Great cheap goodies for your lenses – Soft micro lens pouch is a GREAT buy.

Great cheap goodies for your lenses – Soft micro lens pouch is a GREAT buy.

I had to let you guys know about these as my buddy Todd makes and sells these and I have been using them for the past month or so and LOVE them. They are called the “Micro Lens Pouch” and are made for smaller camera systems and the lenses that we pay so dearly for. The is a great way to protect your glass and offers much more protection than just throwing them in a bag. I have the 3 pack here and the small fits a Leica summarit or summicron type of lens, the medium fits my Panasonic 25 1.4 or equivalent size and the large even fit a Leica Noctilux. The lenses are super soft with great cushion and protection. The great thing is you can buy all three for $29.95 and they are sold at Amazon, and shipped by Amazon.

While Todd makes and sells these I am not writing this because I know him or because he paid me (he did not). I am writing about them because I feel they are truly a great buy. Ive been using them almost daily for a while now and they have held up well for me and even helped protect my little 50 Summarit when I dropped it out of my bag.

You can buy each size separately or the get the three pack of various sizes for $29.95

The three pack can be found Here on Amazon

You can also just buy the Small, Medium, or Large for just over $10 each. Highly recommended!

Also available in a 2-Pack, small and medium!

BTW, I might as well add a plug for the 2012 Photo Cruise since the guy who makes these pouches is also going to be joining us ! I still have a few cabins remaining and if anyone is interested I need to know before July 1st! Check out the cruise page here, but imagine a full week on the seas and photography at every stop! Of course guests are welcome and can participate in all shooting! Will be a blast and free lens pouches for all 🙂

and…Don’t miss the street strap!

The street strap is also a very cool strap that I have attached to my new black Fuji X100 and it is a black cloth strap that looks similar to the A&A Silk cord strap, but this is not silk and it is longer so you can wear it around you. This is also on Amazon and shipped by Amazon so no dealing with 3rd party vendors. I like this strap and I also like my Barton strap and A&A strap! Just like with bags and cameras, all personal preference. But if you have been wanting a nice black strap that is comfy and long enough to strap around your body when carrying your camera this one is great. You can check it out on Amazon HERE.


  1. I’ve had my eye on them since this article and a few weeks ago I got the small & medium 2-pack. Going off the measurements on the Amazon page, I chose the small & medium as I wanted a snug fit and best use of space. In the small I have either the 35/2 ASPH or 50/1.4 ASPH (one of which is always on the camera) and in the medium I fit the 90/2 ASPH. The measurements were spot on and everything fits snugly and securely.

    These really are some great little pouches. For the last few years I’ve been using some leftover pouches from my old Contax SLR system and they work well enough but don’t offer the same protection and the drawstrings are much longer which is a nuisance. The string length on these are just right and the plastic retainer holds them fast and stays out of the way. The padding in these are great. It does have that sort of dense, gel-like feel to it. I love the silky-smooth feel of the material. It’s the same on the outside and the inside and it reassures you that your lenses are being pampered. These are a home run as far as I’m concerned. If and when I need another lens pouch, I’ll definitely be ordering more of these!

  2. Hey there Steve, great tip. I was hoping since you know Todd that you could convince him to try to get these on the other side of the pond, Amazon US doesn’t allow me to buy them.


  3. How much to the lens pouches weigh?

    Amazon shows the shipping weight, but not the weight of the lens pouches themselves (minus packaging).

    • I think the USP with these are the size. The majority of the neoprene lens cases I’ve come across on eBay are for standard size lenses and not m43 sized lenses. Plus these seem to offer more protection, though that could be it just looks that way due to the smaller size. Just a pity we can’t get these in the UK.

  4. Steve thanks for the pouch recommendations. Just what I have been looking for!! Used your link!

  5. These are what I have been looking for. I just ordered 5 packs through your site.
    Thanks Steve.

  6. The ability to tackle different lenses is definitely a plus but there is no information about the focal length multiplier. I don’t think that the depth of field is going to be good. Also, no viewfinder.


  7. Great timing! Just today I started looking for decently priced pouches and here you are Steve, reading my mind 🙂 Ordered two via your links. Thanks!

    I ordered the small size. Hope they are okay for my CV 35mm and CV 15mm (The amazon listing has an image with a chart listing various lenses which was a helpful guide)

  8. The pouches are cool, i’ll probably pick a set up. But almost $70 for a strap is a bit over the top. I have a Black Rapid strap, that’s all the strap i need =o]

  9. I am using very similar pouches for my Mamiya 6 lenses when on the road. Second best option to dedicated padded camera bag. Obvious disadvantage is taking the lens out of the pouch and putting it back when swapping lenses – especially if you have different lens sizes. But it definitely is a workable solution.

  10. Problem is won’t ship these to Canada, last time I tried a few weeks ago… Does he sell them outside of Amazon as well?

    • I ordered a street strap directly from him yesterday(assuming the same guy makes both of these) and he had no problem shipping to Canada.

  11. I have similar lens pouches and use them to contain smaller cameras, like a Leica M with lens and other small rangefinders. Cheap and great protection for my gear.

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