Daily Inspiration #340 By Scott Sarber

Hi Steve,

Love the site. I’m a daily reader. Usually several times per day 🙂 Keep up the great work! Just wanted to let you know that I drank the RX100 Kool-Aid. Partly because I’ve been craving something even smaller than my NEX system, and mostly because of your review 🙂 I honestly haven’t been this excited about a camera since my NEX-3 a few years ago. But as small as the NEX system can be with the right lens, it was never truly pocketable. I’ve also never been 100% happy with the color & look of the images from the NEX cameras (although I hear the nex-5n is a different animal)
I’ve had several photo opportunities in the past few days with the RX that I would have never been able to pull off with my NEX system…because I wouldn’t have had it with me! The portability, image quality, build quality, lens character, physical size & feature set of the RX100 is truly astonishing! The files coming from this camera have a certain look & feel to them. They’re not as cold & digital looking as the NEX files I’m used to.
I’ve attached a few pics from the camera to share with you. All are OOC jpegs with some PP applied. 3 of the shots are of my most available subjects (my kids), the other is of a sunrise out of a plane window.
Thanks again for the great reviews & articles on your site!
P.S. There’s no way my wife will let me keep the RX100 & my NEX system. So….I have a NEX system for sale if you know of anyone that is interested!


  1. The files coming from this camera have a certain look & feel to them. They’re not as cold & digital looking as the NEX files I’m used to.

    I am pretty sure this is happening in your fantasy only, but if the camera makes you happy, go ahead. I dont see anything I couldn´t have taken with a NEX or any other APS-C digital, but whatever.

    • AAAAaaand, there it is. knew it had to come along at some point. No post can live without it! Doooh boy.


      • I agree and in all reality it is fact. The files that come from the RX100 do indeed have a certain look and feel to them. The NEX files on the other hand are a bit cold and digital in comparison. You would have to own and shoot both to understand. It is not fantasy, it is fact. Much like a file from a Nikon D4 looks much different than a file from a Leica M9.

  2. Very nice photos. I also got my hands on an RX100. And wow, it is a great little camera stuffed with everything you need for taking nice photos.

  3. Really shows the potential of this pint size wonder in very able hands. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.
    Now I need to get my hands on the RX100, thanks to you and Steve! Haha!

  4. ah, it’s the cheeky lad! still remembered your previous post, scott and the lovely pics you had.

    this time however, you just have to post a cloud pic. darn heck. very ethereal. loving it, mate!

    • Thanks for mentioning this! Searched for “Scott Sarber” and found his other great contributions to this site. Have read them before, and it’s nice to look back. Thank you again, Mr. Sarber. And we also see how your kid/kids have grown. 🙂

  5. Fantastic shots! I too drank the Kool-Aid and bought this camera for my wife to replace the S95 I got her a couple years ago. I’m not sure she has even had a chance to use it yet. The more I shoot with it the more amazed I am. When I open the files I just can’t believe they are from a p&s. I’ve barely picked up my OMD since it arrived last week.

  6. Wow, who need anything else for family pics and much more. Beautiful photos. Hopefully your wife will let you keep both 😉 I can’t wait to get one too.

  7. I like the pictures a lot. I purchased this camera about a week ago but have not really had the chance to play with it too much. It does look like it can definitely take great pictures!

  8. Great Pics! I have also drank the Kool-aid and purched the RX100. Great little camera. I owned an Nex-5 and found the IQ and color beautiful. I upgraded to a Nex-7 because of the EVF and I still find it to have amazing IQ & a warm character to the IQ. IMO. This little camera is amazing for it’s compactness.

    Thank for sharing your pics

  9. Great photos, can you share what kind of PP effect/software did you apply in order to get those great colours/look? Especially in the third photo

    • Thanks! I use Lightroom 4. All of these have had contrast & saturation increases, except #4…that one is straight out of the camera.

  10. Hey Scott I picked up this camera for my wife but I’ve been stealing it and have been very impressed too. nice work!

  11. Wow. These shots are impressing. Technical wise and subject wise. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking out for this camera too.

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