Special Edition Fuji X-Pro 1 set for $9000? Yep!

So later today I will finally have a 1st look video on the Fuji X-Pro 1 but what if you wanted the camera, all of the lenses, and even a set of filters AND the flash all neatly packaged in a Globe-Trotter briefcase? Well for about $9000 US you could! Seems like Fuji is not only copying the Leica body style, but also their business practices with this super high cost set. Fuji has teamed with Globe-Trotter and Harrods to bring you this special X-Pro 1 limited edition full set. Only 12 of these cases will be made available and only at Harrods in the UK.

Fuji’s project manager David Bland said: “The X-Pro1 marries incredible photographic performance with classic design. We have long been a fan of Globe-Trotter’s stunning range of cases so we are delighted to be collaborating with them for this worldwide exclusive for Harrods. The case has clearly been handcrafted with the same care and precision that we put into our own products. We are certain that the striking cases will appeal to Harrods’ customers.”

So why pay $3600 or so for a normal Fuji set when you can be one of 12 to own this special edition for a mere $9,000? Then again you can always just buy on of these and the normal set and you’d be in business with your own not-so-luxury version of this special elite set 🙂

Remember to check back later on for my first look X-Pro 1 video and hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. at least when Leica come out with special editions, there are some distinct difference from normal version. This is just everything they have available mash into 1 briefcase…oops! i was wrong, the case is one of the kind! now this makes this offer worth it! -_-

  2. It could be better they concentrate to solve the unadmittable backfocus problems rather than looking for collectors vanity….

    • Buy a camera from Harrods? Absolutely!

      The most prestigious retail experience on the planet, with the after service that leaves camera shops in the shade.

      The photographic departement employ staff that are individually trained by the camera manufacturers themselves, to make sure every detail of every product can be demonstrated with care, precision and accuracy.

      I know………..I’m one of them.


  3. It’s Fuji’s dumb attempt speculating on some stupid wealthy idiots to cough up thousands for a brief case.I remember ‘Sigma’ trying a similar stunt with their latest DSLR. It creates bad reflections on the company.
    Good engineering – bad marketing.

  4. Better Fuji or Leica make money with this than with the regular offerings to the ordinary people.

    Apart from that, I don’t really see that Leica’s artificial collectors’ items from the past 30 years or so ever delivered a reasonable return on investment. By artificial I mean special paint/chrome/titan/gold, leatherette, engravements, limited production numbers etc.. It is already a good business to sell one of these items to each premium Leica dealer in the world who feels committed to put one sample on display in his shop. But I also remember that e.g. a Leica M6J spend years in my local camera shop’s window, before likely being sold 30% below tag price.

    The real collectors’ items that increase in value are those never meant to be collectors’ items when they were sold new or which even were a commercial failure at the time: olive or black paint M1/2/3/4 that turn ugly after some use, any M that was owned by a famous photographer (not just a celebrity, please), prototypes,

    • you have to put this into perspective. This is more of a marketing ploy by the bag maker than fuji itself. If you analyze it, fuji gains nothing from this deal only the bag maker. Imagine spending for a case that is more expensive than the camera. Doesn’t make any sense at any angle!

  5. reminds me of carl’s junior’s $6 hamburger for $4.95.
    this will be called the $60 hamburger for $5400!!

  6. this is seriously harming Fuji’s reputation, i think the marketing idiots in the UK should be fired. I am one of the idiots who bought the X-100 limited edition, because i loved the black and managed to negotiate a free battery with the price, but this thing is an overkill, $5400 extra for a stupid bag?! it should be called harrods idiot special, Fuji is shooting itself in the foot for going after 12 boxes…. let alone the initial camera price is way to high for an ASPC sensor, they could have sold triple the amount for a more reasonable price….

  7. The project manager David Bland must never have shot any other camera before to say the “incredible performance” of the XP1. It may take a good picture but he certainly has no clue that a camera with high ISO capability also needs to be able to focus fast in low light too to make a bold claim and say, “incredible performance”.

  8. I have a lot of respect for the X Pro-1 system, but this overpriced ‘w@nker kit is just embarrassing!

  9. Fuji would do better to just get the camera out and make it work really well. They already seem to be charging something of a premium.

  10. Kind of embarrassing for Fuji. At least with the Leica Promos you get a VERY collectible, unique camera. This …is just silly. Let me get this straight…$5400 for a briefcase…Right?

  11. I recently used the X-Pro 1, whilst it is quite stylish and the Fuji IQ is great I have to say it felt rather cheap, when I say that I’m comparing it to the X100. The lens caps and hoods for instance are a real concern. I guess my point is that the camera is not presigious enough for this kind of treatment…..You’d have to be crazy to buy this set.

  12. Well A+ for the presentation… but I find this really pretentious of Fujifilm. I will say they really stepped it up and i LOVE my X100. But $9,000 for this?! I know this will sell to those that have more money than they know what to do with.

  13. I don’t think Leica are the only company ever to put a camera or anything else for that matter in to a case and sell it for more money. So in this case I don’t think Fuji are guilty of copying. I remember a number of earlier Fuji-film cameras (e.g. G617) have already had this treatment.

    In as far as the people buying them – more sense than money or perhaps just more money….

        • Absolutely right. People that buy these kits will loose lots of money (this includes those who buy the insanely high priced white Leica or the black special edition x100).

  14. Guys…Leica are company and need to make money and know there is a market for these items. There is a huge market in collectors editions as well as bling. The chinese revolution edition…blah blah…was a mistake though. Money made from these will filter down to research into new products as well as profit. Welcome to capitalism etc etc. Glad to see a new ltd edition m3 mp in malaysia…awesome to see they are still churning (sorry crafting) out film cameras.

  15. I am sure Luigi in Italia would be able to provide something even more exclusive for an M9 for that difference 🙂

    and Stefano – I think the rich buy a ferrari and not a fiat in a nice jacket – right?

    • … as we speak, Luigi is probably working on ‘special edition cases’ for the fuji now that he knows there are gullible people out there ready to pay $$$!

      and yes, ferrari is the one to go for, of course, but there are smart wealthy people, and not so smart ones … did you not notice the names i mentioned? 🙂

  16. I keep thinking that the people with the money to spend on this are those who’d be better off with the money spent on a photo course. I have a hard time picturing a good photographer that cares about having the equipment shipped to them in a gold plated case and with a thousand dolor black paint… I think this is aimed more at those who care more for showing off than those who actually spend time out shooting…

  17. first of all, i think that even leica’s extravagant super expensive ‘special editions’ actually take away from the intrinsic value of the brand and its product.
    we do not need an ‘ostrich leather, titanium body, gold plated version’ of it to know how good the M cameras are, we just need to use one.

    fuji’s version of the over priced camera is even more extravagant – and useless; at least with the leica one knows that he will have a piece that holds its value (and, worst case scenario, a great piece of machinery – albeit a bit funny looking perhaps).

    with the fuji instead, one is really throwing money down the drain. it is yet one more example of flaunting one’s wealth and showing off.

    this has nothing to do with photography, nor with precious craftsmanship; it is just a daft marketing move targeting those with more money than common sense (kardashians, hiltons, trumps, posh, here is your new exclusive toy!).

    • Yes, totally agree. These luxury editions turns me off from the brand. Both Leica and Fuji. Any other camera maker pulling stupid things like this off? Anybody knows?

  18. I’d rather buy an M9 or M9P and the $400 Fogg bag I though was so extravagant. I already have the M mount lenses.

  19. Digital cameras will always be less worth as time passes even a Leica. Poor devil that is stupid enough to buy this kit.

  20. Sorry, even if I had the money and had an interest in this camera, I would not buy this special edition. Now that I have a Leica lens to shoot with and know the quality of materials that went into the design and craftsmanship I see no reason to invest in what amounts to expensive plastic and that can only wear out.

    BTW, what’s one going to do with those lenses if in the future Fuji changes lens mount design and the camera body quits working?

    Sorry, am now a true believer in the M Mount camp and will continue to pursue this direction for my future hardware investments.

    • I doubt future lens compatibility is a key feature in the minds of potential purchasers. Harrods is like Wal-Mart for the OPEC countries. Some cash-rich middle eastern potentate will snap it up (if it takes their fancy of course) as a bauble, a memento, without once ever considering it’s use as a photographic tool.

      It’s longevity or future useability is of no consequence – as is that of similar Leica kits – for they will never be used in taking a picure!

      As with all Leica special edition outfits, there is a market to be had amongst the extremely wealthy that the average – or even well heeled – photographic consumer cannot fathom or relate to.

  21. oh u gotta be kidding me yikes Fuji is trying to be just like Leica with their ultra-super expensive cameras I seriously doubt its value is even worth that much :-O

  22. I’m sure this will be worth tons of money in the very near future and is a great investment in what will be sure to be a classic setup! Fuji cameras and lenses always appreciate in value!

      • I’m sure one could sell a new M9 Titanium set over the initially demanded price (of 22.000€) right now.

        • why you make fun of a $5,400 fuji shoebox, when leica charge $10,000 extra for just the m9 leatherette in white turd?

          • This is a post about the Fuji not the white Leica M9. But, if you like, we can make fun of that one too! Does that make you feel better?

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