POLL: Who will buy the NEW iPad?


POLL: Who will buy the new iPad?

So as all of you already know, well, at least most of you, the new iPad is being released next Friday with a 3.1 million pixel Retina “better than HD” display, faster processor, new 5MP camera with image stabilization as well as 4G LTE. For us photographers this is a pretty cool upgrade. Between the new display and processor it seems we will have a pretty powerful tablet to work on when we travel. Many of us have been happy with our iPad 2’s, but the question for today is, will YOU upgrade to the NEW iPad? Being a HUGE Apple geek, I’m thinking about it and am leaning to YES but how about you? My Mom already called dibs on my iPad 2 on my Facebook wall if I upgrade, lol.

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  1. Weight is still too high for a reader, but I am aware that it’s more than just that. Nevertheless I waited patiently for a higher resolution display as the old one did not cut it for reading complex PDF content. Resolution delivered, iPad ordered, will arrive on Friday.

  2. No flash, no sub, max 64gb space…. absolutely useless…. they can put as many features as they want in it…. still useless…

  3. Bit late to the game on this article… though reading through many of these comments is rather frustrating, a bunch of parrots ranting the same overly-spoilt talking points. Some of you lot just aren’t impressed by anything these days… reminds me of that LoisCK bit about everything thing is amazing yet everyone is still complaining.

    I mean… have you actually taken a look at this new iPad from a photography perspective? The retina display alone is going to be AMAZING for photography work… this is truly a game changer in terms of viewing and editing photography on an electronic device. Such a display would have (and really should still) cost a fortune just a few years ago and for pro’s only… now it’s in a mass consumer device.

    The second thing that no one seems to be talking about is iPhoto on iOS. This UI and features of this app look really really impressive, the kind of “impressive” work I feel Apple hasn’t done for years. I love the idea of being able to edit photos, on a hi-res display, with your finger.. a tactile method much more akin to working in a real darkroom. Sometimes it’s the small little things, like an iPhoto update, that fly under the radar though in a few years you realise really set the pace for things to come.

    Anyway, again it’s great to see Mr Huff get excited about stuff no matter what brand or latest good-guy/bad-guy trend that nerds have stirred up. A breath of fresh air amongst the negative hater vs fanboy spin that the internet seems to be swamped with.

    • It is nice with the large resolution, but things are not perfect either.

      First of all it is a big mistake to have a glossy screen on the device and secondly the color gamut will be really bad compared to a real graphics monitor.

      So yes, better than the iPad 1 which I own, but no reason to upgrade because I would never use the iPad for photo editing anyway.

      In fact it riddles me that any photographer would even use a Mac (iMac or MacBook) for photo editing because of the glossy screen and low end color gamut.

      Take a look here for some real monitors for photo editing – “Monitors For High Quality Imaging Work”: http://www.imagescience.com.au/kb/questions/120/Monitors+For+High+Quality+Imaging+Work

  4. There should be a maybe option. I would get one, the moment it comes with a built in usb port and/or SD card slot. Would do better among photography crowd if it had that. A built it Wacon or N-Trig digitizer wouldn’t hurt either, but you can’t have it all.

    • After millions buy the Ipad 3 Apple will come out with Ipad 3S touting a 8MP camera. They do it purposely every year to milk more money from your pocket and it works for them. I have Ipad1.

      • Heh, of course. Then again that’s not unique to Apple. Every company comes out with incremental updates to their products to try and sell more. It’s not like anyone is forcing you to upgrade though. So long as what you bought still works for you, then all you need to do is fight the dreaded G.A.S.!

  5. Key question: Is the iPad 3 going to be capable of showing RAW files from the Leica M9?

    Personally I only shoot RAW and the iPad 2 cannot render the photos properly, therefore for me the iPad 2 is useless as a device to check my photos during a trip and I’m still having to carry my laptop.

    For the rest is nice, but if the third version can not do what I’m asking I see no point of getting it.

  6. I am not happy with what I have ( I have no iPad), but do not hate the iPad. I want MacBook Air with >500GB flash drive for 1500, including upgrades. I am talkative and German, so I absolutely want a keyboard, with Umlauts. I am pressed hard by Apple’s greed expressed by excessive license fees on apps and accessories, to make even more money from grabbing and abusing customer data.

    • Sorry, excessive fees on apps? Where do you buy from?

      I recently bought the Monopoly game from the App Store. How much do you think it cost? 0.79€! Try paying that for a PC game.

      And greed? More advanced hardware for the same price? Not sure of your value scale.

    • ” to make even more money from grabbing and abusing customer data.” Sorry you mixed up Apple with Google’s entire business model

  7. Have you tried Air Display? Used with iPad it can be like a cintiq. I bought Samsung Galaxy Note and I am an Apple freak as well. But I gotta say Galaxy Note is a joy to use. The stylus is amazing. When Air Display for Android is released, it can be a perfect tool for dodging and burning in Photoshop =D

    • Have you ever actually used a cintiq?:)

      If you are completely satisfied with that solution, you’ve saved a lot of money, and I envy you for that;)

  8. I’m going with windows 8. I’m thinking that it will be more flexible with the desktop option and I really love metro. 🙂

  9. I’m getting it. Had the original Ipad but can’t do HD movies and currently it’s been monopolised by my wife and toddler.
    Although my wife has insisted that once we get the new one, they will be using it instead while I get to have the old one.

    Feels like cancelling my order now 😛

  10. For me iPad does not have a “killer app” yet. It is a generic “consumer” device. If there was Lightroom or Aperture for iPad, I might consider it. Right now it is just a toy. My laptop is sooo much more useful. I will be holding on to my hard earned money this round.

    • Well they just released iPhoto, and I know Adobe is working on apps for the iPad too. Nothing as powerful as PS CS5 or Lightroom just yet, but they’re getting there!

    I’ve been holding out on buying myself an ipad for the retina display, now with iPhoto – it’s a no brainer.
    I bought my sister an ipad2, nice device – FUZZY screen! – I don’t see the point in using nice camera equipment, only to look at those pics on a fuzzy screened ipad1 or 2.
    I’ll take my SD card out of my Olympus pen, quickly edit and enhance my photos with iPhoto, and they’ll look gorgeous on that display
    I’ll be easily able to share photos in the cloud with my friends, then I’ll prop my ipad up on my desk whilst I work and put my albums on slide show and actually SEE my pictures and joyful memories of my life rather than having all those digital pics squirrelled away in the corner of a hard drive in a folder that never get’s opened.

    I photograph to document my life, my family, my holidays. Sure, when I do pro work I’ll use roll film and print cibachromes and coffee table books. Meanwhile mirrorless digital cameras and the ipad3 are all about fast fluid fun for most of the time when I’m not doing pro work

  12. All this upgrade madness! Changing electronics every year is plain goofy! E-P 1-2-3-4-5 – M8-9-10-11. Iphone 3-4-5-6. iPad 1-2-3-3.5-3.6!! Mac book pro- extra pro -mega super flux pro. What do you really gain…I mean really???

    • No-one forces you to change every year. You have to decide at what stage you want to buy in. For instance, I skipped the iPad 2, but will buy the iPad 3. Just because they make it, doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

      • So true Calvin. I guess I just want to do some downshifting and stop spending money…and fight G.A.S. :-). When I got my first slr back in the 80-ies. I got a camera that I believed should last me a half eternity. It did, until digital took over. When I buy electronics today I always have a bitter taste that… eeh, maybe I should have waited for something…better. I use a 5 year old Fujitsu laptop right now because I´m not at home (have done so for three weeks and realize that I dont relly miss my Macbook from last year that much. I can do exactly the same things on this one even if I, of course, think my Apple is a way better computer. I also firmly stick to my E-p1 w/ 17mm lens (until it breaks) and have a superzoom for other purposes.

  13. I’ll hold on to my iPad 1 for another year. I’m also looking forward to seeing what new tablets come out with Windows8 on them later this year.

  14. I will give my iPad 2 as a gift and buy this solely based on the resolution… Because of how nice the images will look! Although I do hate the fact that it’s thicker and heavier!

  15. Why only two positive choices – already did or on Friday? Yes, I plan to get one, but I’m going to wait and see (don’t have any tablet yet, iMac and iPhone but no tab) if it really does all that I want. I have a relatively new G3, a very new GF3 thanks to a great offer on the Panasonic Lumix Lifestyle members website, so can’t afford the new iPad yet. But from the look of it, they have done what I wanted them to do, and so yes I’ll be getting one, but not just yet.

  16. I’ll be waiting for this one:

    Had an iPhone (3gs) and now have the Lumia 800. Recently I tried my girlfriends 3gs and to my big surprise it felt really old fashioned. I was a bit astonished, because when I bought the 3gs in 2009 I still remember how wonderful and fantastic it was. But not anymore 🙁

    Btw. I’m not an Apple hater and got the iPad 1 which I use a lot.

  17. “no” is my official answer at least until I get my e-m5, mmf3, grip, new imac(when updated)… Then I’ll suddenly need the new iPad. But shhhhhhh don’t tell!

  18. Self-admitted pixel peeper loves the new high-res display for field-viewing my photos. Also travel a lot for the real job (gotta feed the family), so it’s one more step closer to the laptop replacement.

  19. I have a cellphone, I have two powerful computers with 4 screens, I have a Xbox, I have two television. Why the hell I should I buy an iPad. Send me one, maybe I change my mind, but more entertainment I don’t need. I have nearly no time to photograph with my new black baby.

    • I’m actually just like you apparently. I’ve got a ton of electronics, a nice phone, multiple TVs in the house, and yet not a day goes by when I don’t use my iPad for something or other.

      The form factor of these tablets is really the whole point. Sure your computers are probably monstrously fast, but what about when all you want to do is surf the net while laying in your bed or on the couch? You could definitely just use your cellphone or a laptop, but the larger screen makes a real difference in user experience and comfort compared to the phone, and the smaller relative size and weight (not to mention no heat output) makes it a better choice compared to the laptop. There are ways around lack of flash too if you know what you’re doing.

      If you’re actually curious, I’d really suggest borrowing one from a friend if possible and trying it out for a while. Many people I know who though they had no use for one of these things (not necessarily an iPad, any tablet really), changed their minds pretty quickly after using one for a week or so.

  20. No option on the survey for “Will wait and see.”

    I think the Ipad looks like it might be useful, but didn’t buy the 2 because I have a history of buying Apple products the day before a new one is announced.

    Don’t exactly understand the tiny little storage amounts. 16Gb? $200 extra for 64? What are people actually buying? How much storage do you use?

    • You pose an interesting question. I bought the iPad 1 with 64Gb. Never really looked at how much of it I have used, but will probably do so before I buy the iPad 3.

      Similar thing happened when I changed up to the iPhone 4. The immediately available version was 8Gb with the 16Gb version being a 2 week wait. I looked at how much I used on my 3GS and chose the 8Gb, Hasn’t been an issue so far.

    • Calvin and Paris, I’d like to hear Pad and Tab user opinions & experiences in response to this question, too… given the “transition to the ‘Cloud'” hoopla we’ve been hearing from Apple and others. As a musician, as well as once more a photographer — and as someone who really needs a secretary/assistant just to help manage my life in semi-retirement (!) — I will be an app-centric user, though definitely not a gamer.

      • I was in Europe two summers ago. I considered buying an iPad for the trip, but was put off by the small storage capacities, so I brought my Mac book instead. Maybe it was just my bad luck, but all of the wifi connections were so slow that sending pictures to any “cloud” solution would have been impossible. Backing up to the Mac worked fine.

        I’m still not clear on whether an iPad would be appropriate for this kind of use, or whether the “3G/4G” connection would help. Or whether those connections are worth the monthly expense.

    • One of the things I like about Apple’s upgrade schedule is that it usually runs like clockwork, with some sort of hardware update occurring every year around the same month/day the product was first released. For example, the original iPad was released in April 2010. The iPad 2 released March 2011, this one is releasing in March again, obviously. So it goes for every one of their products.

      Knowing that, it’s easy enough to predict when a new version of “X” apple product should be arriving, and make purchase decisions accordingly. I personally use a 2 year cycle for any mac product I’m interested in, where I skip an update and consider the next one. Thus I skipped the iPad 2, and I’ll definitely be upgrading from my iPad 1 even though it works well enough since this new iPad has that gorgeous screen, making their new iPhoto app (along with whatever adobe has on offer for the platform) really appealing for quick edits while shooting out and about.

  21. You missed another option on the poll Steve. I will upgrade from my iPad 1, but will probably have to wait until my birthday in June 🙁

  22. Will be upgrading from my iPad 1. The screen and CPU upgrades make it worth while for me. Retina screen + Snapseed = yes please! iPhoto looks pretty awesome as well.

    • It’s about the screen, folks. The 7″ LG-designed screen on my buggy and supremely frustrating Color Nook just SLAYS the displays on what other people are carrying around in these parts (invaluable if you’re checking out guitars and vintage audio pieces on ePray, as I so often do) — and iPad 1 & 2 are neither competitive, nor a satisfactory substitute in this regard. Of course, THEY actually work in browser mode. So I’m expecting my days of self-flagellation with the Nook are soon to come to an end.

  23. I love apple products, ie their computers. I also think that their phones, iPads etc. are incredible…BUT…I am an “I-like-to-be-where-I-am (not on the phone or other electronic devise)” person. I like to be in the present moment where I am with the people I am with. Not on the phone or an iPad, whilst driving, in a supermarket isle or ordering an espresso. I also do whatever I can to keep my overhead conservative, (so I can buy more camera gear, LOL). Currently I do not own a smartphone (I have a regular mobile phone, the monthly bill is 1/2 that of a smart phone), and I do not own an iPad. Apple is the most innovative and user-friendly (except for cost!) of these kinds of devices, in my opinion. I am sure the new iPad is an incredible device, though…but people look REALLY funny taking pictures with an iPad…kind of like using a view camera and looking at the ground glass! LOL….but only 5 megapixels… :-(. LOL.
    (I do own a small, hand-held GPS for backpacking in the National Parks….no…I do not bring my cell phone into the outback with me!..but I do bring my MFT gear… LOL!).

  24. I have both iPad 1 (personal) and 2 (work). I see that iPad 1 crashes in areas where the 2 does not—especially in playing online videos. If I didn’t have iPad 2, I would definitely upgrade.

    • My iPad 1 crashes daily in Safari after the upgrade to IOS 5.01. Also sometimes hangs for several seconds while typing. But still I’m not upgrading.

  25. Not being crazy about this, although I love my iPad. But it’s just that. I already have one, and it’s even an iPad 2. I definitely don’t find it slow, so the speed bump in this one isn’t a major incentive. It’d be the display in that case, which makes it pretty unique among tablets indeed, especially with the added saturation to the colors too. Photos must look pretty jaw dropping on it. I think they already look good on mine!

    But still… A display alone? No, not really good enough for me.

    The new iPhone 4S quality camera on it is very nice too, but I’m not photographing much with my iPad. :p

      • Hah, I tend to agree, but you know how it goes, “The best camera is the one you have on you.” Sometimes you just have to make do…

      • You mean we should all have to carry around 6 additional ounces of ‘Sure Shot’ or ‘Elph’ in order to take a photo note, record some prospective email attachment, document a retail transaction for self-protection, or just save something funny when we’re not really playing photographer and ‘packing’… on account of some arbitrary aesthetic?! You be cool — I’ll be practical.

  26. I’ve never used one and I held of on both the first and second ones even though I was so intrigued.

    It’s my time.

    • I kind of disagree – I feel the display will be pretty amazing for photo work and editing on the go. I find and have always found the 2 lacking in this area for photo editing/work. BUT I am still undecided so who knows. Guess I will wait until I can see one in person. As for Galaxy lovers (yes, I have received three emails in the last 30 minutes saying I should buy a Galaxy tab)…been there and done that, not for me 🙂

    • I could see the new iPad (with increased screen resolution), as a usefull tool to show portfolio to gallery owners, art directors, restaurant owners where I hang my work, etc. Email works great, but it is nice to show your face and meet with somebody, too. I have mixed feelings about it though.
      Question?: (I have had no iPad so please bear with my ignorance.), but, if I am out on a trip etc…is there a simple way, (i.e. with a card reader, etc.), to upload your images you are shooting with a digital camera to the iPad for safe keeping/ backup? Does it have a port, software and a lot of storage to accomplish this? I do not know how sophisticated the devices are. Thanks.

          • But you have to be careful. I think that in the presentation, the guy said that the iPhoto could handle up to 19MP. I am looking at the EOS 5DIII and that has 22 MP. Not sure how that’s going to work.

      • I don’t know about the Samsung, but I went with the Sony Tablet S because I need to access websites that use Flash. I really wanted an iPad, but the “no Flash” rule was a deal-breaker.

    • i will also stick with my galaxy tab 7. i am happy i chose it instead of an ipad when i bought it almost 2 years ago; it still does what it is supposed to do, i can expand memory as i please, it is more practical to travel with; it even had 2 cameras before the ipad even had one, but that did not matter to me, i have no desire to take pictures with a phone or a tablet anyway, i’d much rather use a proper tool for that!

      i realized a while back that tablets will not replace computers any time soon, and so since i have to carry a laptop when i travel anyways (the macbook air works fine in that respect), i do not need to duplicate it with a device that cannot perform most of the ‘real’ tasks.

      MAYBE one day it will be possible to run proper software and do real work on these things; for now, i am happy with what i have.

      • Maybe you should have bought an iPad instead.

        I do “real work” on mine and don’t even carry a laptop anymore.

      • Firstly let me apologise for my English it is not my mother tongue. I use original iPad (like right now to write this down) since day one and I also use the galaxy s2 Android phone. I like some features on both devices. But one and the most important one for me is a freedom of choice, freedom of share and multitasking (try to close all memory eating applications on iPad – it takes forever manually closing one by one and on iPad you really do need to do it as every new update makes the device less usable and slows it down). Android wins it for me hands down. It gives me freedom of transferring files to any device (not only made by Apple) I can connect to ANY Bluetooth device (unlike limited IPad choice).
        I love the Apple design and simplicity and the app choice is superb but the trade of can be pain if you want to use it for more complicated tasks which Android base devices do in brisk. As the designer myslef I am aware that the design of ANY devices can only go this far before it becomes an obstacle or hard compromise. I used to love iPad but then I have discovered freedom of Android and will not come back to the cage no more but as Steve pointed out rightly Android is not for everyone and it does look and feel very unfinished at times. And yes it drives me crazy… But so does Apple OS on some occasions. I am looking forward to upcoming new hi res Samsung devices and windows 8 tablets – a competition it can only be a good thing. The one final thing which killed Apple as a company for me is their ridiculous patent war which hurts industry. Like Apple has not been stealing the ideas from others themselves. Yes you have to protect your rights but this has become an absurd and the only one who suffers at the end is the customers. Evolution of Apple devices is a bit like going to a strip bar just to find out the girl in front of you is wearing 36 bras. All your friends have left already but you are still waiting to see the one thing they have seen a long time ago. I don’t like to rush things but there is a limit. But I have drifted to far away from the main topic. Just to summarise both devices are great for different reasons and you just need to chose the one which works the best for you.

    • Yep…. Me too. My iPad 2 still does the job very well. I bet I get another year or two easily. And, I have an OM-D on its way! Don’t need to spend any more $$$.

    • What’s so sad about liking a brand’s products a lot? Is it also sad to be a huge fan of Leica, Nikon, or Canon? Sad to be a huge fan of Google? I can definitely see a photographer be a fan of Apple. The new iPad will likely have the best picture quality on a tablet bar none, and the iPhone 4S camera quality is right up there too, and now also the new iPad’s camera. Apple has paid attention to factors that matter to photographers for a while now. No wonder some become big fans. Cheer up! 🙂

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Apple_Inc.

        Scroll down to the “Comparison with a religion/cult bit. “Cult of Mac” followers, when shown product cues, exhibited similar brain responses to a religious devotee viewing religious symbols.

        I use PC because it’s not a monopoly. I can buy one made by Dell, Sony, Samsung, Acer etc etc etc.

        Not to mention Apple third world working conditions.

        • You’re naive if you think that conditions at factories cranking out hardware for Dell, Acer, etc. are any better. In fact, they’re usually worse.

          • Still, if you want to make a conscience based decision you could shop around for the most ethical PC brand. With Apple, you’re stuck with an unethical one.

        • Oh, please Don. Are you serious?

          Every modern PC manufacturer utilizes the same Chinese production facilities that Apple does.

          And a monopoly? On what? It is just a brand. It uses the same Intel processors as a Dell, Sony or Samsung and can run the same Windows OS if you choose. If anything, the Mac gives you more choice, not less as you can run both OS X and Windows.

          • Oh, I didn’t realise you can get a PC to run Mac software. I’d always assumed you had to buy a Mac to do that. Hence my presumption that to run the software you were stuck with one brand of hardware, and thus it was a monopoly.

          • OS X is their product, how does one hold a monopoly on their own product? Since I cannot run Sony firmware on my Canon, they have a monopoly as well? I couldn’t resist feeding the troll.

        • I heard a long radio discussion on conditions in Chinese electronics factories yesterday. The lede was about Apple users not knowing how bad these conditions were.

          But then in the interviews that followed, it turned out that the reporters were looking at a complex that employs tens of thousands of workers, and builds components for every computer manufacturer. HP, Dell, IBM, Acer, etc.

          I’m not sure why they opened the story talking about Apple. Apparently, conditions in Chinese factories are bad, but Apple is no worse than anybody else.

      • With respect, I think that brand loyalty is generally not a good thing. I think generally it’s best to be open to all kinds of new thing, and not “default” to liking something because your favourite corporate entity made it.

        Loyalty is for family and friends, not for Fortune 500 companies who are more than capable of looking after themselves.

        Nothing against capitalism or corporations at all, but I don’t really buy into the idea that we need to take sides, like they are football teams or something.

      • BTW the Asus transformer prime has the image quality in a tablet and probably is better than the ipad’s. Anyway, i find it stupid to carry around a tablet for pictures. Might as well carry around an slr

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