The Fuji Black Limited Edition is IN STOCK NOW

For those of you who have been waiting for this slick looking all black Fuji X100 set, it is NOW IN STOCK at B&H Photo.ย ย Coming in at $1699 (the cost of the X-Pro 1 body alone) this is a limited edition set in all black that comes with a lens hood, black leather case and strap and other goodies. This is how Fuji describes this set, which is limited to 10,000 pieces.

“FUJIFILM Corporation presents a limited release of 10,000 units of the high-end compact digital camera “FUJIFILM X100 BLACK Limited Edition” worldwide. The company has been receiving numerous requests for a black version of the X100 since its original launch in March of 2011.

The package of the X100 BLACK Limited Edition contains the camera unit, a genuine leather ever-ready case, a lens hood, an adapter ring and a protective filter. Each package comes with a message card reading a number as proof that it is one of only 10,000 units produced. The model will end its sales when all 10,000 units are sold out.”

So if you want it, go get it now before those 10,000 are all gone ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it may take a while to sell 10k of these but you never know. It does look gorgeous!

The cost of this black special edition will be about $180 more US dollars that you would pay for the normal X100 and accessories that the black version includes.


  1. Hey guys!!

    Got the x100 black three weeks ago. For my type of approach for street photo, the black x100 is optimal…
    Yes it is a lot of cash but in 2012 the digital technology evolution is slower.
    I don t see why a x200 would make this x100 obsolete…1700$ for this quality of camera makes a lot of sense.
    Purchased on Feb 27th, firmware 1.13

  2. Most recent is 1.13.

    From the Fuji site:
    Version 1.13 is effective for language selection menu for JP models, from 2 (JP / EN) to 35 languages. Just in case of worldwide model, there is no difference between ver.1.12 and ver.1.13.

  3. steve, john says he received his black x100 with the 1.12 firmware. do we know if that is the most recent version? thanks.

  4. Just received my black x100 , it has 1.12 as the firmware. Looks great. Only annoying thing is that the leather case doesn’t fully close when you have the adaptor ring, filter & lens cap on. Another couple of mm’s and would have been perfect fit.

  5. steve, browse your website all the time. if you know, could you tell me if the limited edition black x100 ships with the latest firmware version, or an older original version of the firmware. or if any else knows. thanks to all

    • I would assume it has the latest firmware. Don’t think they would ship it with an old version. BUT I can;t say 100% as I know no one who has it yet.

  6. I have seen the camera in a local shop in Germany – looks really great. But I would not pay the premium for the color. It costs about 25% more than the regular version.

    Somehow I still hope Fuji will come with X200 with the newer sensor and the AF quirks solved …

    • It comes in at about $180-$200 more with the included accessories like the case, hood, adapter, filter, etc. So $200 more for black and the “Limited Edition” status.

  7. Absolutely stunning camera. I just ordered one for me (Backup to my M9-P) and my wife.
    Thanks Steve for putting those “Breaking Availability News” on your website, this is helpful.
    (In return I always order from here).

    I have tried the X100 before together with some of my Leica shooter friends and although it’s not an M experience, it is a phantastic camera performing really well. Most of it’s small deficiencies can be handled easily by an experienced photographer.

    Since the “Love factor” also plays a role for picking a camera and actually using it for a long time, I’m willing to pay the price for the black edition.

    Thx again Steve!

  8. I think they could sell the black one together to another, newer, better firmware instead of things like lens hood that one, if the need, can buy himself…..just my idea

  9. Steve, how about keeping an eye on how long it takes to sell 10,000 units (not distribute to retail outlets). I know you have nothing better to do! but it might be interesting. Orders at Amazon and other places do not equate to sales and they are also divided by the options available making it impossible to judge actual sales. This one can be tracked.

  10. I have been using the X100 for a month now. It is a great camera and I don’t see all those flaws reviewers have highlighted since the camera was released. IQ is great, the camera is compact, AF works well, the viewfinder is a joy to use, high-ISO capability is better than … Leica’s M9. In fact, I have stopped using my M9 since I got the X100. I will use the X100 during my next vacation (along with a Fuji 645 AF).

    $1,700 is expensive for a camera, though not outrageaous when you consider the price of an M9 which, in compariosn with an X100, is not worth its price AT ALL!


    • Well remember the X100 is $1199 without the extras, so for this kit at $1699 you are paying an extra $500 but you get the full leather case, lens hood, filter and adapter ring which would come out to over $320 so it comes out to you paying an extra $180 for the black color and “limited edition” status. Resale will be low (just a bit up from the standard X100) though as this Fuji will not hold its value like a Leica. if I were to buy a new X100 today, I’d go for the black kit personally just to have it all in one shot, and I prefer the black but not for its “LE” stamp. All personal choice and preference though.

  11. I dunno. The fact that the base X100 is still priced at $1200, after a year on the market, suggests that sales are still strong. Which, pretty much by definition, means that the X100 is “worth” $1200.

    The black body kit includes the leather case, adapter ring and lens hood, and a filter. For a chrome body. that would add up to roughly $1500. So that’s about a $200 premium for the black paint. Expensive, but not outrageous.

    Personally, I’d rather see the black body with a matching lens hood for maybe $1300, but that’s not the way the world works. If Fuji can’t sell 10,000 units at $1700, they’ll drop the price. I’ll bet they won’t have to.

  12. So what? It’s black. It still isn’t a Leica. Steve, I’ve respected your work for a long time, but it seems to me you’re selling out, doing blatant advertising on behalf of companies who are presumably rewarding you in some way for promoting their stories. You need to re-establish your credentials as an independent voice.

    • +1

      but I’m sure someone will comment how this is Steve’s site and he can do whatever, and that he reviews all cameras not just Leica blah blah blah.. somehow there’s quite a bit more active advertisement going on not just the subtle “click on the link and I get a small incentive” thing..

    • Uhm… I don’t think Steve H. is doing any bidding for anyone. I believe he is just getting the news out and folks can do what they want with it. He isn’t trying to talk anyone into buying anything. It’s just information, nothing more, nothing less. My opinion, of course.

      • @Rick Alan: you must’ve missed the last part of this post where he IS trying to sell the “limited edition” hype..

        “So if you want it, [LINK] go get it now [/LINK] before those 10,000 are all gone ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it may take a while to sell 10k of these but you never know. It does look gorgeous!”

        I’m all for making money so this site could go on.. but I thought that’s what ads & sponsors do.. and to quote what was said above, this is all just “my opinion, of course”..

        • Um, Kurt, Steve uses pretty the same wording whenever he posts an update about a rare item that has become available. Zeiss lenses, Leica M9s, Sony Nex 7s, whatever.

          I consider this a service. If you choose to click through his site to buy the item, he gets a small spiff, but you don’t have to do that, and nearly all photo blogs work that way.

          Are you suggesting that he’s getting a special, and maybe unethical, commission from Fuji?

          If not, what’s your point?

          • not suggesting anything at all.. and the point is, this is just ramblings at 1am when all the crazies come out, hence “my opinion, of course”.. so chill.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Kurt, I have been linking to cameras and lenses here for almost 3 years, since day one.

          A: This site is 100% FREE and has to be funded somehow. As with ALL sites like mine, I get a tiny commission if something sells from a link. That is how I get funding for the site and to work on it day in and out.
          B: Linking to the products IS a service because there ARE some out there who wanted to know when this was available, and I get thanks all the time for letting people know. The black Fuji may not be for you, but there are many out there who want it, and want it now.
          C: I am not the only site that does this as 99.5% of photo websites do the same, ALL rumors sites push product in almost every post.
          D: I also said that I feel it will take a long time for Fuji to sell 10K of these, and my guess is that it will take a long time. Not hyping it at all, as there is not really much hype. It’s a black X100.
          E: Again, this site is free. If you do not like it when I link to a new product that has become available, do not visit this site. Period.

          • I think one other point should be made: when the quirky, but awesome X100 was first released, half the country was dying for a black issue. So when Fuji announced it, one of the first sites to let the public know was Steve’s site. Heck, this may have been the first site, as I peruse this ‘place’ a lot. If you were dying for a black X100, then this site would have been one of the first to INFORM you. By the way, as a person who wants to start and maintain a blog in the future, I am now thoroughly convinced that it is hard work and takes a huge amount of time to keep the information fresh and interesting – clearly a labor of love. The site rocks and we all come voluntarily, it’s simply the best site around for this topic. IMO.

    • An overreaction, Phil… I’m so pleased I connected with Steve’s site when I got back into photography: I get up-to-date “news” painlessly, from Steve’s neutral, as well as personal perspectives; and from that of a solid group of like-minded photo enthusiasts. The comments in such cases can be every bit as relevant as the original post itself might be, or more so; and isn’t that the point — taking this and similar announcements in full context? And this IS relevant news,as I see it, even as one not in the market for this product: I can draw inferences that might still prove useful to me down the road. I appreciate that I didn’t have to search out this information or have my mailbox loaded with lots of stuff I definitely don’t want in order to be informed.

      And who’s confused about any perspective or agenda here? Not me. Is anyone here thinking: Thanks for helping to lift the fog, Phil? Really now…

  13. 10,000 is a lot of units….def not worth it. I have decided to wait on the XPro-1 for a bit to get more user feedback to insure it’s different enough than the X100 in terms of feasible usability. Plus, I am really digging the NEX7, far more than I had conceived….

  14. Nice images but crappy AF, and user experience that needs a lot of work. This thing is no where near $1699. Sorry, but you will be losing a LOT of money on this one. It’s like a limited edition Ford Focus.

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