much easier…
    … when in bright light,
    … without wearing those reading glasses that those of us over 50 are cursed to need,
    … when there’s not enough room to extend the camera 12-18 inches away from the eye
    … the world’s commotion requires a tunnel to isolate and compose without distraction.

  12. I must be living in an alternate universe ‘cuz I don’t understand many of the arguments above.

    G1x lens too slow at f2.8 while f2.5 would be acceptable? I haven’t encountered situations where that fraction of a stop would be make a difference considering post production or the ease with which the ISO can be notched up.

    Not pretty enough?. Like my wallet, shoes, car, etc, give me functionality, user friendliness, intuitive design, and if it looks like a crap, who cares. It’s a c-a-m-e-r-a. If the controls are positioned well, the dials are easily negotiable without being inadvertently activated (I always seemed to tun on my G11 menu button by accident due to it’s location), has show shutter lag, takes fast photos, AND has a screen that is articulated, who cares what it looks like. Again it’s a camera.

    Articulated lens only for video? There have been tons of photos I could never have gotten were it not for that little LCD on a hinge. Some of my best shots that I would have otherwise have to have gotten with my nose in the mud or too close to a snake for comfort. I think it ought to be on the high end pro cameras.

    Fixed lens: yea, I’ve lugged my bag with interchangeable lenses for years and suffered the lost shot while changing. Okay, my artsy fartsy, obsessive compulsive would love to keep doing the dance of the lenses but sometimes the weight, time, bulkiness just is too much and I say enough is enough. So for those days a fixed less like this one would do. It would be nice if it was a bit longer, but my priest, rabbi and guru say be happy with what you’ve got.

    Thanks for letting me put in my metaphorical two cents.

    • You are right on brother-but it takes having a G1X for a week to get it! That is the only way to know how great it really is-I say try it out -return it -but you won’t! Oh and push the darn macro under 5 ft-it does the job!

  13. I have a 5D Mk II and won’t hesitate to buy the G1x. I use the 5D Mk II when I’m in car range of my subject. The G1x is exactly what I want for the huge amount of travel I do. I don’t like checking a bag in – an SLR puts me my cabin bag weight limit. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I have a G9 as a compact, but I don’t like the high noise levels.

  14. I will give this camera a serious look. I do a bit of travel and always used to carry way more gear than required. Now I either carry a medium format film camera or a Leica 35mm *and* a G12, and that’s it. I spent two weeks backpacking around Italy with a very light kit and the raw files from the g12 turned out surprisingly good images that printed well and won a few awards.

    So while some can argue about whether this fits in a “pro’s” digital kit, it worked pretty darn good in a film kit and I expect the G1x to do the same.

  15. “Scuse me while I yawn! Too big, too slow, too expensive, too ugly and too disappointing considering what Canon would be capable of. Whatever committee approved this ought to be sent to their printer division. Maybe they should all be chained to a chair and review the Fuji website. Chip size aside, I’ll put my money with the X10.

  16. I usually take landscape portraits and I want both people and background to be clear, which requires the aperture to be stopped down any way so the 2.8-5.8 lens is not that slow to me. High ISO performance is more important to me so the big sensor is what I want! It would be perfect if the zoom were longer. I will buy it for $600.

  17. This will probably be an excellent choice for someone initially looking at buying a Rebel if they realize they aren’t going to be buying additional lenses. The image quality and speed will be a step up from cameraphones and point-and-shoots, and the relative simplicity will be a plus.

    But this is not the backup for a working pro or advanced amateur that Canon positions it as being, not with the slow zoom and lousy finder. I’ve played with the Canon G-series over the years and was always repelled by the dinky, nearly useless optical finder. This camera has the same finder, which is a real shame. Moreover, I cannot see myself using the lens at its telephoto range at f/5.6.

  18. I’m glad they developed this, but I can’t buy one.

    Already set for self-contained compact with the very portable Canon S100 and an oldie but a goodie Panasonic LX-3. The results for the portabiilty make me happy.

    And then there’s the Nikon V1. The specs were a big disappointment, but after trying it my eyes were open. The speed and intelligence of that puppy are addictive. No small camera I’ve seen come close. This fits every requirement, and to me “image quality” is not a trait of a device, but something you see (or not) in photos you’ve taken. It meets my need, and it would be very hard to go back to the Camry after driving a sports car all day, even though all specs say the Toyota is very practical and reliable and comfortable.

    If I need to crop or print big, I’ll just jump to SLR. I really don’t see them as too big or heavy or some onerous burden. I like what I can do to them.

    It seems to me consumer companies try to carve out niches by convincing us that whatever we’ve already spent money on (and hence they have already reaped profits off) are no longer worthy- are too heavy or too old or too ugly or too this or that. We are disatisfied, so must give them more money to cure our unworthiness.

    I think this will be a very nice Canon, but certainly not something I’d recommend to a family member, or for that matter to anyone who happens to need a recommendation as to what camera they need. To them I’d recommend a nice superzoom under $300. This new Canon at this price point is exactly for someone who does know what they want.

    Canon sort of created and then dominated a segment with the G series. Good for them for trying new, but I just don’t see this new G1X as much more than a specialized niche product.

  19. steve, like your site and your take.
    I have to chime in here. While I love gadgets (spending most of my recent time with new Iphone and Kindle Fire) and while i can see the difference in really spectacular dSLR pics, I have a G10, an Olympus epl1, and a Canon S95 for my pack.
    I’m a regular guy and take mostly travel photos. That doesn’t mean I can’t learn something or that a real crackerjack picture of a stained glass window or landscape can’t be world class, but at a certain point it is what you are looking at, not hardware. Like music or golf, at some point Leo Kottke can play better music on a plywood Yamaha than you can on a Taylor and Tiger Woods can hit a persimmon head 1970’s driver better than you can hit your Taylor Made.
    I don’t get the issues about the G10. I regularly blow up pics to 8×10 for Booksmart books about my travels and I think the pictures are great. I often take them head to head with the G10, and when I am looking at them I can’t really tell which camera was which. I can’t tell if there’s noise or white orb syndrome or quantum mottle.
    For what it is worth, years ago I went to my local high end camera shop to buy a real camera, a Leica, or something I could pass down to my kids. I walked out with a Fuji F30. The pictures I have with it from a week in Croatia are still hands down the most breathtaking folder of pictures I’ve ever taken. My pics of Belgium with the ePL1 and G10 are not too shabby. So I think we all need to revel
    in the quality and choices we currently have and not become too obsessed with purple fringing….

  20. It seems like Canon is moving in the right direction. If I needed a viewfinder camera with variable lenses (either interchangeable or zoom) then I would be looking at this 800.00 camera. It is not the best of all possible worlds, but it is in the range many of us mere mortals can afford. Fuji’s camera looks great, but will cost well over $3,000.00 for the equivalent lens range. These apples and oranges comparisons are quite meaningless.

  21. I’ve pre-ordered one . It’ll replace a much abused G7 as a walkaround when I don’t want to carry my 5D2.
    The large sensor is a big plus as is the OVF . I’ve used several cameras with EVF’s and just didn’t care for them…. I expect being able to use up to iso 1600 without excessive image degradation. As regards the lens , keep in mind that it’s faster than most ‘kit’ dslr zooms at the wide end and not much slower at the long . Usually I’ve got a 24-105 on my 5D2 so 28-112 certainly isn’t a deal breaker . If I need wider , I’ll step backwards . The slightly larger size is a plus for those of us with big hands .As for looks , yeah , it’s a bit ugly but so am I … . All compact cameras are compromises but I think I can live with this one. If I find I can’t , I can always return it.

  22. YES, i will buy it!
    The Canon G series is tough: i’ve owned the first G7 and be very happy with it for 5 years.
    This is a nice piece of HW indeed: 1.5in large sensor, 28-112mm starting at F2.8 (while smaller-sensor m4/3 competitor zoom lenses starts at F3.5), intelligent optical IS, ND filter, articulated hi-def screen, integrated OVF.
    I suspect that if this was branded LEICA many PROs will look at it with much more interest: this is funny, cause i think the G1 X is a much more versatile option than a Leica X1 or Fuji X100.
    What i dislike? No manual focus control over the lens ring and only OVF. Ok, if the lens will start at F2 it were better 😉 (but i suspect it will be bulkier also…).
    Anyway only a real test will tell us: for me, i am happy Canon will not stick with an absurd mirrorless costing more than 2000 bucks with a prime lens kit!
    Best regards
    Michele Costa

  23. I like the concept. However, the lens is not wide enough (should be 24mm) and the apertures are too small (2.8-5.8). 5.8 at the tele end defeats the idea of having a larger sensor for nice bokeh. I would guess that a m4/3 with a large aperture lens would give much better results.

  24. This looks to me like a triumph of marketing over development. Kind of a “so what” offering to sort of give a Canon user an option without savaging the Rebel line – or for that matter having much impact on their high end point and shoot cameras. Canon has blown a wonderful opportunity to come into the
    marketplace with a serious larger sensor true alternative to the various “pocket candy” stuff out there.
    While my own pocket camera is a DLux 5, I don’t see this Canon offering as a competitor to it – or the Canon S100 – it’s too big. Might compete with the Fuji X10, but I’d get the Fuji for the lens and the cosmetics. The Nikon 7100 might compete – but at $200 cheaper, Nikon might win a number of decisions by casual users.
    I would have liked to see Canon make this an interchangeable lens camera, move the autofocus and
    image stabilization into the body and announce a new, sleek, high quality lens line. They could
    re-engineer some of their outstanding FD lenses for the smaller image area to reduce the size and weight, utilize newer coating techniques, and have a dynamite product.

  25. If this lens has a 20mm F2 on the wide end and a 90mm with whatever f stop on the long end, I’ll be all over it, but for now… looks boring to me.

  26. No.

    APS-C DSLRs are dirt cheap nowadays and do everything better than an EVIL, except with a little bit more bulk. And any camera you already own is even cheaper.

    To date none of the EVILs really convinced my to spend my hard earned dineros. I am not a pro for whom a new and particular feature is essential for the next job or picture. Most current EVILs disappoint in at least one aspect: missing eye-level finder, missing lenses, namely fast and compact primes for the most important focal lengths, with a pricing that reflects the short economic life of digital systems. The Japanese EVILs and associated lenses disappoint in compactness against the 60 year old Leica-M system . with full frame sensor.

    Please don’t mistake that as arrogance against brilliant engineers. I am just consistent. After years of stagnation with DSLRs we now see new product announcements every day, but I am patient to wait.

  27. I like all cameras but I tend to buy last generation models (just bought a Panasonic G2 for $299 + 45mmf1.8) I own a G12 and dislike the tiny chip within so maybe next year I`ll bite….don`t like slow power zooms either.

  28. Man, this is huge and ugly. One thing I can say for sure, the whole Canon G series has some of the ugliest cameras ever produced.

  29. Yes I have ordered it. Simple reason is Image Quality is a major improvement over the g12. The camera looks rugged and I like a bit larger camera. Its not my serious photography camera but it will be my 80% of the time camera and the one I take when I do not want to risk the big costly cameras. There is no one camera that does it all, it has a place in my methods.
    I carry the g12 all the time and I expect to carry this one all the time.
    For me simple image quality is more imporant than zoom range in most cases.
    The video side is also wonderful. My full frame digital does a better job but I’m not willing to take it everywhere under all conditions.

  30. Unless the G1X proves its worth by doing something unique (I’ll allow as to how that might be the case) I’ll save my $800 and 19 ounces for a compact system camera and lens(es), preferably one that either includes or allows me to add an EVF. That way at least only the *body* will become obsolescent in short order. This one, based on specs and its chunky looks, misses the mark for me.

  31. Will I buy this one? Well, maybe. I use Canon DSLRs for work, and much of my personal-time shooting, so if the G1X has decent handling qualities, and the menus are similar enough to be familiar, it may be a quite practical choice. One post on another forum indicated that a Canon spokesman said the G1X will be have less noise than a 7D. IF this is really the case, that will be a truly useful plus, depending upon just how this is achieved. (Aggressive noise-reduction, that destroys detail, is NOT my idea of the ideal way to deal with noise.)

    I would rather it had a faster-aperture lens, either fixed-focal-length like the X100, or with a narrower zoom range. It will, however, work with my existing Canon flash units and ST-E2.

    Early this morning, I was lifting my 7D, with 580EX flash, over a pharmacy counter, and the heads of co-workers, using live view, to compose, shooting images as a pharmacist showed where specific
    pills had been stolen from the shelves. My right wrist was straining uncomfortably inside a wrist splint. At that moment in time, a lighter point-and-shoot camera, to which I could have transferred my 580EX, would have been a blessing. So, even at work, a G1X could prove useful. (I wear a badge,
    and carry both pistols and cameras. The wrist splint is for a flare-up of carpal tunnel syndrome.)

    So, yes, I may buy a G1X, as a practical choice, especially if it provides decent images at the wide end of the zoom range.

  32. I’ll certainly buy one. I am a G series fan (G10 and now G12), and love the idea of an APS sensor in a body of (almost) the same bulk and weight. It will be a great alternative for those times I can’t carry (or I don’t feel like carrying) my full frame rig with me (a Leica M9 with a couple of primes).
    Moreover I don’t dislike its “soviet” look. I’m giving for granted an outstanding i.q., of course.

        • 18.7 x 14.0 mm = Canon G1X = 261,8 mm2
          18.3 x 13.9 = GH2 = 254,4 mm2

          Would not call very much bigger whereas an APS-C sensor is about

          25.6 x 15.6 = 399,4 mm2

          So in effect the G1X is so close to a 4/3’rds sensor that the difference is negible.

    • Yeah, I think I may, too. I can get that camera and another type for the price of the body of the Fuji X-Pro 1 … At $1,700 + for only a body, that is high-dollar for my budget. And I don’t have to pocket a few lenses to get the job done on a daily walk-around picture taking rant, which I do often. The articulating screen really makes it tempting!

  33. I consider myself an enthusiast but most of my pictures are taken when I travel. For this reason I’ve always wanted a camera with these specs:
    1) FF sensor
    2) Fixe 1-1000mm zoom lens with constant aperture of 1.4
    3) built in ND and pol filters
    4) Full manual controls
    5) Weather and dust sealed
    6) Battery lasting 5000 pictures
    7) Good HD video

    A joke of course but you get the idea 😉 So far I’ve been using a PEN camera with the 14-150 travel zoom (attached to it in 90% of the time) and the 20/1.7 pancake for low light. It works pretty well so far but if I can get the same versatility with added larger sensor and smaller overall size, I am all for it.

    To answer you question, no, I will not buy the G1X. But I will buy a G2X (?), which, I hope, will have a 24-240mm/F2-4 collapsible zoom lens. And I am willing to pay for that double the announced price for G1X 😉

  34. This camera is nearly perfect for me and have ordered one.
    Wish it could control speedlites wirelessly like the 7d, 60d, and T3i though. Also I am a little worried about he contrast based focusing. It would have been nice to see canon come out with a phase detection system similar to the fuji f series or nikon 1 systems; or better yet some sort of translucent tech like sony’s. No control over video except frame rate and zooming??? No mic input??? Not deal killers but would have been nice.
    The ring around the lens is for attaching the optional macro light so it is not useless just not useful for most of us. To all the trolls about the lens: If it had a wider aperture and longer zoom you would no longer have a compact you would have an slr sized camera. Compare the lens specs to the Panasonic X f/3.5-5.6 14-42 (28-84 in 35mm terms) power zoom and you will start to appreciate the feat Canon accomplished when making a similar sized lens with a wider aperture and longer zoom range, all while using a larger sensor than the Panasonic! People will also state that the similarly named Panasonic GX1 with the power zoom lens is smaller than this camera but keep in mind you would be giving up the zoom range, low noise, dof control and viewfinder for that very small size difference. Another complaint is the size compared with the Sony CEC’s but remember you have to shoot with a lens and most people shoot with zoom lens’s b/c of the convenience and once you add a zoom lens onto any of the Sony’s CES’s you get a much less compact system. Plus, which of the zoom’s from Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Sigma or Olympus are this small and start at 2.8?

  35. Subject to reading the reviews, I definitely plan to buy the G-1X. Why?

    1. I have been a longtime Canon fan and have greatly enjoyed my G10.
    2. My best shots are of the spur of the moment variety, principally on trips. I need a camera that is always ready to go when I pull it out of my belt holster. I also like to travel light, and have no interest in carrying a variety of interchangeable lenses.
    3. This camera has a viewfinder, a must have for me.
    4. While a little bigger than the G10, this camera will still fit comfortably into a belt case. I have no interest any more in carrying heavy SLRs around my neck.
    5. The G10 is a bit challenged in low light shots, particularly action shots. The larger sensor in the G1X should be a major improvement there as well as in overall IQ.

    Had I not seen this announcement from Canon, for the above reasons I was planning to move up to the Fuji x!0. As noted, I want to read the reviews first, but it looks like I’m heading toward the G1X.

    My take on it is “Very well done, Canon.”

  36. hmmm… check this out.

    Focus Numerique has posted ISO samples from the Canon G1 X. A full range of shots from ISO 100 through to ISO 12,800 have been posted. They also compared it against the Panasonic GX1, Sigma DP2x, Fuji X100, Canon G12 & Sony NEX-5N

  37. Steve, when u listed your existing and ordered cameras above, u did’nt mention the nex-7. A bit curious, did u cancel the order because of the new Fuji!? 🙂

  38. I’m interested but there is no way to decide before knowing more about the lens sharpness and IQ. If the lens, AF, high ISO and other qualities compare with, say, the V1, I would probably bite.

    I disagree with Steve’s “camera for the masses” harrumph. Having broad marketing appeal does not mean this cannot be a great camera for its particular niche. It potentially has a lot to offer for a versatile fit-in-your-pocket camera. The lens is no slower than most other zooms on small cameras. For example, it is faster than the kit lens for the V1 and wide open is as fast as the Leica X1 I now use as a carry around camera. As I understand the physics, the camera would need to be larger to use a faster zoom. Making it larger puts it in a different market. Only the Leica M9 offers full frame DSLR quality and fast lenses in a smaller kit and it is too big to carry as a pocket camera, especially with an array of lenses.

    I bought an X1 because I agree with Steve that the image quality of earlier G series cameras suffered from the small sensor. I generally loved all the features of the G10 but the shots just could not be pushed that far if a particular snap turned out really really nice. The X1 largely solved that problem but is much less versatile. Every choice involves tradeoffs.

    One feature that has not been mentioned is the articulating screen. This is a feature I find very useful and I wish it was available on every camera. With an articulating screen the camera can be held in many different positions. This facilitates shooting at interesting angles besides eye level. It also makes it possible to shoot much more discretely. I have taken many shots of my grandson with an articulating screen camera held in my lap shooting up at him. He pays no attention to me when I do that but is obviously aware when I shoot with a DSLR or a Leica and sometimes tells me to stop. More importantly, the photos of him shot at a low angle seem to portray a different person. You see more of the person than the child (he just turned 4) with these waist level shots.

    So the specs on this camera shows it has lots of useful bells and whistles in a single unit easier to carry around than any camera with interchangeable lenses. If the IQ compares to the X1 I think it will be a winner.

  39. I used to use a Canon G10 on a Gigapan Epic 100 head, it worked amazingly well for that application. A compact and lightweight camera with a nice focal length range who’s only real fault was poor ISO performance above base. G1x should prove to be a fantastic solution for anyone wanting a camera for landscapes, hiking etc. Compact and all in one, with a great flip out LCD screen, and nice IQ.

    Throw it on a little gorillapod type tripod and you can take some really nice scenic photos either of the country or scenic nightshots of cities etc.

    Not a shallow DoF type tool, but for those who shoot mostly stopped down anyways, I think it could be a fantastic tool.

    I don’t have my Gigapan anymore, but if I did I’d very likely buy one of these for it simply because of the fixed lens and compact size. When your hauling a heavy robot head 3 miles on a hike being able to save room in the pack on the camera, and not need to carry additional lenses etc is very useful

    • That’s a fair question, but it is funny that everyone hates small sensors but are saying the X10 is the better choice… I kind of dig the X10 and the G1X. I really wish the G1X had Aperture/Shutter and ISO knobs instead of the exposure knob… and a manual zoom. I can’t help but think the G1X will have really good IQ.

      • Some of the sample shots from the GX1 look pretty good, but I don’t think I’ll be inspired to take shots holding such a “plasticy looking” camera.. whereas the X10 looks and feels like perfect in a hand..I think it may inspire someone (although it has a smaller sensor) …just saying.. I’m a newbie 🙂

  40. As usual, people are talking about something the never hold or saw… How boring.
    I had a G11 that was a GREAT all-arounder : very well built, although all plastic, VERY sturdy. I took it with me to Mayotte (a french island not far from Madagascar). The results were pretty good for such a small sensor. Then, I gave it to my girlfriend and bought the GF1.

    You can check her photos of her trip to Vietnam and see it for yourself here :

    Now, back to the G1X : the ONLY thing that won’t let me buy it is the ridiculous viewfinder that is UNSEABLE ! Such a shame for Canon.
    I love the design à la IBM Thinkpad. I hope the AF speed will be on par with the V1.

    Other than that, I’d pick this one over my M9P when visiting unsafe or very moist countries.
    You drop it, it’s stolen, who cares, that’s only 700€ lost, not 7000€.

    Of course it would have been perfect with a 24/85-2/3.5 zoom but this is, as Steve wrote it, an advanced compact camera for the average Joe, not for techgizmos or pixel-peeping so called photographers.

    Now, if you guys think that shallow depth of field is mandatory for “creative photography”, I’m afraid you’re on the wrong way… James Nachtwey or Ragnar Axelsson never needed a Noctilux to create among the most beautiful and inspired photography masterpieces.

    • @kais: Wow! Karine’s Viet Nam photos look every bit as good as 35mm film. (Which is very good indeed.) Pretty amazing, from a tiny sensor amateur camera that can’t possibly take good pictures. And she somehow managed to work around the horrible viewfinder, and the lack of an f1.0 lens.
      Her pictures are very fine.
      Of course, this only proves that vision is more important than equipment.

      And +1 on the depth of field comment.

      On the other hand, has anyone seen the G1X? How do we know that the viewfinder is unusable?


  42. LOL. I’m working in the tech section of staples part time until I find a real job (engineer) and selling a lot of canon and Nikon. I know they aren’t the best of the best for everyone and I would certainly love to buy a Leica if I had the money, but for the people that come in the store, it’s easier to just recommend the canon and Nikon.

  43. Hmmm with a 270EX I could carry this in my blazer pocket, the flash in the other and have a great camera for shooting at party and quick snaps. Though the sensor would be overkill lol! Think I’ll just stick to my Pentax Q and the little Metz I have for it for that. Still I think Camom did a good job with this, and though something like the X Pro 1 makes my heart along with many other pros flutter, many other pro just want a day off camera that they don’t have to think too much with and will give great results. While the lens is a bit on the slow side, I’m sure it will give great quality. Canon built a winner IMHO that will sell

  44. No I would never buy this camera. It makes little to no sense for me. I would much rather buy a M43 or a nex camera. those are better choices in my opinion. But its only my opinion. I think the fuji x10 is a better camera as well. I would be suprised if this ended up being anything good for Canon, I used to have the G10 and it was sub par. For a compact it was good but it wasn’t any more portable than a Pani gf2 with a 20mm. which again I also think is a better camera. In todays market I think that this is a step down from what should be. The new nikon j1 is also better

  45. Senseless Camera this days, especially with that slow zoom-lens – does not make sense at all for me
    besides all those alternatives right now or soon being available.

    Don’t think this will be a huge success for Canon!
    Just my personal opinion…

  46. so this has a bigger sensor but a slower zoom than Fuji X10

    curious to see how these 2 compare in real use….

    time will tell, as usual , cameras just announced don’t tell the full story and it takes to use it to be able to get a true feel, as Steve found out again recently with the Nikon One.

  47. why not a full-frame sensor inside? No manufacturers dare to do it. They are afraid this will kill off sales of APSC dslrs.

  48. No buy. Only full frame with interchangeable lenses but not with the price tag of a Leica M9 body. Let’s wait for the Photokina. I’m happy with my old 5D MKI and a Sigma DP2.

  49. I suppose if I was looking for a good zoom lens based point and shoot I would buy it. But as you say, the lens limits the creative capabilities of this camera too much to be considered as a serious contender for a m 4/3, Sony or Fuji cameras.

  50. The larger sensor might be good. Check this comparison.

    How about the zoom lens ? This is my reason why I don’t want this camera.

    This is Pana GX1 with kit lens(14-42 mm Vario X PowerZoom f/3,5-5,6) and set to 25mm f5.6 ISO 800.

  51. I’m going to buy the Canon G1x. Looks like a perfect streetshooter for my use. I have a dSLR but that is too big and heavy to always carry around. Also got a Canon S95 that is good, but too small to get a good grip. Also the S95 has too small sensor and suffers badly at ISO 800.
    Pretty sure the price for Canon G1x will drop fast. Give it a couple a months.

  52. Short answer “no”
    I owned and very happily used the canon G9, G10, G11 and then the s95 along with a GF1.
    If this camera had been released 2-3 years ago I think I would have been over the moon, but the market has moved on.
    I think the sensor is the only really impressive part.
    Its also great that there is a UW housing for it, I scuba dive so this is always a great bonus.
    My con list:
    1- sloooow lens, once you start using compact primes like a Pany 20/1.7, there is no going back.
    Plus what’s the point of a uber sensor when you have to shoot at 4.5 or 5.6 in low light?
    2- lens range should have been a bit wider, they did this with the S100 , 24mm would be great.
    3- 80% tunnel OVF, this is a real downer for me, un-usable for me, why not 95% or an EVF???
    4- Too big,
    5- no step or manual zoom (s90, and s95 offer it, why can’t the big brother have it)
    6- bit too expensive.
    7- this is personal but I think it’s just really ugly even compared to the older G cameras.
    this is all my own opinion, but if I was in the market for something like this, the Fuji X10 would prolly do the trick before the G1x
    Thanks for reading my rant 🙂

    • 1 & 2 – yes, the lens is slow, but bear in mind the sensor size Canon are working with. To get the lens to retract into the body is impressive and all the people saying they wish it was a 28-112 f/2 would complain if the lens was as large as the kit lens on a NEX, which it would have to be to accommodate that aperture with the sensor.

      3 – the viewfinder is, I totally agree, poor. They should have given it an electronic one like the Nikon V1.

      4,5,6,7 – The G1X will sell well among the Canon G series club – I still see a lot of G series cameras out and about, and Steve makes a very valid point that most people buy a DSLR and only ever use the kit lens on it anyway. This camera would be a far better choice for them.

      Just to be a bit provocative: If you gave me this camera with a decent flash I would happily shoot a whole professional wedding with it. (We’re so spoiled with the quality and sheer number of camera options around at the moment!)

  53. I dont see any reason tocompare this camera to g12 or even older canon G models. This will be totally different. It just looks like the same and propably feels the same to use. I liked that before and i like that now. The reason i didn’t buy g12 to my only one -kind of camera (i will always own just one camera) was the small sensor. Now that reason is gone and i dont know if i even feel a little regret for buying the nex-5 some months ago.

    I stand somewhere between the masses and the people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars (in the long run anyway) to camera gear. I am waiting the sony 50mm 1.8 and planning to use that as a “almost every situation” lens. Then my camera gear would be under 1000 euros together. That’s what i planned in the beginning. So, would I be the actual target group for the g1x? Would i be happier with g1x?

    I like bokeh though. I will get that with sony 500/1.8. Would i miss that too much with the g1x? I dont know. What i do know is that the g1x seems mostly good camera for me. Im really waiiting for the good sample photos.

  54. I could have this all wrong but I get the impression that the G1x is a rush job. I have no real way of knowing but I’ll bet Canon was in denial about the sea change in photography that’s now well underway. Finally, when they could deny not a moment longer, they cobbled this together in order to get something out there, fast.

    And what did we get? Essentially an oversized G12 (itself no pocket camera) with a larger sensor (call it just a bit larger than four thirds, not just a bit smaller than APS-C), a slower and shorter lens, and slightly reduced direct control (no ISO dial on top; it’s back to the rear wheel and joystick).

    And how much is Canon asking for this bundle of joy? $800. I think I’ll pass. I’m having too much fun with micro four thirds, have a Pentax K-5 if I need the bigger sensor (not often) and if I want a decent compact with the focal range of the new Canon, I can buy a Fuji X10 for less money.

    Perhaps the new Canon sensor will turn up in future compact cameras that will have more going for them. But, right now, it gives me no pleasure to say Canon may be either the most clueless or the most cynical camera company around.

  55. An f/2-2/8 zoom, a la the D Lux 5, with a large sensor, and great optics, would be tempting as an all around solution….I would definitely hold off on this, and wait for a future model….

  56. Sort of an interesting camera, but I’m not sure who it’s aimed at. The old, small sensor G8,9,10, etc., was plenty good enough for the Best Buy customer. I serve as the “camera advisor” for my extended family, and in general, if the picture is more or less in focus, and more or less correctly exposed, it’s fine with them. All they’re looking for is good enough to post on Facebook, or maybe 3×5 prints. So, the larger sensor doesn’t add value for them. And, it’s way too expensive, even though Canon prices typically drop 20 or 25 percent after they’ve been on the market for a while.
    The larger sensor might make the camera a fair choice for serious “walking around”, travel or street photography, but ONLY if the focusing and shutter lag is pretty fast, and the lens is better than average.
    So, “Would I buy one?”, probably not, unless there are some reviews that show that the IQ is amazing and handling is really fast.
    Oh, I kind of like the “rangefinder-ish” layout, but the viewfinder would have to be good enough to use full time. Otherwise, I’ll stick with my Panasonic G3, or E-PL2.

    • Oops. After seeing the pictures that Kaïs linked to (below), I’m embarrassed that I implied that the G11 was only good enough for Aunt Edith’s birthday party.
      I take that part back.
      The rest of my comment is still OK, though.

  57. for consumers who does not look at nor understand F-stop, and do not mind paying a slightly higher price for something that is touted as flagship of the class, the G1X will be flying off the shelf.

    for people who takes F-stop, fast lens, etc into serious consideration. this won’t cut it. But I’m sure Canon will be very succesful with this model and when G2X, G3X is released, the lens will be faster. There’s much to look forward to.

    • I disagree. Canon already has something like the SX401 to cater to those who don’t really know much about photography but just want a top spec point and shoot in their hands.

      The G series is for people who do understand more about what it takes to get the correct exposure. Why else would they bother to fit in an extra front dial and a compensation knob in the body?

      Their target market is those who already have a dslr and understand that photography is a world filled with compromises. G1X fills a gap that no other camera platform occupies.

  58. Ho hum on Canon. The very weak 72% viewfinder brings it all down. Not to mention the fact that they could have put at 2.0 lens in there like the S100. I, too, have been using a G10 exclusively for 3 years and have sold prints but there are limits and I am kind of bored with those limitations. Let’s see that XPro-1.

    Thanks for staying on top of all this Steve.

  59. I think it looks good – I’ve shot all Canon til recently – Rebel XT, 20D,40D,7D, 5DmkII. Also, the G7,G9 and S90. I am actually embarrassed by how long that list is. Point is, I love Canon. It’s going to be a good camera, I am sure. My reaction comes from no true innovation and Canon hasn’t really innovated for years. They were well ahead of everyone on high ISOs for years, and squandered it. They had full frame well before anyone else. Before that crazy good AF, USM, IS…all firsts I think…but then they became extremely conservative…and had a few lackluster introductions/non-innovations, quality issues (AF). Video, yes, check (and a big one). But the rest of the pack innovated their butts off…they are just last to the party so the impact is lower…it’ll probably sell though, and well.

  60. I don’t understand all the hate for the new Canon. For many, many months, folks have been complaining about the Fuji X100’s slow autofocus, no flip-out screen, etc. Other compact’ish cameras had small sensors — and others of the like all have some deplorable issue of some kind.

    I have been using a Canon G10 for nearly three years. I shoot in RAW. I have sold 11″x14″ prints from shots with that camera. I have acheived the amazing and sought-after bokeh, and I have that camera with me nearly 100% of the time. I don’t know anyone personally who has their bulky DSLRs with them even 70% of the time.

    Now Canon releases a camera which meets so many of the desired criteria (big sensor, bigger than M4/3, bigger than Nikon V1, faster autofocus than many others including the X100) and so many folks are dogging it before it’s out — is it because it is one of the big two? I don’t get it. I personally would love the Fuji X-Pro 1 but I just don’t have the massive funds for it. I can get a new Canon G1X and a Fuji X100 for the price of the Fuji body. Go figure. I have a feeling the new Canon will be awesome and it will be with some happy picture-taker nearly 100% of the time. 🙂

  61. With this sensor being the same size as the gh2 give or take a mm. Could canon be joining m43???? Olympus is up for grabs maybe canon may want in, seeing as the lenses are made and complete so less money on r&d.

    Plus if they release a m43 to ef lens adapter……..dream

  62. Naw.

    Too similar (and frankly, too large) relative to my many G Series cameras already. That said I have long had the NEXT 7 and now the brand new Fuji fake M9 on dealer backorder… Both for fun. I hope.
    Also have several Canon 1 D Xs on pre order but sadly can’t see any more Nikon D Series in my future. Too hard to track two different sets of controls. Sniff…

  63. Canon is fighting a rising tide. It’s not really compelling – 5 years go, it would have been a bombshell. But now, an ILC will always look more serious, even with a smaller sensor, and though most won’t change the lens on any type of ILC. Even a V1 or J1 seem more on target.

  64. I hope you do get one to review: I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about this; particularly as compared to the V1. If I am doing my math right, the 15-60 lens on the Canon would be both longer and faster than the 10-30 lens that comes with the V1. Even though it does not have the reach of the Nikon 30-110, the depth of field should be comparable, because of the mft sensor.

    There was a time when the g1x would have been everything I wanted in a single camera. Since then, I have realized that I need blazing autofocus, and that I need continuous AF to be both fast and accurate. (My son poses special problems for any camera that takes longer than a quarter-second to focus and shoot.)

    Any camera (these days) takes great pictures of mountains. They hardly ever move, and you usually see them outdoors. What I need is a camera that can take pictures of high-speed kids, in whatever light happens to make its way in through the windows.

    I would certainly appreciate some advice from a professional. And I have come to put a lot of faith in the opinions from this website, and maybe a few others. I am pretty close to getting a V1. I just wanted to see if anything was introduced at the CES that might change my mind.

    • If you want auto-focus speed I would recommend the V1. I’ve been mightily impressed with mine, and Steve was too. If you want a viewfinder then the V1 is a much better option as the G1X viewfinder is a visual guide only, and won’t give you focus confirmation.

      If high speed skids are your subject then your options are either the V1 or a full DSLR – no Micro 4/3rds camera would be as capable at focusing on a moving subject as the V1 is.

  65. Sorry guys but do you see any reasons why one should buy this one instead to save some bucks and get a Nex 5N ? Just because it is canon and the suggest of blue shirt ? I hope everybody gonna to spend more than 500$ will invest some time reading the net to understand with such slow zoom is also overpriced. It seems to me like a Volkswagen Golf, the car for everybody from 20yo till 60yo that does almost everything enough good, the average product for the masses that sells damn well and that probably will allows canon to earn much money albeit the camera itself is nothing special.

    • GX1 size is smaller due to the crazy large zoom lenses for the NEX which I think is the most fatal thing about the NEX system. You simply can’t get a zoom lens that fits the nice size of the camera.

  66. This is a sure bet for canon !! people love the G9/G10/G11/G12 Series so they can’t go wrong ! i drop my G10 for a lumix gf1 and then for a Fuji X100.

    I will prefer the new Fuji for sure but this is not a bad option, i can live with this camera for an everyday camera, all day long. i still think it’s two expensive , this is for me more like a 550 u$S camera.


  67. hey steve,
    dont know if you know this …but canon is planning to release a rangefinder style camera with interchangeable lenses and they are considering putting in a full frame sensor into it ! also canon is not to worried about there dslr sales dropping as they own most of the market share in camera sales , if you ask me how i know about the rangefinder camera….i have a few friends who work for canon in japan …hehehe , so if canon comes out with this camera …im sure it will be better then the fuji and all the olympus’s not to mention panasonic…i also heard nikon is working on same concept style camera but again all tentative hear say about nikon
    also wanted to mention that here in n.y. when you walk into most best buy stores and ask one of the blue shirts as you called them about a camera or which they would recommend ….you will get a blank stare and a response such as …i dont know anything about cameras ,i was just put into this section cause were short of help !!! but you can buy any camera we have a 30 day return policy….hehehe lol , and aslo should mention the best buys here in n.y. also carry the olympus’s pen series epm1,epl 3 , etc…but they do try to push the sony nex 3c-5n cameras for sure !!!

    i love best buy for one reason …i get to play with the latest gadgets (camera) stick my sd/cf card in take bunch of pics then go stick the card into a mac on the floor and see the picture quality …..and also give a photography lesson to one of the blue shirts and even pick up a nice looking girl who happens to be looking for the right camera advise …win win for every body! lol

    but i do hope you review this new canon gx1 or what ever its called now !!!

    p.s. steve – when are you going to post review on the ricoh gr digital iv ? im really thinking i need a 28 mm fixed lens camera that stays in my pocket 99 % of the time ! 1% for recharging of course .
    best regards

  68. Camera manufacturers have conspired to using an “X” to denote some kind of desirable quality in the mind of buyers…
    But since the next generation are likely to be twice as good, my spies tell me they will put two “XX’s” in the title!
    …the XXPro-1, G1XX, Nexx 9…

    can’t wait for the “XXX” models!

    only Nikon are showing them the “V” sign

  69. It’s a nice looking camera, and mirror-less is a step in the right direction.

    However, for me it’s the wrong camera. I insist on a full frame sensor. And I want a viewer with focus peeking and full exposure preview. In other words a top quality interactive EVF.
    The problems with Leica are twofold: You don’t get IQ for your money. I don’t care for over-contrasted, over-saturated images. The Leica dynamic range is about as low as you can go. That’s history.
    With Kodak going out of business Leica is going to have to find somebody else to make their sensors.
    I am impressed by the latest Fuji sensor. EXCELLENT IQ. But the ProX1 viewer is a toy.
    I am still waiting for my next street camera to show.

  70. for business travel and vacations I don’t need to haul around lenses this might be nice but I do have the epl-2 and the x100 and my 5D – the underwater case on these is pretty nice and not that expensive, canon flashes and such work well, lots of reasons someone might buy it.

  71. A little surprised about the many negative comments. How much does an EP3 with a dog slooow kit lens (f3.5-5.6 at 84mm equivalent) and smaller 3 year old sensor cost, again? I won’t buy the Canon, but we might see some surprises from it as far as IQ is concerned. Fact is, its zoom is faster at the wide end with f2.8 than any DSLRs’ or mfts’ kit zoom, and estimated around f4.0 at the 84mm equiv. focal length where DSLR or mft kit zooms excel with a whopping speed of f5.6. The expected aps-c lensor for the Ricoh GXR, if I’m not mistaken, will be slower as well. The Canon looks like a great all in one travel camera, I’d choose over an entry level dslr or mft with kit zoom any day.

  72. Life is too short for slow lenses. Seriously, though, it would be nice if Canon and Nikon would push the limits of what is possible in a non-DSLR offering (a direction that Fuji, Sony, etc. have been obviously moving). It’s ironic that the two companies with the most resources to create a state of the art mirrorless camera choose to play it safe to protect what they consider to be their bread and butter DSLR/lens market. I think that there are many (myself included) who would buy a Canon or Nikon mirrorless with an APS sized sensor — and still buy DSLRs and relevant lenses for them.

  73. “I feel it is too slow for any kind of creative use”

    Shallow DOF is not required for creativity, many times it actually inhibits it. With the larger sensor on the Canon, it probably has a shallower DOF than the Nikon with the kit lens.

    As you have said many times, you expected to hate the J1. Personally, I still do. But maybe we should try the camera before we write it off as a toy. It may be wonderful, it may stink, but I don’t see how you can be sure without trying it.

    • So, some quick math.
      The Panasonic-Leica 25 1.4 at 2 meters has a depth of field of 0.34m

      The Canon G 1X at 60mm with the slowest f5.6 range has a depth of field of 0.23m

      So once again, don’t underestimate the importance of focal length in determining DOF.

      • One more calculation, at equivalent FOV
        The PanaLeica 25mm f/1.4 at 2 m has a dof of 0.34
        The Canon at 37mm f/3.4 at 2 m has a dof of 0.37

        why do I bring this up? I read the Pana Leica review this morning has found no complaints about the difficulty to achieve creative shots. The canon will have at least the same DOF and probably more at most focal lengths

        • Yes but canon is not regarded as cool camer maker on this website, leica on the other hand….

          And I can’t agree more with your comment about dof and creativity, pictures with blured fences, cats, dogs and tree branches are not the pinacle of creativity

    • I agree. DOF is a way over estimated gimmick. I see way too many so boring pictures with shallow deepth of field. Yawn.

  74. I think this camera is for the person that is more interested in photography than the average person.
    The average person really can’t see the difference in IQ anyway and will buy a cheap P&S.

    The person that buys this camera may upgrade from a good P&S and may also think that even a small DSLR is a huge and ugly monster and that 4/3’rds and similar cameras are too expensive.

    I think it looks plastic-fantastic, but who am I to say that – owned a Canon S3 many years ago and think this will be a fantastic camera for the kind of person I were at that time 🙂

  75. Most probably not as I find the lens range (not wide enough) and speed (a bit on the slow side) not to ,y taste (but I understand that sensor this large bring some limitations to lens speed & size).

    But if my wife would not find it too large it would be a great camera for her (she mostly uses her older Ixus and would deserve a better camera – she makes good photos 🙂 )

  76. Doesn’t really speak to me… But, it definitely looks like an improvement over the G10/11/12 cameras. Those always seemed way too big given the sensor (and the size of the S95 etc).

  77. Hi Steve, I’m curios; why would you rather buy the V1/27-81 equiv. 3.5-5.6 with 13.2 x 8.8 mm sensor for 849 instead of this canon G1x/28-112 equiv. 2.8-5.8 with 18.7 x 14 mm sensor for 799? Do you foresee worst performing IQ, AF, AE? Clearly both are aimed at the same market if I’m not mistaken…

    • Because the Nikon is more to my liking in the design. The AF is blazing and accurate every time. The lenses are killer sharp and the EVF is fantastic. WIth NIkon rumored to release some faster primes this year, that helps as well but the V1 and 10mm is a killer combo. Im not a fan of slow zooms as I do not find them very inspiring (for my uses). When I tried the previous G models they felt very plasticky and cheap, wasn’t a fan of the build at all. I am sure this will have good IQ but Im a fan of the V1 because it seems to do everything right. No issues and no regrets with it.

      • Body looking cheap and plasticky is exactly what you said about the Nikon V1 before you tried it. And why would AF in canon be slugishly slow against blazingly fast NIkon? I’m neither Nikon or Canon fan but they know how to make reliable cameras with very good photo quality, have you heard of bad Nikon or Canon dslr in the last 5 years?

        In the end I think that its is unresponsible making any negative appraisals of the camera before you try it especially if it comes from the manufacturer with long history of reliable quality.

        • Never said Canons AF would be slow at all. For all I know it could be as fast as the NIkons. I never ever liked any of the G series. The body, build, design or performance. This looks like a much better camera than the previous models by far but I won’t buy one because I have a V1, E-P3 and M9. 🙂 Oh and a Fuji X-Pro 1 pre-ordered. Also the cheap and plasticky comment, as written above plainly was talking about the previous G models, not this one.

          • Steve..I think the quality is going to be VERY good on the I am betting that this will be Canon’s sensor for their MILC camera down the road. They cannot ignore that market…

    • I’ve used the V1 about a month and like Steve says it does produce very good IQ, but I didn’t like it as much as he did. I found it annoying it tended to slow the shutter in low light instead of auto increasing the ISO. Even with the OS, got many blurred images with the 10-30. The 10 is better, but I had to dish more bling for it. Did not like the dumb mode dial and the one I used heated up after taking a burst of images; strange. I also own a G10 (2 years and a few drops) and It’s still going. Good camera but not to today’s standard in IQ and that’s why I’m interested in seeing what this G1x can produce. Who knows, this may be for me the better carry around camera that a lot of people here “expect to hate!” 😉

      • I have the same issue with the V1. Image quality is fine, but at default settings it seems to pick the slowest possible shutter speed, even outdoors. Yesterday, on a cloudy but not dark day, I shot a sequence of a bicyclist going by, to test its rapid fire performance. It fires rapidly, all right, but at 1/40 of a second, so what I got was a sequence of blurs.
        Has a “Landscape” scene setting, but doesn’t seem to have a “sport” one.
        Still searching the manual.

  78. To me it looks as a business traveller camera.

    Put in briefcase, satchel, backpack.
    Take photo of wherever the business traveller is travelling to and on.
    Train, planes, automobiles.
    Architecture, landscape, interesting things.

    Knowing the quality is there from the large sensor.

  79. Will I buy it, “No”. Most of the people who follows this site won’t, I believe.

    This camera is targeting Fujifilm x10, Olympus XZ-1, and the Panasonic LX-5, all three of them are hugely popular cameras, they basically killed the G12.

    I had a XZ-1, and I loved it. The only reason I got rid of it was bc of the limitation of the sensor. Images taken at iso800 and above were unusable, even after raw conversion. With this new Canon, things should improve a lot. If this is the only camera you can have, I think 99% of the people will be very happy. Canon is always smarter, their market shares year after year will prove that. Mirrorless system is still relatively young, if they can stay or not, time will tell. If this camera is able to prove something like X100 did, I’m sure they can drill a hole in front of it, make it interchangeable, and followed by whole bunch of lenses and accessories. Totally different approach than Nikon.

    Steve, you should try it when it become available, this might open up something a year from now.

  80. So this lens with this sensor is too slow for creative uses but the v1 with a faster lens and much much smaller sensor isn’t? Or are try both too slow? I’d guess the canon is bringing the shallower dof than the Nikon. Maybe I need a trip to te dof calculator to confirm.

  81. At that size and at that price, it comes to sensor size and apertures
    when put against Fuji’s X10, which has a similar design and the same
    28-112mm focal lengths. True, the G1X’s sensor is oh so much larger
    than that of the X10, but when you get f/2.8 @ 112mm and almost
    half less camera body weight in your hands and $200 in your pocket,
    while retaining the style and the feel – well, I must say, I’m not sold.
    The masses may like it for what it is and that’s fine. I like the concept
    of creating a large sensor zoom ‘compact’ camera. How many people
    do you think will pay $800 for a point and shoot? My guess is, not many.


    • You need the 2.8 to mitigate the 1/4 the size sensor. I don’t think the g1x and x10 are even remotely the same. Ad I’d buy the canon before the x10 in a heartbeat.

  82. It is interesting how Nikon and Canon will not totally jump into the Mirrorless Market with their offerings. They both did about the same thing in different ways, Canon uses a bigger sensor but makes the camera fixed lens with slow aperture. Nikon uses a smaller sensor but designs the camera with relatively modest zoom lenses. You are not getting much in the way of bokeh out of either one of these babies. Seems that both cameras have a good build quality, though.
    Both situations really do not cannibalize their DSLR’s and that is both company’s main concern here.
    Nikon has gone more the distance, I think …and with the prices being so close it sounds like a no-brainer to “me” to buy the Nikon after hearing Steve rave about it on many different levels…. for the past few weeks.
    ..but I can see the Canon being a upgrade for a P-and-S or cell phone shooter who wants it all in one camera with one lens and wants to keep it simple.
    I am not in the market for either one of these but it will be interesting to see what the image quality and the performance is out of the Canon compared to the Nikon, (not that Steve would ever do anytHing like THAT! 🙂 ) …

  83. Yeh, definitely…. I would.

    I guess I’m one of the masses you speak of Steve – well, perhaps a little more enthusiast than that, but anyway I just sold my Oly E600 DSLR gear because I couldn’t be bothered lugging it around! My needs are a smaller package, RAW, manual controls, plus a flip screen would be a bonus as it helps with my hobby.

    Before this announcement my choices were;
    Fuji X10, but I’m worried about the reported “issues”. Although I love the design and lots of the images I’ve seen are great.
    Canon G12, this was the sensible, but less inspiring, choice that my head says I should get (my heart says X10 though)

    The G1X throws me a dilema – It does all I need (ok, a faster lens would be better) with hopefully great IQ………….. BUT as usual in the UK the RRP is shocking. Twice the price of a G12 and a couple of hundred £ more than I was budgeting for….. G1X at £700, or shopping around I can find the X10 at £425, or G12 at £350. I just don’t know what to do.

    Great site by the way – only just found it this week, read lots and added to favourites. Cheers

    • Chris,

      Wait a few months for the UK price to come down, or alternatively order from the US (via a friend) or from Hong Kong.

      This site is a great way to keep an eye on UK camera prices…

      I think you’d love the G1X, and if you don’t shoot that much in low-light it will be a superb camera. Yes, the design is uninspiring, but I had an old G11 and it was built like a tank and great to use.

  84. I own a G10 but the slow zoom lens limits is usability. The G1x again suffers from the same slow zoom lens. The Fuji X10 has a 2.0-2.8 lens with a 4x zoom. Why can’t Canon produce such a lens? Such a lens will justify the price of buying this camera. Wake-up Canon! Fuji is nipping at your heals in terms of innovation. And so are all the other Camera manufacturers- Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus.

  85. I might have if it came out two years ago and it was about $200 cheaper. With a DSLR and an m43 camera, there is no room in my stable for something like this at this point.

  86. The Canon seems reasonably spec-ed, but overpriced. Justifiable if it can deliver better results than at least the D1100. Theoretically, with a faster than kit lens, it should.

    Though it is a very practical, the design could have been more daring.

  87. After using the 7D, EP3 and testing the M9 I don’t think I could go back to the hollow plastic treatment like the Canon G10.

    I am very happy with the direction that the fit-and-finish is going with current cameras like the new Fuji.

  88. Good for a compact camera. Daily use, carry everywhere. Using RAW I bet you can get decent results. Obviously the lens is slow, but the intended use is other. I would buy one if it was cheaper. I rather spend more on a NEX 7 or the new Fuji. Still deciding.

  89. It is almost identical to the Panasonic GH2 sensor that corrects for aspect ratios w/o loosing to many MPs… SO, for Canon to “Claim” it is “bit smaller than APS-C” is misleading… it is more of a 4/3 sized sensor than a APS-C sensor!
    18.7 x 14.0 mm = Canon G1X,
    18.3 x 13.9 = GH2
    17.3 x 13.0 mm = m4/3, (Non GH2)
    23.5 x 15.6 = APS-C

    Not a bad entry.. but, a bit faster zoom would have been better f/2.5-4 maybe, instead of f/2.8-5.8

    It should do well. IMO

  90. This is kind of like the X100, in that it might be Canon’s ‘test camera’ for mirrorless market. And what are you talking about with ‘not for creative work’ when talking about the lens being slow? I think Bokeh is one of the least creative things to do IMO*, and I’m sure the lens is sharp. Apart from that, if I was traveling the world I’d take this camera. It’s a VERY small package for what it brings, maybe only m4/3d with the small pancake zoomer from Pana can compete. But, I’m not a traveler (yet, maybe when I get rich :D), yet it’s interesting to see what Canon can bring from this.

    *It’s being overused

  91. We are being blitzed with these new camera introductions and the quality gets better but how do we ever keep up with the upgrades and new models? I would love to own the new Canon and to have a camera in your messenger bag or briefcase or even your car glove compartment whenever a photo opportunity presents itself is also great. I also think it would be a great travel camera, no lenses to carry, filters, lens hoods, etc. A camera with a good zoom range and a larger sensor I think is a brilliant move by Canon as opposed to the Nikon V1 release, I think the NIKON will die on the vine very shortly, what were they thinking?. I would absolutely buy the new Canon however it would not replace my current Micro 4/3 system which I beleive is the future in digital photography. The new Canon would be a grab and go camera that would fit in your coat pocket and to walk the streets of a big city for the occasional grab shot. I am considering placing the order for one plus I always liked the G sries for the build quality and feel however the output most often was a dissapointment.

    • I think the Nikon is a good move, more when considering you use a 4/3. If you would used to a FF then the difference would be more noticeable. Steve review shows the Nikon is very good, even better than some 4/3. Personally I don’t think the Nikon is gonna die, or that future is 4/3. I think the future is something like the new fuji of Nex 7, small bodies with “big” sensors, but only time will tell.



      • I totally agree with you on your view of the future. I’ve even heard rumors about Pentax wanting to cram a full-frame into a mirrorless body. Now that would get A LOT of people excited for sure and would usher in the next generation of cameras. However, I feel that this Canon could potentially outsell the Nikons based on convenience alone. Personally, I would consider this camera for a grab-and-go situation when I don’t want to carry around my dslr with lenses but I’m still waiting to see what fuji does on this front. The X10 is tempting but still has some flaws that need to be worked out. As far as the Nex 7, it would completely dominate the market if they could only get some sharper glass. Micro 4/3rds will continue to be a strong force and may be the best compromise at this point but the technology will continue to advance and M4/3rds may end up being left in the dust. Fuji, Sony, and Samsung are on the right path IMO!

  92. Yes I will buy one. I have the G10 and it is a great little camera. I normally use it handheld while holding a ND Grad filter infront of the lens.. Not perfect by any means but used in manual mode you can get great images. The larger sensor in the new G1x is the reason I’m going to change to this camera as my walk-about camera when I don’t want to carry the big backpack.

  93. If this had an EVF, I might be tempted. As is I might want to try one out when the price drops. Would work nice as a rugged all in one travel cam. Very interested to see sample images.

  94. I see the G1X as the camera for someone who wants to buy a Rebel, but who will only use the kit zoom lens. For an enthusiast, 2.8-3.5 would have been much more compelling. I get the feeling that the G1X might be the stepping stone for something else down the line, if the G1X is successful. I would buy one if it was $500.

    • This will be my all-in-one travel cam with built-in evening landscape to portrait capability and the largest and most capable sensor that can be fit into this package size. Do not want multiple lenses or bags of equipment. Pick it up and go, ready to capture high quality images any time, any where.

      • What’s the definition I’m looking for here to describe the Canon … oh yea …. “Camel: a horse designed by a committee”. Butt ugly utilitarian styling or what?

        Their styling reminds me of the late 70’s SLR Zenits – crafted by ex-hand grenade stylists. Is this really the result of early 21st century designers employed by Canon? Did they even cast a glance at the new stuff coming from the Fuji, Sony, Nikon, etc.

        Hope their forthcoming mirrorless gets the full attention of the GOOD designers!

        • Perhaps it is because I’m an engineer (I never favor form over function), but I never understood why people gripe about ‘ugly’ cameras. If it has great usability and is durable, I could care less how ridiculous it looks.

          • Perhaps it’s because I’m an industrial designer but I’m constantly amazed at some of the “iffy” designs coming onto the market – this Canon being one of them (the Nikon J1/V1s another).
            I do think that the “form over function” argument can be retired now, we’re no longer hamstrung by manufacturing processes and the impact on cost can be non-existent given CAD/CAM – there’s really no need to favour one over the other nowadays!
            This Canon is already a hard sell up against Sony’s NEX so it really could’ve done with competing aesthetically, a poor product for me – maybe Canon’s just testing the waters?

          • Totally agree with resaunders. It’s a camera, not a party frock. FFS people – get your preconditioned heads out of the advertisers butts.

        • I also am an engineer but still like to taking something aesthetical into my hands when photographing. This isn’t a wrench! IMHO the G1X is even more ugly than the J1 (sorry Steve).

          Worlds collide when such cameras are put next to a Nex 🙂

      • +1 to that. Although it makes sense that Nikon and Canon are now in the mirrorless market with “lower” end cameras (in the case of the V1 a small sensor, in the case of the Canon no interchangeable lenses) to protect their DSLR sales, it’s ridiculous how they basically are ignoring the “mirrorless revolution” that is going on right now. They are choosing not to compete with the NEX/NX/EP/G mirrorless cameras, when more competition is what we need.

      • Canon is now behaving like HP, solid machines but not innovative. Others would be eating their lunch were it not for excellent glass…

    • I will almost certainly buy it. I need a travel camera that can be put away in a coat pocket, small pocket in a messenger bag (like may Domke) and become invisible. I would prefer to have an exchangeable lens camera, like perhaps Olympus E-P3, but the lens sticks out too much. The zoom is on she short side and dark at the long end of the range, but that is the compromise. I love my old Canon G7 (and have a number of v. gool looking 11×14 prints from it on the walls), but I do need better performance in low light (G7 was not really useable for reasonable size prints above 80 ASA).

      • Me too! I think it has great features although the lens is a bit slow, I think it would do a nice backup camera or even main during the day, at night I will use an optical slave flash to incorporate more light into an scene and shoot wide (f2.8) the noise seems to be quite low at high ISO. Creative use is somewhat limited but the Nikons Steve mention have slow glass too (but since the nikons have an interchangeble lenses mount this hopefully will change soon).
        The Nikons too look like nice cameras but I think these days it´s hard to find a dog of a camera, good days!

    • Perfect camera for diving. Don’t want to change lenses when diving. I prefer or a compact or a dslr. Mirrorless is a Dslr without the benefits of a mirror viewfinder, a pizza without the cheese or tomatoos. For diving the g1x offers all quallity and thingsyou need for less than $1000. Maybe under some very specific circumstnces you need that special fisheye or tele. But than again just the housing fir a dslr starts at $1250 + the extra’s fit the special lens. And extreme lenses???? When was the last time you used your 6mm fisheye or your 2.8/800 mm? For me the combination of a g1x and a dslr will do.

    • Take a good look, the Canon g1x is the camera that will sound the start of the end for m43 someday. Before I get all the m43 super fanboys all up in arms, hear me out. I like my ep2 very much, but even I know the beginning of the end when I see it. Why do I see m43 meeting a fatal end someday? To try and predict something, one must look at the facts without emotions.

      Lets ask ourselves…why is m43 popular?
      1] the have smaller bodies
      2] their sensors are much larger than ps d cameras.
      3] the can interchange lenses

      While the smaller bodies are an advantage at this time, the day will come when ps cameras will have larger and larger sensors. Most users of m43 don’t buy more than a couple of consumer grade lenses so the interchangeable lens option isn’t that big of a deal for most.

      What the Canon g1x does is herald a new beginning of ps cameras with larger sensors. Will the canon stop m43 fans from buying a m3 camera? No.But what the g1x does is point the way for what will eventually come, that is ps cameras with sensors even larger then m43. Along the way the prices of such cameras will drop and drop.The lenses will get better, faster and some will even have fixed large aperture lenses.At that time,, many consumers will have less and less excuse to shell out for a m43 when ps cameras can have higher IQ at same or lower cost,and have bodies the same size as m43. By then any if all m43 advantages will be gone.i don’t like it anymore than the next m43 fan, but the writing is already on the wall.

      What Canikon is doing is common logic.They know that the only reason that m43 exists is because of the gap created by the fact that ps cameras have such tiny sensor, and their dslrs are much larger.M43 cameras didn’t exist when film was still alive and well because every film ps camera could also take the same size film as slrs. Come the digital age and the cost of sensors prohibited “Canikon” from making ps cameras with larger sensors. this void or gap allowed m43 to come to play. but if you were a betting man, you can not count out the fact that ps digital cams will eventually have large sensors…which sadly will lead to the end of m43. Once the gap is gone, m43 has no more room to exist.

      Nikon and Canon have not made a serious CSC because i believe they know the eventual outcome down the road..And what they are doing is basically creating a stop gap system to flank m43 until their big ps guns come along.That is why i say the Canon g1x will mark the beginning of the end of m43. Someday, and it will happen, when all ps cameras have large state of the art sensors and awesome lenses to boot, we will all remember the camera that started the generation of quality digital ps cams…and the camera that hammered the first nail in the m43 coffin. Imagine a Canon s200 a little larger but with a FF sensor.Who would buy a m43 then? The fanboys yes, the 99% of camera buyers.., no.

      I like m43, I hope it survives, but taking my emotion out of the equation i have to say no. In essence, the way m43 was born was out of a gap. Once that gap is filled in, there will be no room left for m43 to exist..and to exist, you need more than just fanboys buying cameras. To sum up, the m43 as we will all remember someday was something we will all have fond memories of, but as the saying goes” it was [ and still is]living on borrowed time. Enjoy your time with your m43 cameras fellow m43 users, but know that the end will come someday. And remember how the Canon g1x was the god father of the high quality digital ps cameras you will eventually enjoy.

      • Also, forgot to mention that when slrs and ps film cameras were in its hey day, aps cameras tried to fill a really tiny gap but eventually failed. The gap bewteen dslr and digital ps cameras is much larger now due to sensor size and cost, which allowed m43 and other CSC cameras to exist but this gap will eventually be filled up like a dead informant in concrete, andhistory will prove once again that there is only room for slrs and ps camera devices…nothing in between. I will enjoy my m43 camera and but I know eventually I will have to mourn for them.

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