The Leica X2 1st Look video and yes..Unboxing

The Leica X2 1st Look Video and yes…Unboxing

The Leica X2 has arrived to my house for review so I made the video below to show you guys what it looks like. When the original X1 was released I did an unboxing video to show off the really cool box and the X2 keeps that same exact box and styling/packaging. Check it out below πŸ™‚ Also, I will be traveling this weekend so site updates will be slow until I return on Monday night/Tuesday. Enjoy!


  1. To those saying the Fuji X100 is better – just read DPReview’s review of that camera. The lens is soft, even in the centre, when focussed a couple of meters away. See the review’s picture of a little girl at a table for visual evidence.

  2. I look forward to handling one when they start arriving at the nearby Leica dealer. The X100 may be a better value, but the X100 just does not fit my hands in a way that makes me feel I can truly bond with it. (The X1 fits me notably better than the X100.) Nothing is decided; another contender is the X Pro 1, which does fit my hands quite well. Good handling qualities, plus decent IQ, are the most important priorities, for me, when looking at compact mirror-less cameras. Adding an accesory viewfinder to the hot shoe does not bother me, and I actually like the appearance of such a combination, and prefer the way it interferes less with my view of my surroundings.

    There is no hurry, as I plan for the rest of 2012 to be a time of frugality, and my SLRs, particularly with a small 50mm lens, are not really undue burdens most of the time. It is also quite possible that something may be unveiled at Photokina that changes the game.

  3. Hello Steve,

    I would like to buy Leica X2, therefore full of tension IΒ΄m wainting your review… :o)

  4. Isn’t this thing like 2000 bucks …I have to say, unless there is something really spectacular about the IQ, and we’ll see, this is a camera for those with big accounts who are worried about branding more than photography …nothing against you Steve, but even your first words …are about the box and packaging.

    Epic fail unless you have money to waste, which it seems many photographers do…

  5. 2 things missing: 1) an f2.0 lens instead of f2.8 and 2) in-built viewfinder. But even if they had included a viewfinder I doubt they would have made it a hybrid like the X100, and an electronic viewfinder alone doesn’t have the magic of the optical + electronic viewfinders of the X100…

    I like the 4-way controller at the back, though – because I really dislike the one on the X100, like all point & shoot cameras. Also like the pop-up flash and overall look. The camera actually looks great. But…the lack of in-built viewfinder kills it for me.

    I guess the point is that one cannot but compare it to the Fuji X100.

  6. I tried to love the X1, I really did. I enjoyed shooting with it on vacations when I left my D3 at home… and then I made a mistake of buying my girlfriend the Olympus XZ-1 camera. The speed and versatility of the camera I felt out weighed my Leica X1 greatly. I ended up getting the Nikon V1 and haven’t looked back… I feel now the great IQ of cameras like the Leica X1 and Fuji X100 aren’t so high that they warrant the very slow operation speed, focus speed, and more.

    Obviously the IQ of the X1 is greater than my Nikon V1 – but I wouldn’t even get a chance to shoot the majority of the shots I get with my V1 because of the poor autofocus speed. AF might be fine on static shots but anything that moves is out of the question… I know, I tried for years to nail the X1’s focus quarks, but it just made things difficult. With the V1, it makes things so much easier and you can live more in the moment rather than fumbling with buttons on your camera to get the shot.

    Speed WINS!

    • James, a good point. No matter how good a camera’s IQ may be, this counts for nought if it gets in the way of your grabbing the shot in the first place.

  7. “I slapped on a 40 Summicron today to shoot with it (sony) for the first time and all I can say I get it. I didn’t get it before when people talked about that camera but now I do”

    This is where we get the “real time ” reviews Steve touts. Post’em w pix. He doesn’t need to do all the work. A lot of you probably think I am an a-hole from my posts, and you are right! I tire of people asking about this and that when they can easily rent the camera ( INCLUDING the M9, X Pro-1 and any of the Sonys. AND Leica/Voigtlander RF lenes.
    Want an M9? Grow a pair and rent the damn camera for a week.There is no longer an excuse that you can’t get the camera in your hand before buying it.

    • Haha I like your candor, I haven’t seen your past posts but I’ll be looking from here on out.

      People talk about certain aspects of digital photography that aren’t always the most important aspect such as the color coming out of the camera or extremely high ISO performance. The real questions you should be asking is how big the sensor is and what is the resolution it provides. Those are things that cannot be fixed in lightroom whereas the former can easily be *worked on in post.

      I found it funny how fast the X Pro fell by the wayside with a few reviews pointing out slow AF in low light. Those negative perceptions can be seen in the fact that there are plenty of X Pros available in camera stores and a 1-2 month wait for OMD’s. In the end you can’t go wrong. Technology is fricken amazing and all of these high end small cameras kick arse. I agree though people should do the research before buying one and not let others and their own preconceptions make the decision for them.

      I’m actually going to be doing some serious shooting here in an hour or so and I’ll publish a link if anyone wants to visit.

      *Since these are prosumer cameras I assume most do post work on their photos and if they don’t they should.

  8. I know this is exactly relevant to this thread but I’ll try to tie it in. I’ve been looking around at all the mirror less cameras because I wanted something small that I could carry along and shoot video with. My pre-requisites were it had to have adjustable video settings (I.e 24 fps) and along with my Leica lenses I wanted it to take my Digilux 3 Vario-Elmarit so I could get more use out of the thing as it is too good of a lens to sit around. I went back and forth between the GX1-GRX-OMD. While it would have been awesome to be able to use the Vario fully automated on the M4/3 w/adapter both those cameras had limited video and that was the prime reason for the purchase. Couple that with the fact the Nex7 takes every imaginable lens (hello pen F Zuiko 38mm 1.8 it’s been a long time) and the extra MP (I want to see some wall size prints damn it!) and bigger sensor I went for the Sony.

    I slapped on a 40 Summicron today to shoot with it for the first time and all I can say I get it. I didn’t get it before when people talked about that camera but now I do. My beloved M8, the camera that kept me from looking at any other camera for almost 2 might be taking an extended break to rest your weary sensor. I also have an X1 that I love and this is where I will try to tie it in, but I’m going to be honest it doesn’t come close to the files that come out of this new camera and it’s not that much bigger with certain Leica glass mounted. I think that’s where the magic happens, the combo between the M glass and the camera, it’s as if the lenses finally (at least in my home) have a digital camera that can keep up with them.

    So how much better is the X2? I’m anxious to see because I have stated my doubts previously. If the Sony is this good I can only imagine how good the OMD is because everywhere I’ve read the Olympus comes out on top. I think what I learned today is you really have to shoot with these cameras to see what they are capable of, web prints do them no justice. Sorry for the monologue but I’m excited to see where this new camera takes me.

    • Shoot raw with the NEX 7 and its files are definitely a notch above mft. Sony’s jpegs are not convincing. As the digital alternative to M8/9 for m lenses, 35mm and longer, the NEX 7 has no match in terms of resolution and usability. It’s the one to have.

      • Yeah I only shoot RAW and do not even waste space with JPEG proofs. The RAW images do need a little work in the noise department even at low ISO which I attribute to the number of megapixels but nothing that can’t be smoothed out easily. I know it’s all about the OMD right now but if given the choice I’ll always go for the bigger sensor 9 times out of 10, that combined with ease of MF use and sensor resolution I find this camera hard to beat.

      • My one gripe though about this camera is the magenta cast on wide angles. Sure enough I put on a 21mm Skopar and there it was. Is this issue only for M mount lenses you think?

  9. Nothing revolutionary. Digital M was grand. When or if when Leica announces M10 I will retire my beloved it M8 and buy myself a M9 πŸ˜€

  10. Sigma DP1M (28mm) DP2M (40mm)
    30MP Bayer equivalent.
    Lens unknown quantity

    Imo should offer the best IQ out of X1, X2, X100
    And their B&W should outdo M9Monochrom
    (Though not the best handling, photographing experience).

  11. The X2 seems to be a big upgrade to X1 as the AF is much better than on X1 together with good high ISO performance.

    From what I have seen the IQ is great, just a shame that a EVF or a combination of EVF/OVF is not built-in like in X100.

    Design also suffers on the silver body with the plastic connector wart for the EVF on top of the otherwise nicely styled body – it actually looks much better on the black body.

    Price is a bit steep, but no surprise for a Leica and it is without any doubt capable of delivering great IQ.

    • Well after seeing the comparison shoots with the X100 and OMD I guess the last sentence above should be deleted πŸ™‚

  12. It is beyond me how anyone would want a camera for 2000$ that does not have an integrated viewfinder AND only offers a non-tiltable display, that’s low-rez, too. For the same price you could get a NEX-5N (same sensor) with the optional EVF (which is better than Leicas) and the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8. For the price of the X2 + Olympus EVF you’d get the NEX-7 with the Zeiss 24mm f/1.8. The lens is really good and the camera bodies are considerably better.

    I mean, I really don’t get the X2: Fuji basically showed Leica how a Leica-style compact camera could be like, and yet they completely ignored that.

    • Willi, It’s not a matter of Leica ignoring what Fuji has done with CSC’s, it’s a matter of being ABLE to. The don’t have the tech or R and D or machinery to make such things. They are a small company and their camera output is miniscule compared to Japanese camera makers. People just have to understand and accept that Leica is the Amish of camera makers.

      • Exactly! Just like Porsche. Those Germans will never learn how to excel in a marketplace crowded with Japanese products.

      • I agree with both of the above. Fuji set a new bar in terms of that type of camera so it’s seems redundant that they did not go for the jugular and release an even better camera. I think Matt’s point is partially correct in that they don’t have the setup to respond to a camera that was released less then a year ago. The current issue of LFI rounded it off with the reasoning that Leica needed to perfect the previous incarnation and all it’s foibles before it could take that next big step. The X2 is what you would have wanted the X1 to be. I also learned the reason why the X1 has slow AF. In 2009 there were no APS sensors that used contrast focusing therefore they had to use a DSLR sensor which uses phase detect. That’s why Leica deserves credit though because they have the guts to put a camera like the X1 out when no one else would or could. Lastly let’s face it, Leica like every talented group or person has an ego. They aren’t just going to throw their previous design because another company comes up with something different. They’ve never been about that and I doubt they ever will. If that were the case the M7 would have had autofocus after the Contax G1 came out.

  13. Cool video Steve!

    Heads up- actually Opt. Viewfinder is in the X1’s menu system. That stands for ‘optical’ not ‘optional’ viewfinder. The option toggles whether or not the LCD turns off to save battery when the camera detects a non-flash metal device in the hotshoe. If it’s on it auto-detects, if it’s off the LCD will remain in the setting you want regardless of what goes in the hotshoe.

  14. i had a chance to handle te camera the other day at a leica shop in london. they had one wth the viewfinder. now. i had the X1 and currently have the X100. i love both cameras and it was very hard to argue with the price and looks of the X100. IQ wise they are both great cameras for their size. but i must admit the leica did have a different feel to it. the built quality was really really good. and now they improved the silver look. at first i had some complaints about the X1 mainly the collapsable lens, no viewfinder or optical (which i ued). but then i understud the camera. remember the Leica 0. so the design does have its reasoning. i love my X100 but i feel that images do have a more “digital” look over the more photography look of the X1. i do feel that both battery compartments feel really really cheap. also, i wouldn’t expect wierd firmare from a japanese company. the X100 had a lot of teething problems. the leica although slower had more reliable firmware. now the X2 with a EVF (feels pretty good, from the little time i had with it) much improved AF (i said improved, not DSLR fast) feels like a very good option. only problem is. can’t really afford it right now (now means for the next year at least) but it is an improvement and what i also like about it is that it feels that leica is building a system around this camera rather than just making you throw away accesories from the X1.

    • The Fuji X100 still has the dreaded and fatal sticky syndrome, and many people have had to send it in twice or three times !!

      Obviously Fuji is just not aware of the real fix. If you get a X100 you have to buy a $ 250 3 year insurance, the price is then $1500 and no coverage after 12 months. Cannot resell warranty does not follow. Weighs 16 ounces vs. 11.

      My real problem with the X100 is I’ve taken some 10 pics in a row and focus ends up on the wall, it ignores the person in the middle. Poor focus. Often mentioned in the forums.

    • Hey, poppop, that’s not a bad idea. πŸ™‚ Only wish you’d suggested the same price differential as there is between the M9P and the Monochrome. Then at least I’d be able to afford it!

  15. Leica do not need to make this camera. They should pour resources into another APS-H M camera like the M8 and at a cheaper price than the M9

  16. I have liked the X1 since it was announced … the design was just right, the controls simple and sensible. I thought it a bit expensive, but so what? However, my original impulse to obtain one was deflected and I bought something else, which I still have and use.

    But I’m still drawn to the X1. Now the X2 does a great job of improving on the essentials of the X1 by giving it a newer sensor, keeping everything that made the X1 nice, improving the feel of the controls and the speed of the AF, and adds the ability to use with an excellent EVF. The price remains the same.

    To me, that was just the right thing to do. I’ll be ordering one at some point a little later this year or early next. I’ll likely use it most of the time with an optical finder, just like I would the X1, but having the EVF available as well is very handy for when a low angle shot eye point is needed.

    Thanks for the unboxing video, Steve.

  17. Wow! Steve, youleave an attentive l audience on your hands. Evidently many of them already have some insightful comments about this camera based on either hands on experience or some powerful Google searches? Hope the pressure won’t influence your judgement too much.

    Look forward to the review on the X2 and the M-M. Lucky bugger!


  18. First, I was very interested in buying the X2 as a backup for my M9P.
    Lighter, with a great IQ and DR.
    But, I discovered that the IQ I get from my Nex5N+Biogon 28/2.8 is very close and the grain has a film-like rendering.

    Could you compare the two Steve ? I think that the output of these cameras is very close.

    • They use the same sensor, but the processing is different. So it comes down to what is done between between the analogue sensor, and the writing of raw files πŸ™‚

  19. x1 price must drop, because x2 at 1750€ there’s no way it going to sell with so many options in the market.

    I loved my x1, but I sell it to fund an M8 best decision ever made . I didn’t buy another camera since then, just lens.

    If I had the money I purchase it has my landscape camera. It takes beautiful long exposures at night.

  20. Liked the flash on the original better.
    Since it’s a fixed focal length lens,why wouldn’t you just use a nice simple optical finder on this instead of an EVF? I would.
    For years and years everyone raved about how amazingly clear the M finders were but now we just have to have an EVF. Why?
    For years black was the really cool camera body to own now all of a sudden everybody wants silver. Weird!
    Hope Leica came through with the image quality on this one, but an OMD is looking good to me.
    Sensors, focus, pixels whatever, I look at the results, and I was amazed at what i’ve seen with the OMD and kit lens. Yep, even the kit lens.
    Too many super expensive cameras these days that ALMOST get it right….except the focus speed sucks, or the finder sucks. At these prices ALMOST isn’t good enough. Too many toys pushed to market before field testing.

    • Good point. A bright optical finder, with maybe ISO, f-stop and shutter speed displayed on the bottom would make this a whole different, and more attractive, camera.

      Given the 35mm equivalent lens and the kind of photography I would probably do with this camera (If I were to buy one, which I probably won’t) I think I could live without focus confirmation in the viewfinder. Not to mention level indicators, histograms, etc., etc.

  21. Well I like it, and i do respect Leica for no me too’ing with their X2. It has a better sensor, far better finish; lots of little fixes and zero price increases in a time the dollar is inflating like mad. I’m actually tempted by it, a year ago certainly would have considered it rather than a 5n/X10 duo to my M9, though would not been happy stuck on a prime. 35mm is best allrounder but prefer 28mm/50mm these days.

  22. Hi Steve!

    ONE fact to correct – NOT the same price as X1 in Europe – actually the X1 has been/is 1550,- Euros – for the X2 it is 1750,- Euros – so 200 Euros more!!!

    As always in Europe – although Leica and the production in Portugal is there, we here have to pay more.


    • Perhaps some US guys will correct me if I am wrong, but not many US States impose a sales tax. I’ve noticed one that does and it is only 6%.

      In the UK, VAT, (Value Added Tax) is currently 20% so to properly equate international prices and compare the true purchase price one needs to deduct the selling price in Β£ sterling by 1/6th to arrive at the tax free price. In the EU, VAT rates are at least equal to those in the UK, and in some countries may even be higher. Once one has arrived at the base selling price, once you know the exchange rate from your local currency/Β£ you will see if there is indeed a real price difference, or one created by your country’s revenue authorities.

      I often do this sort of comparison just out of interest to see if there is indeed a “real” difference in pricing. Often it is enlightening with prices in the US, on the whole being less than in the UK. But pricing of particular manufacturers isn’t consistent between continents and I’ve seen cases where the best buy has indeed been in the UK, despite the general complaint of “Rip off Britain”. But overall, the UK does tend to get a raw deal most of the time.

      I could move abroad, but I like the weather. πŸ™‚ and it is a bit drastic just to buy a cheaper camera!

      • Most US states impose a sales tax. The system, however, is broken; if you order from another state, the purchaser is generally “on their honor” to pay their resident state usage tax (generally equal to the sales tax in their own state). Most citizens do not pay this however as there is little enforcement.

        Overall the average sales tax across all 50 states is somewhere around ~9.6%

        This is one reason for the boom in NYC mail order retailers. If you have a $2000 purchase, you are effectively saving $192. This amount of money will usually trump local loyalty.

        Note: there are (I believe) five states with no sales tax: Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Deleware, and New Hampshire.

        A Yank living in Confederate Country

        But, yes despite all the domestic grumbling about taxes, we Yanks generally enjoy the lowest pricing on goods across the board: cars, clothing, electronics, etc.

        You like the weather? I dare say in our large country you could find equivalent weather somewhere… Of course there is a size difference. The UK is about the size of Oregon which has similar weather and is one of the tax free states πŸ˜‰

          • Parisi,

            Whereas in the UK, by law, the advertised retail price has to be VAT inclusive.

        • Jack, thank you for taking time out to reply. Most enlightening.

          It is always said that we English always complain about the weather. I’m complaining today because it is 30C outside. But many years ago I read a little story by a US photographer who originated from California and who said he was so fed up with sun, day in, day out, that he really liked the weather here. Something different on most days. In some months, we even get all four seasons at once! πŸ™‚

    • Courtesy to your governments and the VAT rates. Compare ex factory prices excluding of VAT with US listes prices ((which are always excluding sales taxes) to compare apples with apples and pricing differences, if any, are insignificant.

      • Retow is correct and I didn’t properly portray that. The end pricing is generally much closer with the US still being slightly lower on most goods (definitely not enough to warrant purchasing “grey” market goods).

        • Jack, I understood what you said, as you were approaching it from a perspective similar to mine.

          Comparing base prices, that is excluding all taxes, and which is what my post was about, one can see that a lot of manufacturers do, indeed, price according to markets. Quite often, the base price of many cameras, as with other goods, is higher than in other countries, which is why here in the UK we’ve coined the phrase “Rip off Britain”.

          But this can only be a generality and can depend upon which category of goods one is comparing.

  23. Anyone else feel that the price could have been dropped a bit by not using such fancy, and ultimately pointless packaging? German Engineering i guess =o] f2.8 seems a little slow for a lens built into a $2k camera, i’d expect a faster lens at this price. But what do i know, i’ll never own one anyway =oD

    • Maybe 10-15 bucks, the packaging is amazing but in reality it doesn’t cost that much in the grand scheme of the camera. I have to say I have never had so much fun opening a box as I did with the X1, it’s pretty cool.

      • The packaging IS amazing for sure. You can tell a lot of thought went into it. I do love thought out conceptual packaging. I just worry it adds to the over all cost. But maybe not…

  24. Sorry but as a Leica owner and proud to be, I think IMHO I can say NOW they are out of reality.
    They are in the same railroad than Nokia VERTU. (just see the new MP9 HERMES BOX.)
    And sometimes become patethic to see how many people tries to justify all this crazy ways.
    Just my 2cents.
    I think Fuji X series and Fujinon optics are gonna be fortunates.

  25. Too little too late? I enjoyed the X1 now for more than 2 years despite quirks and warts. It’s still the best truly jacket pocket size aps-c camera when it comes to IQ.
    But it’s no longer 2009 and for the successor Leica should have looked closer at what competition did innovate meanwhile.
    The NEX 7 is an engineering masterpiece, get rid of video and other gadgetry, put the X100 sensor and processor into it and fix a 40mm equivalent Summicron f2 pancake with aperture and focus ring with distance scale to the body. Price it at USD 3000 and I’d order it in a heartbeat.

    • NEX skin tones make people look orange or yellow at best. NEX 5n and 7 are not engineering masterpieces. They are machine guns with no taste. And their only small lens is the 16mm, which could not get a worse review.

      • That’s why my post says NEX 7 body with X 00 sensor and processor and Summicron 40mm equivalent lens.

  26. The X2 is 11 ounces, the Fuji X100 16 ounces. That compensates for not having an EVF. If you add the optional EVF from Olympus for $ 200 you can work in the sun. In general for a 35mm I don’t need an EVF I know where the shot is, it is like human eyesight. A zoom needs an EVF.

    My only concern is the low res LCD, but maybe it works better in the sun.

    Ultimately, what matters is the IQ.

    For a pocketable larger sensor camera, there is no competition in terms of IQ yet. The X100 is much too heavy for a pocket. The Samsung NX200 with a pancake and the Sony 5N don’t have good skin tones, people look metallic and orange.

    • The old X1 LCD was just awful in the bright sun. I mean you can’t see anything.

      I can only hope they improved the coating or something because it was a real dealbreaker on the old X1

  27. I know the argument that adding a viewfinder would add bulk but I just feel like that’s not true. Look at the Nex7. If the lens was fixed like the X100 I could understand it not working in its current form. To top it off the X1 is a gorgeous piece of design execution which has completely been ruined with that raised EVF socket. The images coming from it will no doubt be great but as an X1 owner I would have needed to see a built in VF or Summilux lens to upgrade. Lastly I’d like to know how much of the focus speed upgrade is software and how much is hardware. If there is speed to be had via a software patch I would hope X1 owners would be given that courtesy as well.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The EVF socket ruins what probably used to be the sexiest camera around. Can’t believe Leica designers did this!!!

  28. Looks cool, but I wish it borrowed a few features from the Fuji X100:
    1. hybrid viewfinder
    2. f/2.0 lens
    3. aperture ring around the lens
    4. lens that doesn’t telescope outward

      • They don’t want to cannibalize the M series market.

        I don’t mind the “clunky” add on EVF. I use the swivel feature for low aspect images.

  29. This is very odd. The last three posts have been about the Leica X2, the Leica Monochrome, and the SLR Magic Lens. It isn’t Steve’s fault but I feel like we, as consumers, are being cheated by all three offerings.

    • Probably because those are 3 of the most recent products released, May 10th they were announced.

      When the OM-D, X Pro, NEX 7 came out, they were reviewed in a timely manner afterwards.

      What is so odd about that ??

    • Can’t see that anyone is cheated. All three products are great, it is just the price that is very high for a normal income, but guess this is normal for luxury products that are sold in small quantities.

      It is actually like wine – you can get very nice wine for $10 – $20 a bootle, but if you want great wine the price goes up exponentially – a little improvement will cost you a lot of money.

  30. Dear Steve, great unboxing video again πŸ™‚ I am surprised that Leice did not consider you for reviewing the camera before the launch as you are probably ‘The’ brand ambassador for them, unofficially offcourse.

    With a built in EVF and maybe better lens, it would have made the X2 a hands down winner. I look forward to your review on it and if the Olympus Evf works with it.

  31. The tripod socket is off center? They did that to shorten the over all case height? All be it, it does have a nice modern look to it with old traditional values.

  32. Anyone feels that X1 and X2 boxes presentation are much better than the $7000 M9 presentation box?

  33. The Leica X2 is a sweet looking unit. With a quality EVF and a not too much higher price tag this would have been a very attractive proposition for me, assuming the image quality and AF lives up to the promises. That awkward clunky add on EVF which is also hideously overpriced leaves me firmly in the Fuji X pro 1 or X100 camp. Just waiting For Adobe Lightroom support for the X pro1. Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it.

  34. As long as we “upgrade” to Leica’s “new” products, they, Leica, will continue to be a lazy & greedy company. If the world moved at the pace of Leica, man wouldn’t have invented the wheel yet!

  35. The silver does look nice. I think I’ll stick with my Black X1 and optical viewfinder tho πŸ™‚

  36. Selling my X1 for it. It has just the right amount of upgrade in terms of AF speed and resolution. Just my existing optical viewfinder will seem enough for me. I think adding an internal ovf/evf to if would have added too much to the size of the X2, more than we’d have liked to. Very much looking forward to your real life review of it. It was your review that made me buy the X1 so long ago, and this one seems to be an upgrade in all the right places.

  37. X2 comes with a leather strap inside a micro fiber pouch. M9 comes with a plastic strap inside a plastic baggie. Why?

    • That’s easy: The M9 can sell itself. It does not need a fancy wrapping. The X2 on the other hand, and sadly, does not sell itself.

      I was hoping for a modern mirrorless camera in X2, but the changes from X1 are almost hysterical.

    • Kurt, I don’t know why the M is supplied with a plastic baggie thing, but I rather suspect that the plastic strap is in fact nylon or something as tough. Far more suitable for the weight of an M + lens for added security.

      I well remember when these nylon straps started to be more widely marketed, and many scoffed at the idea, much preferring their, admittedly, better looking leather straps. But leather wears and frays, nylon straps don’t. A leather strap will break under stress well before a nylon one. For me, if I could afford around Β£8,000 for an M + lens, I’d want the nylon strap, and to hell with aesthetics.

      • The standard Leica M strap is a very functional design.

        – It can be put on and removed from the camera very quickly.
        – It is strong and the likelihood of failure is very low.
        – The fixed rubber pad grips your shoulder tenaciously, which makes it unlikely that you’ll drop the camera.
        – It’s thin and light, doesn’t get in the way.

        Perfect, functional design for a strap. I got one with my M9 and liked it so much I bought another for my M4-2: much better for these cameras than all the very nice, boutique aftermarket leather and whatever straps I’ve had. Why they didn’t put it into a fancy microfiber bag… um, who cares? Once I take it out of the box and put it on the camera, I rarely look at the packaging again.

        The X1/X2 are much smaller and lighter. The more boutique strap they’ve delivered with it is less functional … I’ll likely buy another M9 strap when I order the X2.

  38. Looks nice apart from that flash which i personally think is ugly. An OVF would have been good, oh and im not too into zoom lenses! Basically an MP 9 for the price of this is what id be interested in! oh well the xpro1 still tempts me everyday to sell my canon gear… but the rumors of canons new mirroless compact are intriguing. Nice boxes and thanks for going through every bit.


  39. Looks nice, seems faster, new sensor..but same design, same lens, no built in EVF. I believe they should have put in the EVF – would have made a world of difference. Then again, of the IQ is even better than the X1 it may be the best small camera IQ wise. We shall see.

    • Steve, could you check out if the Oly EVF VF2 or VF3 works with the X2 ?. Cheers and keep up the good work.

      • Someone on the dpreview forums has posted photos of it working just fine. So that’s easy money saved if you can do without the Leica logo πŸ™‚

    • the lack of EVF will lose numbers in sales for leica (no matter the IQ)…the “modern” geek, digital photographer is being spoilt for choices, and EVF is what he/she wants…..especially in that price range.

  40. They had a huge chance to step up the x line. Without even seeing images , just based on specs, the didn’t take it.

        • Agreed. My current camera is the Leicasonic V-Lux 20 and I absolutely love it – its small size, its simplicity, its design, its display, its faultless colour capture, the fact that in good light it can produce images better than those from my wife’s DSLR. However, I’m aware of its limitations and for a while have been wondering whether I should upgrade to the X1 – hence my interest when I heard an X2 was planned.

          Here’s what I would have done if I was Leica; take the V-Lux 20 and put an APS-C sensor in place of its current small chip. Add a manal focus option. Fit a lens that gives some zoom whilst accommodating low f-numbers. Add RAW option from the similar Leicasonic D-Lux. What are we left with? If it’s something that’s reasonably compact and can be sold for $1500 – behold, the new X2.

          Obviously, the REAL X2 is nothing like that. Instead, Leica chose to address the issues various people had with the X1 and, obviously, produced a better X1 but nothing ground-breaking. I hope they have success with the X2 but they haven’t built the camera I want and so I’m afraid I wont be buying.

      • This camera is aimed at someone that wants to spend over double the cost of a Fuji X100,
        and would rather have a little red badge over a LVF/EVF.

        • Funny how people always relate things to a ‘red dot’.
          Do you really think people prefer to spend “tousands of dollars more” for an M, for example, just because there is red Leica patch on it? It makes no sense.
          As a Leica M8 owner…I really love to use my Leica. Many people are just making fun of me on internet because they don’t get who could prefer an M8 over an XPro1 because it as better IQ…better Isos… Well, maybe because a camera is not just all about specs?
          The funniest in this is that because they don’t get my point of view..I instantly become a Leica fanatic who was just hyponotized by the red dot “sect”.

          • I agree Guillaume. The internet is full of people who think their opinion is the only right one. I must be a real wackjob… I have both Fuji X models and will be buying the X2 (after I sell my M9). Why? Because the X2 is smaller and lighter than the X100. Plus, I like variety. It’s not always about buying the most specs for your cash. Sometimes it is worth paying for simplicity.

          • Of course you are both correct because at the end of the day to each his own and it’s you money so nobody has a right to dictate what you should do with it. What’s interesting here is how people are forgiving in regards to Leica’s pricing as against other brands like the fuji.

            Fuji almost got short of getting crucified for selling the xp1 at 1699 or 2300 with one lense while the x1 selling at 1995 plus 500+ if including the rebadge evf and still people with line up for one just to buy one.

      • I owned an X1 and it was a good camera. It was small, simple and had good IQ and color. AWB was the best of any camera I have used. Images could be shot raw, processed extensively and printed large. The downside was cost, single fixed lens and very grainy high ISO. I have no idea how much the X2 improves ISO performance but it would be a plus if it did. I don’t see room for improvement in color. If cost is an issue, get a used X1.

        I sold my X1 to get a Canon G1 X. The Canon is more versatile, has excellent IQ, better high ISO performance and an articulating screen but is even slower to focus and shoot than the Leica X1. Neither camera works well if you have to shoot fast or want shallow depth of field.

        The advantage of cameras like the X1 and G1 X over other small cameras is (1) large sensor producing images close to DSLR quality and (2) compact size relative to Sony NEX and 4/3 cameras with zooms. The X1 or Canon G1 X or probably Fuji X100 are great when you only want a camera with no extra lenses or accessories to carry in a pocket or small backpack to take an occasional shot. You could get close to the same size and equal IQ with a NEX or 4/3 camera with a pancake lens but would lose the zoom capability and articulating screen of the Canon, both of which I find very useful.

        For someone who likes to take good snapshots and isn’t into a lot of post processing and printing large, another group of cameras like the Fuji X10, Canon S100 or Nikon V1 might be the ticket.

        In the end it is all a matter of what best meets your particular needs. There are so many variables that no single camera can ever be classified as absolutely “best” or “worst”. As long as a camera performs well in some respects it will be a good choice for some people.

        • I think the contention here is that we have other cameras of similar size, similar or better IQ, close to the same build quality(well maybe not that close). So what makes Leica able to charge significantly more for this? Fairy dust in the lens?

          Perhaps that is why most guys are dissing it off – I’m guilty of this too. Apart from being a sour grape – I can’t afford it but if I could, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

    • Step it up? It’s Lieca, what do you expect? They cant even make Af cameras.But they are good at rebadging panasonic accesories to charge 3 times more.

    • Not agreed. The X1 is close to perfect. The image quality is astounding. The only thing letting it down was the AF which apparently is now sorted out and very fast.

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