It’s the weekend! Enjoy this video comparison of the Nikon D800 vs the Canon 5D MkIII (NOT mine)

Hello to everyone! Hope you are having a great Easter weekend. I have been trying to take it easy on weekends lately so I can get other things done like house stuff, paying bills, laundry, grocery shopping, AND shooting! So today I am going to post a youtube video that has been getting some attention. It is a video comparison of the Nikon D800 vs the Canon 5DIII. When these were announced I was planning on buying myself a D800 but lately have been thinking of NOT doing that. Remembering that I am not a fan of bigger cameras I asked “WHY? Id never use it as I would rather take out my M9 or the new upcoming Olympus OM-D or even the NEX-7.

So I decided to NOT buy one for myself. I’d never use it.

But I should be getting these soon to review anyway. Also, a good friend of mine recently picked up BOTH cameras and he has been sharing his thoughts with me about them. Sending samples, and telling me what his opinions are. He is RAVING about the new Canon 5DIII and the high ISO samples I have seen have been incredible as well as the general tonality and colors. He says shooting this body with some manual focus Zeiss glass has been very nice. Also, high ISO video is MUCH better on the Canon, not even close.

Check out this video below. It is NOT mine, I am just linking to it which all youtubers love anyway. Both of these are the hot ticket DSLR’s right now so if you are a DSLR shooter and can’t decide…maybe this will help you! Regardless, it is a fun video to watch.



  1. By the way I think it’s great that those guys poked fun at the cameras because we are all starting to get too obsessed with the technology.And as everyone who reads this site’s ALL about the pictures right, not the pixels. Right? Right? I mean come on, who really needs a Fuji X100, Leica X1, Fuji X Pro…
    Leica X200x or…well, you get the idea.Personally, I’ve given up this thing of buying a camera only to see it replaced by a new model after what seems like three weeks before I’ve even become proficient with the camera I already own.Many have complained that Leica are too slow to bring new products to market. GOOD FOR THEM I say! Why do so many camera reviews say things like.. Great image quality but slow autofocus. I mean autofocus isn’t new anymore. They ought to be able to get that right by now especially at the price they charge for the new digital cameras.It’s the rushing things to market syndrome.
    Sorry about the rabble. i only wrote this to take my mind off thinking about the Olympus OMD.
    Must stop thinking about the Olympus OMD…. must…
    and the new Leica with the …..

  2. Richard i’ve also wondered about that for years. Even more so now that I live in Japan. They do the same with High-Tachee when we all know ( don’t we? ) It’s Hee. Tachee. I suppose it’s because in the U,S, everyone thinks Nigh Kon is connected with Nigh Kee! But probably it’s because they are not familiar with Japanese sounds or ever bothered to check the correct pronunciation.We shouldn’t worry about it too much as long as out Nigh Kons keep taking good pictures!
    And you should hear how the Japanese pronounce English words. very entertaining!

  3. Why do people pronounce it “Nigh Kon” – when it is infact “Knee Kon”. As in in “Nippon” as Japan is called in Japanese. No one says “Nigh Pon” so why change it up for the camera. It is a bit like when people mis pronounce Nuclear and Jaguar….. Don’t get me started on “herb” and the silent H or “Zeee” instead of “Zed”. 😉

    • that’s how they choose to present themselves in their advertising – so that’s how we say it here in the states.

  4. Well… going for the Nikon because I have Nikon lenses… the video was fun, but I don’t shoot video, except for research, where we use cheap $300 cameras. (we use them to validate therapy)

    But DSLRs are not good at discreet. Taking scenery, yes. Street work… gimme a rangefinder any day of the week. Besides the rangefinder weighs about the same as my 70-300 Ai-S zoom 🙂

  5. I laughed at the “Canon sucks balls” sign on the canoe.

    Honestly, if I were to buy a DSLR (and I have no desire to), it’d basically be a tossup.

  6. Great video! Come on, serious people in suits; it’s a funny video! I laughed out loud at the woman being rubbed and shot scene, when they zoomed in at the plastic bag 😀

    If you want a serious comparison, dpreview exists for a reason you know.

  7. It’s a weekend video. Lighten up and have a beer. Lesson learned was that they’re both great cameras.

  8. Well, I bet it was a fake one guys. The video is great though, not extremely informative but the guys certainly know how to do a fun video review.


  9. why do these teenagers need to break a camera to make it fun, they lost credibility instantly with that…

    • It was all in jest; lighten up. He put up a deliberately unfair comparison (baby touching the Nikon versus a hammer to the Canon), and you know that it wasn’t a 5D MkIII getting destroyed anyway. It was probably a shutter-failed original 5D, which broken is worth no more than $200. Water damaged, worth even less. For less than the price of Nikon’s cheapest full-frame lens, they decided to lighten up the mood.

      • Oohhh, it was a JOKE! Must be US sense of humour (although there are some Japanese guys doing the same thing on instruction videos). Very funny. So glad I’m not part of the Jackass generation 🙂

      • it looks more like a MKIII to me, but still its NOT funny, i am a nikon fanboy myself and destroying equipment for fun is NOT funny…

  10. Id never use it as I would rather take out my M9 or the new upcoming Olympus OM-D or even the NEX-7.

    So am I to read that you won’t be keeping a Fuji X-Pro1? The verdict on your review seemed inconclusive.

    • No, I will not be keeping an X-Pro. I have the NEX, the M9, and even a Nikon V1…OM-D on the way. I have too many already. The Fuji IQ is great, and I love the design and style but there is nothing it does that other cameras I have don’t already do.

      M – better IQ and usability – IMO
      NEX – Tilt Screen, Better video, Focus Peaking, better EVF
      V1 – MUCH faster for when I want small, sharp and no fuss
      OM-D – should have this any day now

      Leica’s new offerings in May – have to see what they have up their sleeve…

      Only thing I miss is ISO 6400 usability. I really want to keep the X-Pro 1 and if I were rich, I would. But since I am not, I have to pick and choose. If I didn’t have the NEX, I would keep the X-Pro or maybe even buy another X100 instead. To me, the X-Pro 1 feels just like shooting the X100 but it is bigger.

      • Same for me…
        Was expecting much more from the x-pro 1 so it could replace a dslr for a traveling and street camera but definitely not worth the price, I’ll choose the x100, smaller, more discreet, cheaper and it seems that latest firmware improved the camera with the autofocus problem.
        I would have choose NEX 7 but with lenses, it is quite as big as a dslr…


      • @Steve: so you have used both the D800 and the 5DIII, and decided against them, ánd used the OM-D, and decided for it?


  11. That was a really stupid, really expensive way to make a point that they don’t like canon. one thing I’ve noticed more and more on this site is that people are receptive to any and all gear that makes their hobby/profession more enjoyable. Two things I’d like to point out from this clip – the ISO performance of the canon is way better and the zoom in (most likely done from a scaled jpeg they used in their video editing suite) doesn’t appear to give either camera an edge. So what do I know after watching this ? Unfortunately, not much.

  12. The video of both was poor. But how does their video compare to a real dedicated 1080P 24F HD video camera?

  13. I’m not sure what either person proved, but in the end… I’m certain of one thing about the commenter walking off into the woods without his child-proof Nikon D800, he wasn’t about to take pictures. Maybe… finish off the excitement he received from the strippers and preferably the favored Nikon D800.

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