Beers & Cameras Phoenix Launch was a Success! (Images)

Beers & Cameras Phoenix Launch was a Success! (Images)

By Steve Huff

Was so great to meet so many of you this weekend for the Beers & Cameras Phoenix launch. We had about 24 show up and there were many cameras on display at the Angels Trumpet Ale house! Film & Digital, Leica, Olympus, Sony, Fuji, Nikon were all being used and it was fun to be able to chat with everyone, talk about gear, enjoy a few beers and even some food. There was a short photo walk and some of us shot after the event at a local music spot. There will be another Beers & Camera meet in Phoenix in about a month and I will announce it here soon, so if you missed this one, be sure to stop by the one we have in December if you can.

We do know that the next date is scheduled for December with an exact date and location to be determined. So if you are in the Phx area, mark your calendars!

Below are some images from the launch meet up!

These Images shot by Linford Toy with his Leica M10 and Noctilux


And a few by Juan Martinez of Beers & Cameras

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  1. One of the best portraits of Debbie ever! Lucky man! I should think by the look of it that all you rangefinder users must need regular shoulder massage….. (lol)

  2. Great fun. It would be interesting to know what those folks who recently purchased an A9 think of the new A7R III, after a few beers 😉 I for one would be PISSED! at Sony. The A7R III has so many useful features that the A9 doe not e.g. Picture Profiles, Anti Flicker, Proxies, Pixel Shift, USB3!!, Favorites, almost twice the resolution, 11mm of extra grip. Plus you get A9 haptics with the beefier buttons, rear wheel and joystick and all for $1,200 less. Early reviews indicated AF enhancements are a HUGE improvement over the A7R II including deadly accurate eye AF, making it a Pro camera for action and wildlife. Sony has always marched to the beat of their own drum but to cut the legs out of their flagship model is a head scratcher 😉

    • I purchased an A9 and have no regrets as the A9 can do a few things the A7RIII can not. For me, it’s the AF speed with video that sold me on the A9. The A7RIII can not meet or match it, I tested it. The AF for video on the III is not nearly as snappy as the A9 is. Also, the A9 has a better build/feel (for me) and better weather sealing as well. The A9 has the extra control dial on top where you do not have to go into menus to set up your shooting modes, and it also has the extra speed and processing for the action shooters. If you are a sports or action shooter, shoot video or film, you will want the A9 over the RIII without question. If you are a nature or wedding or portrait pro, you will want the A7rIII. If you are a hobbyist who shoots a little of it all, the A7RIII would be recommended by me. The A9, sports, all out speed, better build and feel, weather sealed, and much snappier AF for video use and faster AF for photo use as well. If I did not use my A9 for video, I would probably be upset with the A7RIII release, but I love my A9 as it does everything well- video, photo, low light, etc. For me it beats the Canon C100MKII I had for a while for video, at least I prefer it to the Canon.

      Also, EYE Af is a tad more accurate and responsive with the A9 over the A7RIII. But probably by 15% ; )

      So Sports, action, Video, all out focus speed and tracking or want the better built camera – A9 nails it
      Everything else, A7RIII does the job. Sony nailed it with the RIII and keeping the price the same was also fantastic. It should sell better for them over the A9.

    • you make the a9 sound really bad… which it is not by any means.
      people who invested in the a9 did so because of the “lack” of resolution, by the way.

        • True and some only shoot jpg 😉 we could dance all day … fact is that the A7R III ticks all the boxes for many who purchased the A9 not realizing what the A7R III would bring to the table 😉 Thats all I’m saying.

          • Excuse me, but that might be true for you.
            But as I said, the a9 is designed for a different crowd than the a7R III, which is newer and thus is expected to be an improvement over the second a7 generation. But many people don’t buy a camera because it has the most features available but instead what is right for their applications.

            But for the G.A.S.-centric enthusiast, who needs the latest&greatest, it sure is a bummer to be stuck with the a9, I give you that.

          • Hmmm. Those who want the latest and greatest, and have an A9, already have the latest and greatest. Technically, the A9 is superior to the A7RIII in every single area besides having 18MP less on the sensor. In every other way it is superior or the same. Build, feel, control dial, speed for AF and speed in video AF, no blackout. If you want that and super fast frame rates if and when you want it. Low light is a tad better with the A9 I believe though very close. Also, remember that the A9 is still Sony’s flagship camera. I do not know of anyone who bought an A9 for its feature set that are now upset that they did not wait for the A7RIII. Sports shooters will benefit from the A9 much more, as will any action shooters or video shooters. Wedding pros or portrait pros can still shoot and print as large as they need with an A9 though the A7RIII would be my pref for those scenarios if given a choice “just because” but the A9 would still do the job wonderfully. I wouldn’t trade my A9 for an A7rIII though Id love to have an A7RIII as an extra Sony to have around. Both are fantastic, the A9 is better but the RIII is a bang for the full frame buck, though doesn’t get to the A( performance and response…not quite. Close, but not quite. ; )

        • Lots of passion in this thread especially for a camera that hasn’t even shipped yet. A couple of days is simply not enough time to really put a new model through its paces and draw any meaningful conclusions IMHO 😉 I still think that the A7R III will fast become the Flagship in the line. The A9 is the highly specialized speed demon for sports and other fast action. The A7R III does EVERYTHING really really well. And it has a more complete set of features that appeal to videographer’s e.g. picture profiles, s-log etc.

          • Well, the A9 will be the flagship until the A9R. The A7RIII will never be the flagship. Ask Sony ; ) The A9 is better built, is faster, has better sealing and much quicker AF for video as well as the nicer body (IMO). The A7RIII is fantastic and tics the right boxes for most, and I feel it will become their best seller ever. With that said, I shoot it all next week in a beautiful location, so will have much more time with it. Then I head out to review the new Olympus pro lenses and then something else that will be quite fun ; )

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