Photos from the Los Angeles workshop Attendees!

Photos from the Los Angeles workshop Attendees!

Hello to all! Sorry for the delay in the updates today…I was in beautiful Sedona AZ with my fiancé for the weekend and just arrived back home. I wanted to share with everyone some photos shot by a few of the Los Angeles workshop attendees as there were some truly great images captured. This was the BEST workshop yet with amazing presentations, a great group and amazing food 🙂 Looking forward to the next!

For those who attended who do NOT see your images here, send me an e-mail with 2-3 of your best shots.


Without further ado, here are the images!

Various images shot at the workshop..courtesy of Todd Hatakeyama

The group inside just one of the many rooms in Todd’s studio/gallery..

Jay’s presentation on Day 2

Sean Armenta giving his talk on Fashion Photography

Getting ready to photograph the model in the studio on Day 2

On the way to lunch

Actor/Comedian Jeff Garlin giving his talk on Street Photography (which had us ALL laughing) – I will be posting the video of Jeff’s talk soon!

The prize giveaway – Dave Grady won the $200 B&H Photo gift card!

Elizabeth with Andrew from SLR Magic as she tries out the Hyperprime on the Ricoh GXR (Todd shot this with the Leica Noctilux)

and one from Greg Townsend…

…and now onto the images shot on the street from all who attended the workshop. These were taken during day 3 which focused on Street Photography

Stephen Patterson using a Leica M9

Shane Phillips with his Ricoh GRD III

Jay Bartlett shooting with a Leica M8

Brent Matsuno – Nikon D3s

Dave Grady

Judd Weiss with his Sony NEX-5n and SLR Magic LM T0.95 Hyperprime

Tyson Kindstrom – Olympus E-P3

Joel Scheiner

Dawen Huang

Elizabeth Wang Lee – Leica M9

…and her GXR with SLR Magic Hyperprime T0.95 LM lens

Rinzi Ruiz – Fuji X100 and Nikon D90

Todd Hatakeyama  – Leica M9

Alexander Getty

David Valera

I will add more as I get more photos from the group!


  1. Steve, these are great! Looks like you guys had a blast on this workshop. I must say the most interesting images from your students are not from the Leica camp. Great material here.

  2. Sorry guys,

    40 photos and only 12 keepers (max!at least for me).

    Maybe I missed something or maybe I have to attend a workshop…

    Best regards

  3. Hey stever, now that your engaged to a chi-town girl, whats the plan, you moving north or is she coming south?

  4. A beautiful model, superb presentations, great comedian and an unbelievable new lens to shoot………oh, and you get the chance to hang with likeminded togs and shoot street!!! So, so envious….love it.

    • Lol, oops! Me and one of my famous typos! It was a $200 gift card. 2nd place prize was an Artisan and Artist camera bag, and third place was a Street Strap camera strap.

    • Dave Grady is from Sydney, and flew over early to attend the workshop. He was somewhat speechless when he won the $200 gift card, but I believe he had something on order from B&H before the workshop was over!!! For all of Steve’s Australian fans you will be happy to know that Dave represented your country well at the Sheraton Bar every evening, where we sampled the finest in California micro brews.

      It would be great if Steve offered more workshops around the world, but regardless there are airplanes flying around the world every day. You just have to get on one!!!

  5. I must say — and I’ve entirely no idea who Alexander Getty is — but that last name must carry quite some pressure in the photography world. 🙂

    Anyway, great photos from all!

  6. That was just a really nice and poignant photo essay of L.A. street life. “Life is but a walking shadow, who struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more…”

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