New Fuji X-Pro 1 Firmware Update Available!

New Fuji X-Pro 1 Firmware Update Available!

Fuji has released their X-Pro 1 firmware update and it can be found HERE at the Fuji website. The new Firmware details are below:


The firmware update Ver.1.10 from Ver. 1.01 incorporates the following issue

  • 1.New function for “FUJIFILM M mount adapter” is added to the shooting menu.
  • 2.The MENU name “FOCAL LENGTH SETTING” is changed into “MOUNT ADAPTER SETTING”, and new correction menu is added.
  • 3.Even if “LENS 5” or “LENS 6” (adjustable focal length) is set, the Bright Frame can be displayed on OVF in accordance with focal length.
    (Recommended lens focal length for OVF to check the Bright Frame: from 18mm to 60mm)
  • 4.In MF (manual focus) mode, sharpness of live image at 10x magnified operation (by pressing the command dial) is set to high and focusing point can be much easily confirmed.
  • 5.When FUJIFILM M mount adapter is connected to the camera body, the following issues are effective.
    • (1)By pressing the function button of M mount adapter”, “MOUNT ADAPTER SETTING” menu is displayed quickly.
    • (2)”SHOOT WITHOUT LENS” is automatically set to “ON”
    • (3)”Distance indicator (Manual focus indicator)” in “Standard display” mode on EVF/OVF is automatically set to “OFF”
    • (4)3 types of correction menu (DISTORTION / COLOR SHADING / PERIPHERAL ILLUMINATION) are activated.

For operation of each correction menu with M mount adapter effectively, please check the following URL in detail.

The firmware update Ver.1.01 incorporates the following issues:

  • 1.Reduction of chattering noise from iris of lenses in shooting mode.
  • 2.Improvement of phenomenon that parallax compensation does not work under condition of manual focus with OVF bright frame mode.
  • 3.Improvement of phenomenon that OVF quality as low visibility due to too bright OVF under the condition of power save mode during pressing the shutter button halfway.
  • 4.Improvement of phenomenon that delete function does not work after viewing continues shooting mode images.

For activate above issues completely, firmware update for XF lens is also required.

Please update the firmware of XF lens.



  1. I’ve had my X-Pro1 for about a month. It seems I need to update firmware for body and 18-55 lens.
    I can’t find any instruction on how to confirm firmware version for body or lens’.
    Is there a link to better instructions for this procedure?

  2. What’s your experience with the manual focusing with the M mount and the Xpro1? How exactly does it work?

  3. I uploaded a couple of “before” photos with purple fringing issues using the 50 Noc on the Xpro1 using the unbranded M adapter (Kipon adapter does not work for 50 Noc): My firmware has been updated to 1.1 but the software correction option does not work on 3rd party adapters so I am going to need to wait for the Fuji adapter to arrive before posting “after” shots using the firmware software corrections. Fingers crossed.

  4. Well I finally have am x pro 1 in front of me. Thank you Amazon.

    I have borrowed one from a pro friend, so I know what to expect.

    My observations are thus:

    IQ from OOC JPEGs is astonishing. Truly. When images appear on my Mac I just grin and go “wow”. They need minimal PP.

    User experience? This is a thoughtful camera. It isn’t a Leica M9 but you should shoot the same way. Thoughtful and measured. Use it in this way and the camera soon “disappears” and you just think about the image.

    AF? It’s good. It really is. It is not ultra fast but it is VERY accurate. With the 35mm lens, I am seeing some of the sharpest images I have EVER seen. Key to the AF is to learn how it works – especially learn to alter the size of the focus box with the rear control wheel – a smaller box is much more accurate and removes AF hunting.

    To be brutally honest – if people have a problem with the AF they are not using the camera correctly are their expectations are unrealistic. Truly, I don’t have any problems with the AF.

    This is the coolest camera I have used in years. There are lots of things it cannot do. But if it suits your style ( and it does suit mine) it is awesome.

    I no longer need my 5D2.

    And it is good to know that there are more firmware enhancements to come.

    • Very well said. The X-Pro 1 isn’t perfect – few cameras are – but IQ is superlative. The biggest “problem” (and this is overcome with settings’ tweaks and adjustments to one’s shooting style) is the slow autofocus…which will likely be improved over time as it was with the X100 through further firmware updates.

      If ultimate speed is essential to a particular shoot, then use a DSLR. Personally, I find using the X-Pro 1 as a companion to my D7000 to be an effective combination.

    • “To be brutally honest – if people have a problem with the AF they are not using the camera correctly are their expectations are unrealistic. Truly, I don’t have any problems with the AF.”

      Disagree with that. The autofocus is in no way ready for prime time yet. I had to resort to zone focusing to use it as a photojournalism tool at a fading light graduation. Before you respond with the “then use a DSLR”, I WANT the fuji to work. It’s form factor is great, IQ superb, FPS unreal, but the damn AF…All I want is to have the camera focus in lower light levels than it does now.The viewfinder isn’t good enough for low light MF.

    • “I no longer need my 5D2”

      Great news! I can provide you my shipping address πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m pretty stoked about this…my M adapter is already on order, can’t wait to start using my M mount glass. I have to say, for all the criticism the XPro1 gets, I love the camera. I think the biggest reason is I don’t expect it to be what it isn’t….I went into the relationship eyes wide open. I have a DSLR when speed matters and when want portability with ultimate quality and a deliberate style of shooting…I have the XPro.

    I think for those who can’t afford a second system maybe the XPro is too much of a compromise, but for me as a replacement to my M8 I can’t be happier.

    • I’ve also ordered mine… this will be my 3rd M adapter for the XPro. I did the firmware upgrade yesterday and look forward to trying out the software corrections which are not currently possible with the Kipon and another unbranded adapter that I have. The Kipon is used for the 35 Lux and 21 Super Elmar, while the unbranded is used for the 50 Noc. I was having infinity focusing problems with a single Kipon adapter so I am keen to see all my problems go away with the Fuji factory adapter. I am also getting purple fringing with the 50 Noc now – hopefully this will go away with software correction using the Fuji M adapter. Photos of M lens & Xpro combo using 3rd party adapters can be seen here: I will post more after receiving the Fuji M adapter and playing around with the correction settings.

  6. Been taking photos with the X-Pro1 and Leica lenses using the Kipon mount. Looking forward to installing the firmware and purchasing the original Fuji mount to see the difference in IQ. Can’t wait for Leica M10 to be released!

  7. Thatnks fot the heads-up Steve… I am happy to see that Fuji is standing by its product….and as owner of 2 Xpro-1 systems it is music to my ears…. of course if it all works and we can use the Lecia glass…With the Fuji IC…WOW….. I am also happy to report that manual focus does work pretty well in most street lighting conditions… and real manual focus will make the camera, a ‘stand-out system’..

  8. Hello steve and every one, I wonder, has anyone read the forum and this blog due to the problem of the RAW conversion of the X-Pro1 that produce smearing effect or water color painting effect in the images. It really breaks the heart of some owner that intend to shot many landscape with it.

    I’m hoping to hear from steve and some of you guys soon.
    Thank you very much and Cheers πŸ˜€

      • Adobe will spot it in a fast manner I guess and come up with a better solution.

        Put that aside, I have nothing against the X-Pro1..Superb camera!

        I just wanna know that if there is other out there that experience the same smearing effect due to the RAW conversion regardless of what software they used(LR4, silkypix etc)

        Do you own an X-Pro1 JL?

    • Most importantly, I think the photo number sequence is reset. πŸ™ At least it is on the X100.

    • Not correct actually. Sharpness is increased through the EVF when using any lens in manual focus, be it via adapter or not.

    • Also if it is anything like Fuji and their X100 updates, there will be lots of undocumented improvements to things such as AF etc.

  9. The AF speed can’t be fixed, same as battery capacity… Went from alpha to beta version =)

    • AF speed can and will probably be fixed. It was fixed on x100 with firmware update. Battery capacity is fixed but battery life can be fixed by firmware update. If you don’t know something just refrain from posting instead of spreading misinformation

  10. Excellent! Hopefully this fixes some of the issues that everyone that has reviewed it seems to have. I really want this to turn out to be the great camera that everyone expected it to be.

    It took the X100 a little while, but now that’s even better than once it was released. I’d bet the same thing will happen after a few revisions to the X-Pro 1.

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