1. Hi gangs,

    First, I am asian, and so, pardon my slang / mistake english, LOL.

    Second, I am not a photographer or even somewhere colse to that. I just enjoy shooting and shooting especially now with those flashcards give you option to delete and retake as many as I want to.

    Ok. My first “bag” was a few kgs carrying around was such a pain especially to those mountant hike 🙁
    Sony saved me with the Nex series came out. I started switching to this tiny hand held, from Nex5 to nex 5n and then now the nex 7

    I ordered mine locally here and they said should be in around Mid March.
    Lens is not an issue to me since still got whole gear “leftover” from the previous nex’s – But shooting technique is really something for me to work on as I know I dont have one of those eyes that those pro have.
    To be hornest, I added the nex7 to my colection is not because of the 24MP (to me, it’s nothing really but the I more looking at the frame kind of thing)
    The reason for the nex7 won my debate is the view finder and flash shoe. But still waiting to see the next nex for the frame issue. But right now, the nex7 is near perfect to me already.

    Cross my fingers now to have it for the Hawaii Trip at End of April 🙂


  2. Just checked the status of my order last week (bhphoto) – it now shows “in stock, order sent to warehouse” …

  3. Lurkers in Sweden: I queued up at SonyStore in Stockholm for the house, but instead ordered the Nex-7 + kit lens online this evening from NetonNet (netonnet.se), in stock from today (monday). No notes about how many in stock though… hurry up.

    I were a bit surprised because almost every photostore in Stockholm has said the house will be available before the kit. I prepared myself by getting the Zeiss 24mm a week ago. 🙂

  4. Luc, it appears that they have pre-sold their expected allocation for the NEX-7. At least, that is my interpretation of the “New item – No arrival date known” message

  5. I also canceled my pre-order. I know they had production problems, but too late now, and other choices are coming.I predict that this will be a bit of a financial hit for Sony overall.

  6. I’ve read people talking about pre-orders from Crutchfield, B&H, and Amazon. Does anyone know if there’s any advantage to ordering directly from the Sony site versus the other retailers?

  7. SHOW ME ONE PORTRAIT PICTURE FROM SONY NEX WITHOUT LOOKING WHITE, ORANGE OR YELLOW. SO far I have gotten the worst skin tones from NEX. Pale, orange or too yellow faces. Sony forums filled with “lightroom settings” to fix color. Why not get an Olympus/Fuji/Nikon/Canon and just get good healthy skin tones right away?

    All reviews avoid faces. The few that have faces show pale white, or orange faces. Where is the healthy pink face wih rosy cheeks?

    Show me even 1 decent face skin tone. I have yet to see it.

  8. This exact same headline could have been written last August. I’m now entering my sixth month on the pre-order waitlist at Amazon. In the meantime, the Nikon V1 came out, gave it a try, and am delighted with it. Once you experience the speed and intelligent performance built into this little Nikon appliance, all other small cameras lose their appeal- it’s that intoxicating. Still want to give the NEX-7 a try, and will wait until my six-month of waitlist mark (already way too long).

  9. I got my Nex7 just for Christmas days from my local photo store in Netherlands, maybe I was one of the first in Europe. I have used it with Leica, Contax G2, Canon FD glass and the Zeiss 1.8-24mm lens. I just can say it is awesome, it really delivers great image quality when you use high quality glass.

  10. This pre-order actually opened up on B&H as early as Wednesday afternoon (the 25th) and I know this because I’ve been stalking this camera relentlessly like a true gear-whore should. I’m quite surprised it’s still open. I would’ve thought that B&H would’ve put a cap on the pre-orders by now, going on almost a full 2 days later, given how high the demand is.

    Perhaps, the X-pro1 has slighltly weakened the NEX-7 demand? Or maybe most people are more interested in the NEX-7 with the black 18-55 kit lens re-issue?

    Anyhow, this will be my 3rd pre-order 🙂 Got one on amazon, crutchfield, and now B&H, so only time will tell who ships to me first…

  11. i got my nex7 last week at the hong kong sony store
    thank you for steff to tell me how to connect my nokton 35mm F1.2 to it
    this is my first dc and i enjoy about it
    so many new camra coming up x pro 1. OM-D. D800
    hope can get it all
    happy chinese new year to all of you

  12. I like the X1 Pro styling. I like the Sony Nex 7 EVF. I like Sony’s Focus Peaking. And I like full frame.

    I would like a camera that looks like the new Fuji, has the Sony EVF technology and is full frame with a sensor that has great high ISO and can use Leica M lenses. When will these knuckle head camera companies finally get it and make the camera I have described above?

  13. But still nothing from amazon? So Sony fills December orders from Sony sale and preorders at bh before September amazon orders?

    Clearly there’s something going on with Sony and amazon.

    As far as the nex 7. I’ll be canceling my per order. The nex 5 does everything I need and some things better than the 7. Like wide angle.

    I’m just about to go back to dslr all the time anyway, I’m tired of these half ass solutions to save a few pounds. 😉

  14. with my budget, i’ll have to wait for the updated Nex5 with a good EVF or pick one of these babies up when the Nex8 comes out. Still this is the future of photography & wont be upgrading my Nikon dslr.

    With Canon being silent on this format & Nikon offering the V1 which is underpowered in my opinion, we can see why the big dslr companies are shying away from making advanced Mirrorless cameras’ that will eat into their dslr margins.

    Exciting to see where this goes and can see the standard getting better within the next few years.

  15. I pre-ordered a kit a few months ago at Crutchfield because frankly I don’t want to pay tax on it. Makes me wonder if I should pre-order here too. Doesn’t seem to matter for me, since the 50mm 1.8 is delayed for now as well.

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