Amazing SUPER RARE Leica Set for Sale – The LHSA MP-3 with SE 50 1.4 Summilux and Leicavit.

Amazing RARE Leica Set for Sale – The LHSA MP-3 with SE 50 1.4 Summilux and Leicavit. 

MAN OH MAN!!! I remember when this set was available new at B&H Photo and back then I did not have the funds to click on “buy” but I so wanted this set! To me, this set is the pinnacle of Leica film cameras. Yes, there is the MP and the M6 but this special edition LHSA M-P3 set with 50 Summilux ASPH 1.4 (special knurled focusing ring version, which rocks) and Leicavit in classic chrome is THE set to own if you are a shooter or collector. I don’t thing these things should be bought and stored, I think they should be used to do what they were made to do, and that is SHOOT THEM!

I never ever see one of these sets go up for sale but Dale Photo has one and it is in excellent condition with presentation case, caps, and even plastic still on the bottom plates. My friend Seal owns this set and he has raved to me about it many times. I always used to think I would own this set and be done with it but sadly, at these price I never will.

So if you are into film, have loads of cash flow, and want one of the sweetest Leica LHSA sets EVER, click here to check it out. Many will scoff at this but it is a beauty and I know of many who have been looking for this set for a long time. SO, if you happen to call Dale, tell them you saw it here!



  1. It certainly is a great looking set, and from some reviews i have read, it could be one of the best M series cameras made.
    Steve, I agree don’t put these things in cupboards, get out and use them as intended and enjoy the craftsmanship they have to offer. If i can offload some of my guitars i will look at buying one.
    Alexander, my research tells me that 1000 were made, 500 black and 500 silver
    Thanks for the link Steve.

  2. Steve, Just wanted to give you a shout out and THANK YOU for recommending Barton. I picked up there braided black leather strap. It arrived rather quickly from Hong Kong via US post. Beautifully made for a $79 strap. Would have never known about it if it weren’t for your kick @ss blog! I promptly put it on my new Oly OMD E-M5. I actually took off the stock “d” rings that were on the Oly and just used the “o” rings that came with the Barton strap, b/c they come with excellent leather protectors that site between the camera and the “o” rings acting like a buffer so there is no metal on metal or metal on camera. Thanks again for sharing your resources. I visit you blog several times a week and there is always something interesting happening on here. Okay, enough @ss kissing. But fur-real, you rock dude!

    • Awesome! Yea, it’s a great strap. I’m thinking about getting a couple more. I have a black and brown now and may get a blue. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!!!!

  3. And for those who do not know, Dale is a great place to get your Leica stuff from. Since I’m local it’s tempting to go down to see it, but it would break my heart not to come home with it. Maybe if I sell my car…

  4. What a beautiful set. It sure brings back memories of how much I hated knob rewind on my M2 and M3 back in my days as a newspaper photographer.

  5. @DIRK

    I paid $6,077.00 for my black paint set in Dec 2006.
    Shot it everyday since and am still in love with it.
    The lens takes more difficult to find 43mm filters tough.

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