Extended Daily Inspiration: Sony NEX-5 in Barcelona and Djerba by Miguel Teotonio

Hello Steve,

I’ve been following your site for a longtime now. I think you have a very well-built idea on the internet cause it focus on everything an amateur photographer could want. Good photos and free open-minded reviews.

I wanted to share some of the images I made during last year’s vacations to Barcelona (2011).

I took along two cameras so I could use them depending on the situation. A Nikon D200 (had a D700 but sold it as soon as I heard about a “possible” D600, so I could still make some money) and a NEX 5. I wanted to use the Sony camera mainly at night where I couldn’t / not wanted to carry the extra weight. After the travel and even tough I know what a D700 can do (image quality / high iso capability) I became even more fan of the mirrorless concept. The possibility to achieve quality images with such a small package is simply amazing. The NEX cameras can keep a low profile (vs reflex) and have such a fantastic performance. Acceptable AF, good high ISO and splendid IQ. I ended up shooting with the NEX 5, 80% of the time. I think images speak for themselves.
(see barcelona photos) – all made with Sony nex5 and E 16mm

This year’s vacations images in Djerba (2012) were all done with NEX. Different style. It’s very difficult to take photos in a country where the tradition still is very harsh. People don’t like being photographed so I had to settle with more pleasing images (postcard style – ;-)) which I’m also very amused of.

(see djerba photos) –  all made with Sony nex5, E 16mm and E 18-55mm (black version – made in Japan) plus underwater case.


Miguel Teotónio


  1. I really love your 3rd and 4th pic but the 5th pic is EPIC.
    Is there a story behind the 5th pic. I bet everyone else here is wondering…

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. ¡Muy buena tu fotografía Miguel!

    Visité tu sitio y ahí encontré aún más muestras de tu excelente trabajo. Felicitaciones.

    Un abrazo,


  3. Hi Ivan,

    Regarding the underwater image I think it as a 3D feeling. The hands want to get out of the photo! That’s why I like it.
    The first shot was taken with the articulated LCD. Tried to get the mood of what was going on. No one noticed. 😉

    Not taking advantage of Steve’s website:
    To view Barcelona shots, visit:

    To view Djerba shots, visit:


    • I meant … has a 3D look. Have to stop the struggle with the IPad automatic ortographic correction. I have it in portuguese and the damn thing keeps converting english words to similar ones in portuguese. Funny!

  4. Thanks for sharing!

    Have never tried the Nex-5, but it’s seems like a ok little camera.
    I think the underwater shot has good energy to it, and like the first shot also.
    You shot this in some secret i recon?


  5. Great shots all of them. Especially like atmosphere captured by no 3.

    Loving these daily inspirations. Only recently subscribed to them but theyre quickly becoming the highlight of my overnight mail (I’m in Australia!)

    • Hi Peter,

      That’s an ilegal street game called “find the ball”. I couldn’t have done that with a bigger camera. Sometimes the articulated LCD also helps … Cheers mate!

    • Hi Roland,

      Thanks. That’s a person in the photo. Took the shot and then added some sepia look in PS.

  6. ,Hi,you have a nice photo, the color is nice blend,you’ve got the right exposure! Owesome man!,

  7. thanks for sharing these pictures…i like the underwater pic (and not just for the motive ;))

    may I ask which underwater case you are using and whether you recommend it ?

  8. Thanks for sharing the pictures. How did you do the focus in low light? If you were using the AF, did you use the assist light? If not, did you have any trouble locking on to the subject?

    • Hello, thanks for your kind words. No, I don’t use the assist light. Multi Focus Mode most of the time. No trouble at all! The available light on the photos (here) wasn’t so bad. If you got worst conditions maybe you could experience some trouble focusing but as I said, the camera does it pretty well.

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