Panasonic 25 1.4 for Micro 4/3 is IN STOCK now!

The Panasonic 25 1.4 for Micro 4/3 is IN STOCK now!

The much sought after Panasonic 25 1.4 for Micro 4/3 is IN STOCK now at B&H Photo! Normal price, not the jacked up price some have sold it for on Amazon. I declared this my fave lens for this format and while it is double the length of the 20 1.7 and $200 more it is faster and does give a bit more magic to the images shot with it. I also preferred it to the Voigtlander 25 0.95 due to size, sharpness and overall look but I also really enjoyed that lens as well.

In any case, if you have been waiting for it grab it now while you can!


  1. E-M5 + 20mm + 45mm + 75-300 + 14mm + 45-150 + EVF2 had $ 3000 in m4/3, now happy with SOny RX100 $ 650 camera at 7.5 ounces, f1.8, 1 inch sensor.

    Of course it is not the same, but 1) it is in my pocket always and 2) great results to ISO 3200 and OK at 6400. Gone are also the Nikon DSLR and the 10 lenses.

    • Cool, but why have the E-M5 and EVF2? The E-M5 has a built in EVF. I will be doing a side by side with the RX100 and Nikon V1 soon…I feel they will both have similar output. But yes, having something of quality always with you is the key. I say leave the big “D800. D4, etc” cameras to the pros..that is who they were designed for anyway. We are headed to a smaller/high quality world for amateurs and enthusiasts!

    • Wow,.. To sell EM-5 is really brave also weird decision i have ever heard, as for now the EM-5 being one of the best mirrorless of any system in my opinion. I dont know how i can be able to trade the high ISO capability in a small sensor , dont forget also the phenomenal DR.

      But to hear you sell the EM-5 with +EVF 2 its completly ridiculous , its Totaly BS , coz i dont need a EVF 2 to framing under the sunlight, only people who really knows about EM-5 understand the camera itself has built in viewfinder , unless ,.. Just being an idiot to give such a comment.

      Not mentioned about the high frame rates, weather sealed, quick AF the best IBIS you can get in any camera system, plus very high quality glass in a small package.

      Before i purchased an MILC ,. I already know that there is no mirrorles camera has intended to fit in a pocket,.. I have D700 with several lenses , its funny when i did some comparison D700 + 50mm F1.4 Zeiss ZF Planar at ISO 6400 againts EM-5 +25mm f1.4 DG -PL Summilux , The EM-5 give me much more detail .,.. What a camera.

      I just feel funny you made such a comment,. Peace

      • I forgot I also sold the 25mm. I started buying cameras and the philosophy was “what if i am in a dark stadium and watching football…and what if I am a bystander in basketball court, i need a f1.8 90mm with my D700” and next thing you know I had 30 cameras and 15 lenses and I am not a photographer. I am a hobbyist. I saw the 80,000 pictures I took over 7 years and 98% were of parties and dinners. I do not take pictures in the sun.

        On a whim I sold everything and you know, that RX100 is taking “good enough pictures”, I wouldn’t know which camera took them my ex E-M5, D700, D7000 or D5100.

        Of course if I become a photographer I will buy $ 15000 of equipment at B&H Photo in one hour. But these days I carry the RX100 in the same camera case of the Canon S100, it weighs 1/2 an ounce more, 7.5 ounces.

        I don’t really know what happened, but i finally have to force myself to live with 28mm if I want f1.8, but the zoom is there and at ISO 3200 it is accommodating.

        Yes the E-M5 was a superstar, but the SOny will give it a run for the money 90% of the time. The Sony is just as fast focusing, its got accurate AF, a great LCD, and it is built to Leica X1/X2 Fuji X10 “tight feeling.”

        I am learning the Sony menus which are new. Finally I am getting deeper into a camera.

        My main complain with the E-M5 is not that it required a camera bag, but that in a dinner or a party I had to watch the bag all night. To lose it to theft, to someone stepping on it.

        I think also from a practical perspective the m4/3 world got so happy charging $ 600 to $1000 per lens, and here comes Sony and gives you this toy for $ 650. If they get a EVF on the next version I’d get it in case I go in the sun someday. Not that the LCD is not great it is very high def. The camera is quick. The front dial is cool to choose f stop, ISO, +/-, etc. You can tilt the flash to bounce it. Very appealing.

        • Ditto, my friend.

          Micro 4/3 lenses are very very pricey, and especially given that a good amount of correction otherwise fitted into the glass goes instead in software.

          • I’m very interesed in purchasing an OM-D EM-5. I was under the assumption that due to the sensor size that its images were in the “35mm sweetspot” due to its 2x crop factor. Ronin, does it need a lot of PP correction or is correction built into the camera?

    • We miss you in m4/3 land, Photo Perzon!

      Seriously, come back, I always love seeing your posts and images.

    • Why did you own an EVF2 when the EM-5 already have one? I’m just curious. And it seems to be really bothering Jevfp. hahahaha

  2. Was sold out when I checked around 4am but I was able to find your amazon link and saw that J&R Music had it for $538.88 so I “impulsed” buy! They said 5 in stock and I brought it down to four. If only I had a camera to pair it with. I’m debating amazon or B&H? I live in San Diego and am “worried” about maintenance or warranty. What are your thoughts. OM-D by the way because
    of your awesome reviews and a other friend Gage. 😛

    • My J&R experiences have all been good, but I’ve never needed a return/repair from them so cannot comment on that aspect. Luckily, lens failures seem few and far between compared to cameras themselves (famous last words). Good luck with your new gear–the E-M5 is loads of fun!

  3. Modern Classic indeed. I wonder what would happen if they suddenly decided to stop production. I bet they’d start to command premium prices.

  4. Best lens I have ever had, always amazed by its output. Sharp even wide open, stopped down even sharper. Colors pop and almost no distortion. Shooting with a pana gf2, can’t wait to how it performs with OmD. Truly a modern m43 classic lens. Thanks Steve for the past review and recommendation, no regrets just joy.

    • Never heard of the Leica M 50mm summicron and summilux? Or did you mean you wanted a Leica m43 body?

  5. I’m a happy 20mm owner. The 25mm is really, really tempting, but I also have the 45mm Olympus, which gives me even faster AF, and even shorter DOF when I need it…in an impossibly small package.

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