The new Fuji camera is here! The X-E11 and new lenses! Pre-Order now!


uni X-E1 The new Fuji camera is here! The X-E11 and new lenses! Pre-Order now!





OR, Pre-Order any of the new Fuji products at Amazon HERE

The new Fuji X-E1 is now OFFICIAL and ready for pre-order!! Woo Hoo! 

What looks like an X100 but with a Fuji X lens mount is in reality the new X-E1 which will be like a mini X-Pro 1 but apparently FASTER. The big question I had with this one is “did Fuji improve the AF speed and responsiveness”? Fuji says YES so if so this will be a crazy winner of a camera. Hell, it probably will be anyway because it shares the same sensor as the X-Pro 1, still without the AA filter (yea) and comes in at $700 less! Just using this as a Leica mount body may be pretty cool. The EVF is just that, an EVF… so the X-E1 does not share the Hybrid EVF/VF with the X-Pro 1 but personally I loved the EVF of the X100 and X-Pro 1 (though some will disagree with me on this one) and used it over the standard VF.

Coming it at $999 it is $699 CHEAPER than the X-Pro 1, it is smaller, shares the same sensor and they are claiming that the Auto Focus can AF as fast as 0.1 seconds. The X-E1 also has 1080P HD Video recording and it even has an external microphone jack. IT HAS A MAGNESIUM ALLOY BODY and the same film simulation modes as the X-Pro 1. So why would one buy and X-Pro 1 over the X-E1? I guess if you want the hybrid VF/EVF and a larger body/LCD but will the AF be faster on the X-E1? It appears so as Fuji says “improved contrast detection” for faster AF. Sounds like a no brainer to me. My pre-order is in (I DO have to review it you know) 🙂

Looks like a beauty from Fuji and I predict a winner for them sales wise. Maybe not as huge as the classic and now legendary X100 but at least we will not have the sticky aperture blade issue with the X-E1!

Fuji also has announced and released TWO new X mount lenses for pre-order.

First up is the 14mm 2.8


This is the 4th prime lens from Fuji which is pretty cool of them to do because this lens will give Fuji X owners an ultra wide 21mm equivalent view. A 21mm with a 2.8 aperture is plenty fast enough IMO.  You can pre-0rder this lens from B&H Photo but the price is steep at $899 which leads me to believe this will be a stellar performer. It seems to me Fuji is dedicated to this new format with their X-E1 body release and new lens releases. 
What would a new $999 X mount body be without a new Kit Zoom to go with it? Fuji has also announced their 18-55 f/2.8-4 OIS Zoom lens that will also be packaged with the X-E1 in a bundle for those who do not own any of the Fuji glass. You can order the kit zoom here at $699. Again, this pricing makes me think that this lens will be a level up from most kit zooms. 
The Fuji X-E1 Spec Sheet:
16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor
Moire is tackled at its root cause by the revolutionary X-Trans CMOS sensor’s color filter array. By enhancing aperiodicity (randomness) in the array arrangement, the color filter minimizes generation of both moire and false colors, eliminating the necessity for an optical low-pass filter in the lens and enabling X-Trans CMOS sensor to capture full “unfiltered” lens performance. The EXR Processor Pro is supported by an integrated co-processor for higher speed and higher precision image processing performance.
X Mount
Taking full advantage of the mirrorless design, the mount boasts a short 17.7 mm flange back distance, a wider opening, and deeper mounting of the lens, resulting in reduction of back focus distance to the minimum possible while achieving high resolution extending to the image edge areas. When a FUJINON XF lens is mounted, all lens information is instantly communicated to the body, integrating them into a seamless, responsive instrument.
2.36 Million Dot OLED Viewfinder
A 0.5″ electronic viewfinder provides crystal clear high resolution eye-level composition with a built-in diopter. Users who wear glasses will not need to remove them thanks to a 23mm eye-point and a soft resin coating on the eyepiece. A built-in eye sensor detects the presence of an eye and automatically turns on the viewfinder and a 25° field of view allows for the entire view to be seen quickly and easily. Two glass elements and one double aspheric element offer a display comparable to that of an optical viewfinder with high contrast and faithful reproduction of focus, exposure and white balance.
2.8″ 460K Dot LCD Monitor
Compose and playback your photos and videos on this LCD with special anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and is resistant to stains, smudges and water.
Full HD 1080p Video with Stereo Sound
Capture the action in Full HD movies (1920 x 1080). In addition to full AUTO exposure, you can also shoot with aperture priority AE. Taking full advantage of the bright XF lenses, you can also capture movies with a beautiful defocused “bokeh” background. Later with plug-and-play ease, you can connect directly to your TV with an HDMI cable and share your movies complete with stereo audio on the big screen.
Focal Plane Shutter
The X-E1 is designed with a focal plane shutter that sits immediately in front of the sensor and can provide the camera with extremely fast shutter speeds.
Film Simulation Modes
The X-E1 can simulate the color and tonal qualities of acclaimed films including the natural look of PROVIA, the vibrant tonality and saturated colors of Velvia and the silky soft look and beautiful skin tones of ASTIA. Film Simulation mode makes it simple to capture the expressive color quality of the rich legacy of Fujifilm photo film technology. There are 10 Film Simulation Modes: PROVIA, Velvia, ASTIA, PRO Neg Hi, PRO Neg. Std., Monochrome, Monochrome+Ye Filter, Monochrome+R Filter, Monochrome+G Filter and Sepia.
QuickStart Mode
QuickStart Mode will power-up your camera and have you ready to shoot in as little as 0.5 seconds. Never miss a shot because you were ready but your camera wasn’t. When QuickStart mode is turned off, camera will start in approximately 1.0 second.
Auto Bracketing
Auto Bracketing is a way to make sure you get the correctly exposed shot by shooting three continuous shots at slightly different levels. You can set Auto Bracketing for:AE Bracketing (+-1/3EV, +-2/3EV, +1EV); Film Simulation Bracketing (Any three types of film simulation selectable); Dynamic Range Bracketing (100%, 200%, 400%) and ISO Sensitivity Bracketing (+-1/3EV, +-2/3EV, +1EV).
JPEG and RAW Capture
Shoot in JPG or RAW and enjoy in-camera processing of the RAW files. The built-in RAW data converter lets you view results in the field without first transferring the data to your computer. This easy-to-use feature not only takes into account exposure compensation, white balance and other in-camera image quality settings, but also lets you apply Film Simulation modes in the converter mode.
High Speed Contrast Autofocus
Thanks to the high speed X-Trans CMOS sensor and newly developed EXR Processor Pro, contrast detection has improved and the X-E1 can autofocus in as little as 0.1 seconds and continuous high-speed shooting of up to 6 frames per second will allow you to capture fast-moving subjects and never miss an action shot. Autofocus is TTL Contrast AF with an available AF assist illuminator. AF Frame selection offers Area Frame with 49 areas and Multi Frame with 5 frame types.
Built-in Flash and Hot Shoe Mount
The X-E1 provides a built-in pop-up flash and a hot shoe mount and TTL (Through the Lens) Flash Sync. Sync speed for flash is 1/180th of a second or slower.
Photography Functions
Select Custom Setting, Motion Panorama, Color Space, Color (saturation), Sharpness, Dynamic Range, Film Simulation, Gradation, Silent Mode, Auto Red-eye Removal, Framing Guideline, Frame Number Memory, Histogram Display, Depth of Focus Preview, Focus Check, Electronic Level, Multiple Exposure, PictBridge, Exif Print, Time Difference, Fn Button Setting (RAW, Movie, etc.)
Playback Functions
RAW conversion, Image Rotate, Red-eye Reduction, Photobook Assist, Erase selected frames, Image Search, Multi-frame playback (with micro thumbnail), Slide show, Mark for Upload, Protect, Crop, Resize, Panorama, Favorites
External Microphone
A 2.5 mm input jack provides a connection for an external microphone for stereo sound when shooting video. That same jack can be used for a remote shutter release cable.
Magnesium Alloy Body
The magnesium alloy body provides not only classic good looks but durability. The design of the X-E1 with on-body controls and dials harkens back to the glory days of 35mm photography


  1. Steve, I have been following your Blog literally since its’ inception. I have followed you through your darkest days; to your latest and best days; and now, I am most pleased to tell you ~ I just ordered a new FUJI X-E1, to replace my aging Olympus EP-1: I placed this order through your site – that is what I am most pleased about. Been doing my homework; and thanks in great part to you; and your Xpro-1- reviews on this site; I NOW feel that Fuji may just be there in Camera Functionality, as well as their glorious skin tones and great Xtrans processor – that yields near Leica Like results, with much faster processing and an affordable price. FINALLY, I will again have a VACATION/TRAVEL camera, besides my beloved Nikon D700 work horse.
    In the future, I will again order a new Olympus OMD through your site. The high pixel density of that little work horse will be my WILDLIFE camera – with my great set of PRO ZUIKO fast glass zooms.
    I just hope I can tweak the X-E1 into coming as close to the Olympus in recording accurate colors.
    For landscapes, I still see my D700 as capturing the most REALISTIC looking vista’s; but we’ll see.
    The best and most versatile Macro work may continue to be the D700.
    Still, I am jumping up and down in anticipation of my new FUJI learning curve and those lucious skin tones. ‘ Y E A H ‘ !
    You inspire more than you realize… Keep it up !

  2. I’d be happy to buy an X-PRO1 for the same price of a new X-E1, for those afraid they’re not going to be able to upgrade.


  3. G’day Steve

    Thanks for the review and looking forward to checking this out. I am about to move away from DSLR into a smaller system and get back into taking photo’s….rather than worrying about kit! I am not a professional photographer.

    My question to you on both the EX-1 and the Sony RX 1 which you have reviewed is…….how is the Manual Focus on both of these?

    The wire focus on the X Pro 1 (which at this stage is probably where I am going to head) was probably the biggest turn off. Obviously the AF speed as well was some concern (not a huge one) but I think we’ll see the FW upgrades help that particularly once EX-1 comes out.

    Thanks for your help/thoughts.


    • If you use third party glass on the X-Pro 1 is it AWESOME. My fave camera to date for using Leica glass (besides a Leica of course. Using native lenses the AF is slow on the X-Pro 1 and RX-1 (on the prototype anyway).

      • Ok, good to know. Does that also include Manual focus capability as well? With third party glass are you talking DSLR speed of AF?

        After writing this question I have been thinking of making a lifetime investment and just going all out for the M9-P with the Lieca 35m. Big $ but cut straight to chase!

        • Steve please ignore my last post and my ignorance over using a third party lense. I now realise it will be a range finder and manual focus lense you are referring to!

          I tried an M9 today and now appreciate the two are very different systems and each have there own advantages and disadvantages! Given i Know more now, I will go back in and read your M9 review again!

  4. I’m trying to decide between the EX-1 & a Sony Nex 6.
    I have seen or tried neither
    Assuming both produce the same image quality

    Fuji EX1 –

    Easier to access the controls (exp. compensation etc) via dials vs the Sony being more menu based.
    More solid (metal) build.
    Kit lens is faster – f2.8-4 vs f3.5-5.6.
    This is a big one for low light & indoor (no flash) shooting

    Sony Nex 6 –
    Has a tilt screen which I loooove for waist-level shooting.
    It’s cheaper – about $1000 vs $1400

    I have big hands (XL glove size) so the ergonomics for me are important.

    Also important is the coat pocketability – I want a camera that i have no excuse to leave at home – just grab ‘n go. I have a big dslr with lenses so I’m not looking for a system camera per se

    • A Salesman for Amazon? hahaha..that is funny. Ever since I wrote my 1st article years ago I have put up posts notifying of hot cameras in stock. Believe it or not, many appreciate this as they get on a pre-order list early, are not charged until the item ships and can cancel at any time…(now that is salesman talk). I do this and have always done this..and will continue to do this. Does it benefit me as well? Yes it does as that is what funds this FREE site and the 50 hours a week I put into it. With 70k visits a day and large image files being hosted my bandwidth is insane and costs me a TON of money every month. When someone uses my link to buy a camera or whatever I get a small % and that money comes in every month and goes to pay for hosting this site, new cameras to test, items to give away, etc.

      So there you go 🙂

      • Ignore the detractors Steve. The vast majority of us are very appreciative of your efforts and, personally I couldn’t care less if you make a profit from service that you provide with your website and camera reviews. Thanks.

  5. Steve is probably right. I think the X100 was a way to test the market for demand and test the waters. The X100 was an overwhelming success So the X-E1 could be the the X200.

  6. I heard that Sony has prepared their flagship RX-1 (full frame compact) to beat these fujis.. for almost $3,000 😀 naah.. IMHO, this X-E1 should be enough to win the market
    Fuji has learnt a lot about the market these couple of years..they seem to know what price to set in winning the competition.. for me..the X-E1 is a no brainer! I’d get it along with the 35/1.4 to accompany my sexy X100 🙂 that should do it!

  7. I have a couple of questions for you all. Why couldn’t Fuji make the E-X1 with the hybrid viewfinder? Also, why couldn’t Fuji make the E-X1 with a built-in flash, like that on the X100, instead of the pop-up flash? I would have preferred this to what it is now but I’m sure there is an explanation for it.

  8. Sounds like you’re more interested in selling your camera than in using it. And you’re pissy that it has devalued since its release and you can’t make near-100% returns, what with it being second-hand and all.

    So, naturally, you blame Fujifilm. Not your fault. Nope. You are in no way responsible for your own financial mis-steps. Fujifilm robbed you! You didn’t willingly choose to pay so much upfront to buy into a new system!

    Suck it up, sunshine. You buy a camera, you sell the camera, you take a loss. You don’t get eight months of free camera “rental”.

  9. I just pre-ordered the 14mm f2.8. Big bucks for Fuji, peanuts for Leica. It looks like the dawn of a nice system.I just hope it is true that it does not have a lens shade with it, if so, I hope they are making one for it. I think this time next year The Fuji X system will be well on it’s way. Like it or not, a big company like Fuji is not going to sink a lot in R&D into a dead end. If Fuji where to end it’s photo end of the company, think of all that fine film going bye-bye.

  10. Well, that’s the old Olympus Pen E-P1 concept warmed up by Fuji. It’s just another mirrorless, fully electronic system camera.
    Why do I prefer my Leica X2, which is also fully electronic? Simply because I do not have the hazzle of changing lenses, and because it delivers high IQ. The one-lens-concept makes photography so refreshingly simple. Imaging walking in the streets of autumn-hot Austin in Texas. Do you want to schlep all your Fuji primes with you? No, you just want to have one simple camera snuggling up to your palm with huge potential in the image quality department.

    • I’d rather “SHLEP” a massive 300 g camera body with the brilliant Fuji sensor plus 300g of fast primes, i.e. the f 2.0 18mm plus f1.4 35mm, than the 400 g X2 (with EVF) with ok Sony sensor, a wart of an external EVF, slowish f2.8 prime, slow AF, slow start up time. As far as IQ is concerned, oh well, there simply is no contest. IQ wise, the X2 is good, but not too impressive, the Fuji XPro 1 and most likely the XE1 are among the best.;) But to each its own. I’ll be selling my X1, which in my opinion beats the X2 as far as IQ is concerned. And the funds will go to Sigma for the DP1M.

    • Speaking of Austin, were you the guy with the X2 in Annie’s Cafe over lunch today? Boy, that would be one damn small world!

    • To correct myself: the Oly E-P1 had no EVF. So, this is a remake of the NEX 7 concept. These two cameras have indeed the right, M-like form factor with the EVF in the right place.
      Still, I LOVE my X2, it’s so simple to use.

  11. Ray,
    So as not to digress, or hijack the thread, would you mind contacting me (frankgross at gmail dot com) to tell me about the Nex7 lag you refer to ? I am looking at the Nex7 (or the 6 which is due soon), the x100, and now this X-E1 and would love to hear about real user experiences

  12. I also had the OMD .. really nice build, but i had the NEX-7 at the same time.
    I got less noise out of the NEX in lower light, so I never picked up the OLY after tha discovery. Once I finally tried the Xpro1 it was ‘game over’ (focusing issues aside), just in a whole other league PQ-wise. Rich, saturated, relaxed presentation and handles noise very well. (side note: sooo glad they dropped that silly shutter speed dial lock on the XE1 and added a diopter adjust)

  13. As usual, I’ll be a late adopter. What interests me the most is the benefits the xp1 will get from this. The improved af algorithim will be incorporated in xp1 firmware. The faster af lenses are interchangeable. The evf I can live with but I can’t stand the initial lag in the NEX-7 where the evf comes from. My X100’s lag is borderline. So, an ovf is worth it for me.

  14. The Fuji xe-1 is a sign of a company that doesnt have much pedigree the camera market. They cant even center the hotshoe properly, making an external OVF useless. It’s these small bonehead mistakes that make me cringe. Fuji is good in gilm and larger format cameras, not 35mm and certainly not slrs or even mirrorless cams. One look at the x1pro and you know they didnt get things right. The lens is centerd, with nothing really going on except for the evf anf the af switch. Everything else is sloping and clustered over to the other side of the handle.And now the xe 1 cant even get the hotshoe placement right. Dumb and dumberer, Fuji.the x1 pro is way to big to feel that light. The xe1 does look less sloped and better balanced but how hard was it for Fuji to get it right the first time? It seems like many good camera desingers have either quit or passed away in the last ten years. an some designers must have a form of senility as evidenced in the Pentax k01.It must be easy to get a job as a camera desinger nowdays. Even the Leica m9 is not without faults. compared to the film Leicas, the m9 looks like it spent way too much time in the buffet line. It’s one big fat heffer of a camera..a fat sardine can. Back to Fuji, good in film, but they need to call nikon or Canon and ask them how to design a rangefinder properly. A hotshoe off center to a lens…my god.

    • I’m wondering if your just havin a laugh and shouldn’t say anything and make myself look dense. The digital M’s are heffers though! That made me laugh for sure 🙂

      I like the slope on the XP1 as it actually makes the camera easier to operate while holding the camera to ones eye. Just because something is squared off doesn’t make it great design. Admittedly the XPRO has some design hiccups (standard grip should have been left off)but it’s still a kick-ass camera.

    • If the price difference doesn’t bother you then I would suggest that. I really love the OVF with fuji lenses. Big and bright, it shows you the whole picture outside the frame lines as you know from the X100. Even though the XE1 has a better EVF then the XP1 I always feel cramped in the viewfinder with it enabled no matter how wide the lens is. I had the same feeling with the Nex7 as well and I think it just goes to show one of the reasons the M is so popular after all these years. Many people will probably appreciate the smaller, lighter version but I think the XP1 feels perfect in the hand, like a serious camera should feel especially with the grip attached.

      • John I totally agree about the OVF….but from my perspective my enjoyment of it is reduced due to the innacurate framelines. I really wish Fuji would address that with a FW update.

  15. Just vivited B&H’s page and noticed the body weights 300 g only, versus 450g for its big brother. Starts to look like a viable, more versatile X100 replacement with the upcoming f1.4 35mm equivalent.

  16. The new 14mm lens has a distance scale, hello zone focusing! I hope this will be the new standard for all their new primes.

  17. Looks like a nice deal. The viewer has a built in diopter, like most cameras is good. It has a pop up flash. all good stuff. For, if/when, I buy another camera in the X-Pro system, it will have a new sensor. Noting wrong with this one, but that is where I would put my money. The new lens sound great. At first I throuht I would want the zoom, but now I think the 14mm f2.8. I have the 60mm and all three of Leica lens work with the M-mount/X-Pro 1. A 24 f2.8, 35mm f/1.4 and 90mm f2. Focusing for me is fast enough. Plus Fijifilm is going to up grade soon to a 2.0 firmware upgrade. The new camera with the zoom, a great single combo for walk around/ HQ point and shoot.

  18. To the people that diss Fuji for launching this good camera briefly after x-pro1 with many important provements (propably); you say that Fuji scammed your money with the xp1?
    Each camera is a product of its own. With it’s features compared to the price it’s either good or bad deal for you. If you can deal with bad auto and if you really want the good sides of xp1, you can buy one if you consider it worth the price. You must consider this kind of purchases more carefully if some other camera announcement is now making you angry when you haven’t even tried the new one. If you rushed your pre-order when xp1 was about to come, you can only blame your self for rushing. If you actually tried the camera before buying and/or gave it a good long thought, you got exactly what you knew you would pay for, and that doesn’t change in the second something newer comes up. It doesn’t suddenly make your xp1 bad.

    Sorry my english.

    • I appreciate your comments. One problem with the concept of trying out a camera and buying what you like is that they seem to never make it into a brick and mortar store before the new model comes out. You still cannot find an X-Pro1 or an Olympus OM-D at your local retailer. I tried in downtown San Francisco just a few weeks ago. So you have to take the plunge and order it online when it is introduced. Or plan to wait 6 months before you order it online so the price premiums go away. By which time it may well be obsolete. Makes it hard to know when to pull out the credit card.

      This conundrum has become my personal Pepto-Bismal when it comes to dealing with photography GAS. I read about this new amazing camera, wait for hands-on reviews, keep checking to see if I can touch one locally without ordering it, and then along come the rumours for the newest version, and the process starts all over again.

      Saved me a lot of money the past 18 months.

      And it also reminds me I should get off my duff, stop spending all of my time online reading about the newest gear, and actually go out, experience life and capture it with what I have (a not at all shoddy 5DMKII).

    • I don’t have any buyer’s regret….not yet….they haven’t replaced the XPro2…my buyer’s remorse won’t happen until next year with that announcement:)

  19. Maybe my second digital one too. First one is a GRD2 with the 21 mm OVF. It gets along well with an M3 and a 503cx. We’ll see about this one.

  20. I was really hoping for X10 with a better viewfinder to come along. I need a light carry everywhere and travel camera. Already having a Nikon D80 I don’t really want to embark on the inevitable journey that I feel another interchangeable lens system camera would take me on. Nevertheless this looks like it might be a winner with that new kit zoom. It’s smaller than the Pro and I’m sure the EVF is decent.

    • Yeah, me too. But I still love the X-10. I brought it with me to Paris recently and took some amazing photo’s. Especially, considering the relatively small sensor. For professional work, I (still) use the Nikon D700.

      • Have you got anything on the web that you’ve shot with your X10 Ron? How do you find the viewfinder in a practical sense. There’s extremely bright sunlight where I live so a viewfinder is a must most days.

  21. so true … the sensor is marvelous … i can’t understand all the rage about the OMD when i compare what comes out of this cam and what comes out from the fuji xpro1 … not even comparable

  22. I tried the Xpro1 … pure smoke but with bad auto focus.
    This version is the one for me, as that sensor captures pure emotion like no other.

  23. I hope i’ll be able to play with the nex5 and xe-1 at the photokina. I’m curious of the af speed, fuji claimed they improved the af speed from x100 to x-pro and the difference wasn’t to big, so i take the claims with a pinch of salt.
    Lens wise fuji is more expensive, but it could be worth in the long run.

    • People make fun of face detection but I think it’s an awesome technology. It’s much easier to shoot an offset portrait with face detection than focus and recomposing…..or worse yet, having to change the focus point manually until it covers the subject’s face.

      • Yes, no face detection, and using an xpro 1 with 35 mm to take portraits at a close distance (even in good light conditions) is quite a challenge, as the camera just can’t understand where it should focus. Chances are that in most cases it will focus on the background or, if you set it to Macro mode, somewhere in the blur between the lens and face.
        Plus, the constant front and back moving of the lens while it is trying to focus is so irritating to the model that it ruins most portraits. FW 2.0 did not bring any significant change, just more chatter.
        As for low light condition portraits (evening, café, soft light), it’s often pointless trying. So yes, no face detection on a camera that can’t focus properly in all but bright light situations – neither on a face, nor on a cloud or sky – is a problem.
        I really recommend potential buyers to try one before ordering, and not idealize the beautiful results you sometimes get and see on the web from the Fuji sensor.

  24. I’ve been holding off on a ‘walkabout’ camera purchase (instead of my 5DII) until this one came out ….it may be “the one” for me…too bad there is no tilt lcd screen for my preferred waist level viewing…then it would be ‘ideal’. Maybe I should wait until the 18th to see what the Nex 6 has to offer in comparison.

  25. Love to try it out but I think Im sticking with my new g5. I’m really digging the electric shutter mode and features at a good price. I want some killer lenses for my camera and I think micro 43 has the edge on everybody.

  26. This is interesting. I wasn’t nuts about the optical VF in the X100, and being limited to a 35mm lens. The X Pro seemed pricey. But the EX1, with interchangeable lenses, (with Fuji quality), light weight, and good autofocus could finally pry the DSLR out of my tired hands.
    I have one question to ask those who have an X100 or X Pro, (or I suppose an NEX). While using the EVF, is it possible to get an accurate depth of field preview?
    If so, this may be the one.

  27. I’m actually really interested in this…if manual focus proves to be doable that is. The fuji iQ certainly is stunning!

  28. I think Fuji is doing a good job expanding the lineup. I read that the XP2 will be released “early next year” which seems more in line with a normal upgrade cycle. I have a hunch that the X200 is being kept under wraps for Photokina. Supposedly there is a “higher end” X model in the shadows but I’m not sure what that could be.

  29. I think you are contradicting yourself. How could a camera provide great image quality if its auto- and manual focus features were useless? Many people are happy with their X-Pro1s.

        • Toni, with all due respect, I don’t think you know what your are talking about. Read the reviews, you don’t have to listen to owners comments. AF is slow, it is not inaccurate. In fact, it will focus more accurately than a dslr’s pdaf. If one decides to force a shot before focus is locked, then it’s photographer error, not a camera issue.

          • Ray, you hit the nail on the head. The focus may be slow but it’s pretty much always accurate….more so than my 5D2. The only exception to this is if you are trying to focus on near objects without switching to macro mode…but this is another issue being address in upcoming FW2.0

  30. I really hope someone out there posts some real world experience reports on using this camera with Leica M glass. I’ve been using a Sony NEX 5n for this purpose and I’ve never been quite 100% happy with it, mostly because the camera doesn’t quite fit well in my hands so it is awkward to hold. At the same time I love the focus peaking feature for manual focus lenses.

    If the EVF on the Fuji has enough clarity to focus manually I may have to give this camera some careful consideration. Of course I would need to hold this one in my hands too to find out if it’s an improvement over the Sony but if it is that would be great.

    • Thanks for the link. The lens in the video is the 60mm macro, by far the slowest lens of the bunch. It does focus faster, but much more importantly: the screen doesn’t freeze while it is focusing! As a X-pro1 owner, this is HUGE.

    • Yup….looks much faster even in that crappy light with FW2.0…….Can’t wait to update mine. I wonder how much faster the EX1 will be once the FW is updated on the XPro….

      Personally I don’t find the focussing too unbearable on the XPro, but then again I’m not trying to replace a DSLR with it…it replaced a M8.

  31. This one looks very promising, and should be a great addition to my black X100. I guess I’ll go for the silver this time 🙂 So glad I resisted the OM-D.

    • Me too. I’m looking for small, compact-size body with interchangeable lens. I have Pentax K-5 with FA Limiteds (31,43,77) and X100. Last days, I think about OM-D. It’s nice, with great zuiko 12,45,75 and PanaLeica 25/1.4 But today, when X-E1 arrived I think, that it is a better choice for me. Why not X-Pro1? You know: slow AF, no focus peaking in manual focus (especially with M adapter).
      So, if Pentax don’t show any similar solution (why not super EVIL in K1000 or M-EF body?), I switch to E-X1.

  32. It has a hot shoe? Well on goes the OVF from my GRD3 – problem solved! 21/28mm and OVF! 🙂

    This could be my second ever digital camera purchase… just don’t let the film cabinet hear me say that….

  33. and another thing… i read in BH that it’s RAW format is NEF… enlighten me guys… if so, dies it mean that they have also got nikon’s raw like they got sony’s evf?

  34. this is a no brainer… $700 off for OVF is worth… it is an X-pro 1.. images produced will look like an x-pro 1 but it is faster in AF dept… smaller, lighter and has a buil-in flash for those times that you really really need it… my pre-order is certain…

  35. I personally am very excited by this camera, but will wait to see how it performs. From all indications, this camera’s primary benefits are size reduction and a much improved OLED EVF provided by Sony. The elimination of the OVF option and decrease in size and resolution of the rear LCD has provided miniaturization on a level close to the X100, which in and of itself will appeal to many. Further, it’s priced LOWER than the X100, and yet offers the versatility of the X-mount. Fuji describes it as a lower cost entry point and an option for those looking for a second camera to back up their xpro-1. Like Steve, I am excited by the faster AF, but according to Fuji, the firmware will make the XPro-1 comparably fast, if not just as fast, and the use of the reportedly very nice 18-55 lens with its own internal motor will speed focus up to compete with the likes of the OM-D. That’s exciting. As an owner of an XPro-1, I’ll be harder pressed to snag this, unless it is truly more portable and compact in a meaningful way and if the EVF is a revelation for MF implementation, but I am excited about the camera nonetheless

    Big pros:
    1. Size and portability improvements
    2. Same X-trans sensor
    3. OLED EVF (Sony manufactured!) is 2.3 MP! Sweet! Hopefully recycling/refresh rates will compare to the NEX-7.

    Disappointments for me:
    1. No focus peaking option (apparently, Fuji will implement some contrast enhancement algorithm for adapting focus)
    2. No hybid finder (but Fuji had to get rid of something)
    3. Not full frame (LOL)

    IF the manual focus implementation is improved in this camera over the XPro-1 in a meaningful way, that will give me big pause to consider it…

    Kudos to Fuji!

    • just a small correction, it’s 2.3 dot EVF. Also the FW update includes changes to MF, one doesn’t need so many turns to achieve focus. Also what’s great addition is Auto ISO goes to 6400.

    • Pricing this lower than an X100 sans glass means it’s not priced lower than an X100. Fuji will probably charge, what, $500-$700, for that 18-55mm zoom, making the $1k camera now $1600, $600 more than an X100.

      However, if Fuji prices this the same as the OM-D with the kit zoom 12-50mm, I’d imagine it will shake up sales quite a bit.

        • $1399 is $300 off the price of the camera and lens purchased separately. Not really interested in the zoom, so I’m hoping they eventually have a similar deal with the 35mm prime.

  36. The xpro1 will have the same focusing times as the ex-1 when the new software update comes out on the 18th September. That was announced at the same time.

    • Hi Douglas where did you read that? I read the firmware update would come out in september 5th…nothing came.
      They should just really fix the AF for X Pro and their Lightroom support anyway.

      • Check DP Review and various other sources. The FujiGuys youtube stream also makes mention of this….XPro-1 owners get this perk on Sept 18th…hopefully the 35 mm f/1.4 and 60 f/2.4 are improved in AF speed and MF implementation.

      • Fuji said that. Also, claimed 0.1s focus lock has been achieved with the new 18-55 lens which has new linear AF motor. Not sure what speeds will be with the other lenses.

    • DP reviews tester said that even with the firmware update, there other differences (new autofocus algorithm and different sensor drive mode) to the XE-1 that would further increase its AF performance compared to the XPro-1.

  37. all I can say to this is the fuji guys take the customer for stupid. The OVF is useless anyway, as it’s useless for precise focusing. And if they have a better AF now, just a few months after release of the x pro 1, it means they knew already their AF is crap.
    The fact makes it even impossible to sell the x pro used and buy the new E1 as nobody would buy the x pro anymore at all, not even at very cheap price.
    I was trusting Fuji and wanted to support the smaller company and all we get is ripped off for jumping on their products.
    The X Pro is a great in terms of image quality and weight. AF is near useless, MF completly useless. Not talking about crappy silkypix, including it’s bad colors. And in LR the pictures just dont show the details they actually captured(in addition to the red cast). No support at Aperture at all.
    Fuji is sleeping in the relationsships with the Software companies.
    This company is a joke.

    • I agree – how dare Fuji respond so quickly to the market reaction to their X Pro! Early adopters had no way to judge what they were buying – detailed reviews might have mentioned the caveats of the pro … But who reads those anyway? Let’s boycott purchases of the X-e1 for the entire year it should have taken them to release an improved product offering!!!

    • Not sure if you currently own an XP1 but the improvement in autofocus will probably be available via firmware on Sept 18th. I find the focus to be about normal but could always use improving.

      I have not run into any issues using LR to covert RAWS, especially with detail as this camera can really split hairs. Can you describe where you found a red cast? I understand the frustration with RAW support but if you really want to get the best out of this camera (and most likely the XE-1) I definitely suggest shooting RAW.

      • shoot a raw+jpg, get them in LR and make a conversion to tiff in Silkypix and also import it in LR. Look the differences and you will know what split hair means 🙂

        • Not sure what you mean. I just use LR4 for my conversions. I’ve done comparisons on my own images and the adjusted RAW images look a little cleaner. Not much but still no reason to not work in RAW and take advantage being able to move up and down a couple stops.

    • >nobody would buy the x pro anymore at all, not even at very cheap price.

      You grossly underestimate the resale value of things like these, the X100 nearly 2 years later still sells for over $800 used on eBay.

      • Wrong. The X100 and X-Pro1 are vastly different. I had no problem selling my X100, because people willing to shell $800 didn’t want to shell $1600 for a X-Pro1. That’s segmentation done “right” (the fact that there isn’t a fast 35mm equiv. X-mount lens for the X-Pro1 is no coincidence either, as it would overlap the X100).

        I fully agree with Toni. What Fuji is pretty much saying to early X-Pro1 adopters is that their camera has no resale value anymore. Five months after the X-Pro1 there is NO reason why somebody would want to buy one as opposed to its smaller, lighter, and cheaper new sibling. The OVF is the only difference, and that isn’t much considering the much better EVF in the X-E1. That’s great for new customers, but that’s bad segmentation. I don’t particularly care for the OVF on the X-Pro1 myself, would be interested in a better EVF, except that I can’t resell the X-Pro1 now.

        • I can understand if the xp2 was coming out or a higher end X but the reasons you stated are detractors to me. I don’t want a smaller lighter camera. The XP1 feels like solid professional camera in hand, a camera you can do both photo shoots as well a docu with especially with the grip attached. Some people might not care about that but there are plenty like me that aren’t trying to downsize. Not to mention the OVF which I much prefer with Fuji lenses. Sounds like you want the XE1 and I don’t think you will have any problem selling your XP1 for 1100-1200 to people like me if it’s in mint condition.

          • John, as it turns out, I don’t want a smaller camera either 🙂 I’ve big hands and I’m more comfortable with the X-Pro1 than I was with the X100. Cameras like the OM-D are just too small for me. So point taken, but my gut feeling is that we are not “plenty”, considering the trend of making smaller and smaller cameras. I like the OVF a lot… at the beginning, but I do shoot in low light a lot, I need the “gain” provided by the EVF. And since focusing is already not that great, adding parallax problems by using the OVF is something I ended up trying to avoid. We shall see with the 2.0 firmware.

          • I couldnt help noticing your comment about big hands as I too have them ((XL glove size) and find it difficult to work with a very small camera; but I want one that is kinda coat pocketable and that I’ll never leave at home. (Something to compliment my dslr). My choices so far are this new fuji, the x100, the om-d, or the new Nex 6 or the 7. Advice appreciated

          • Sebastien – Yeah all these new tiny cameras don’t work for me as well. It would be a different story if they actually fit in your pocket easily, then I would see that as a different class I could use ( I tried jamming the Nex7 in my jacket pocket with a VC Skopar attached but it wasn’t that comfortable). As of now I’ll just use my X1 for those purposes. I get where your coming from though, when I kept reading the X Pro 2 was coming out next month I growled a little bit.

            Also your right about the inaccurate frames lines of the OVF on the XP1. I don’t shoot much low light but I definitely need to account for the extra 15% outside the frame that will be in the picture. Hoping that and the focus issues that hinder you are fixed with the next FW.

            Frank – I would get the X1-X2 or the X100 (possibly X200) for that purpose. As I stated above I tried jamming the Nex7 in my pocket and it didn’t work. Not to mention that camera has way to many things going on for such a small body for people with hands like ours. I’ve read the Sony RX100 is an amazing camera and that will definitely fit in your pocket but I would go with the Fuji or the Leica.

          • True the RX100 is indeed amazing but the sensor is obviously very small & even with it’s 20mp it can’t match an APS sensor IQ. The upcoming Nex 6 may be worth a look as it has a ‘pancake’ zoom – not sure of it’s speed (f-stop) or the quality though? I tried the 5N and the kit lens wasn’t that great and there were too many settings to find in the menus that I missed some opportunities. Besides I was holding onto the lens instead of the camera with my big hands. It could squeeze into a large coat pocket. I will take another look at the Fujix100 (wish it had a tilt screen for waist level viewing !)

          • Totally, APS all the way. I bought the X1 before the X100 was released but if I had to do it over again I would probably go with the X100 because it shoots like an analogue camera. In addition to size I did not like the output of the Nex7…probably my least favorite digital camera in that regard, but that is a matter of personal preference.

    • Toni, well I’m willing to buy the x-pro1 at a very cheap price! Just waiting for all those x-pro1 owners to release it on ebay in order to get their hands on xe1. I like the size of the x-pro1, just perfect in my hands. Tried the OMD, felt like a very small brick in my hands, plus I prefer the picture quality of the x-trans sensor. What was lacking was the lens but that should be resolved soon.

      • Completely agree the size is the biggest plus for the x pro. It’s already on the lowest limit for professional shootings. If the AF is just a firmware fix, then im fine.

  38. Even though on paper it looks and sounds like a deal, somehow I miss that OVF, think it lost a bit of its mojo due to this but it’s just my 5c

    • I agree….somehow without the viewfinder window the “rangefinder look” is not there any more….like one of those weird deepsea fish with no eyes.
      Even a dumb “hole” for a viewfinder would have given it that mojo.

      But I am still considering getting one of these and sticking to one M mount lens on i….maybe I will stick a fake viewfinder in place of the ugly XE1 logo!.

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