1st Nikon 18.5 f/1.8 snapshots by Jonas Hallstrom

Hello Steve

Thought I would give you a few pictures with the new Nikon 1 Nikkor 18.5 mm f/1.8 lens. Got a hold of it yesterday. It was released in Sweden / Europe on 1 November and to this day I can not find it on some Swedish sites. There are a few German sites that have them. I ordered direct from Nikon Store. Above all, the black lens is hard to come by right now.

It is really fun to shoot with compared to the standard lens 10-30 mm f/3.5.

The two images of the toy car is taken with Cool White fluorescent white balance. The other two in Auto mode.

Thanks for a great site.

Jonas Hallström

Helsingborg, Sweden


My flickr:




  1. Hi Michiel

    Thanks. I’m sorry for the 1 ev confusion. My fault. I used the setting of previous exposures. The stupid thing is that the camera (V1) does not reset to zero even if the camera is turned off. No other reason. I think there was some pictures with zero ev. They are not marked 😉

    The best,


  2. Thanks Jonas. I just looked at your Flickr images, and the general image quality is very good. As is to be expected, any real control over dof vanishes once distance increases. A question: 1 EV probably means one stop over exposure. I was wondering how you arrived at that (the shots in question all have an expanse of sky in it). Does the exposure meter make that necessary?



  3. Hi

    I uploaded fourteen new images from which to look at how the lens is.
    Everything on Flickr, link above.

    Please, tell me how you perceive the images.



    • Hi Craig

      The lens is metal. I can´t say what kind. Perhaps of aluminum. It feels solid and very light. The weight is 70 grams (≈0.15 lb). The minimum focusing distance is reported to be 20 cm (≈7.9 in) and it seems correct. The camera (V1) do not want to focus closer.



  4. Wonder if it would with careful use be an (almost macro) lense, in the sense of getting close to flowers with a nice smooth background. 10 MP would limit cropping so you’d have to get your framing right but it might be interesting. I shoot professionally flowers, gardens etc and have on one or two occasions as a ‘test used the 10mm to focus on a large flower head and up to ISO 400 it looked ok.

    One to watch. As I personally think that at base ISO (and especially with 14mp) the V1/V2 might be a bit of a closet close up machine. I do think it struggles to resolve fine detail in wides though.


    • All cameras with smaller than apsc sensors have trouble with resolution even at base iso’s. All you have to do is blow out the shadows and you can see how worse off even m43 is, let alone the cx. When you over expose the shadows and then enlarge a bit in PP, you can see how any sensor performs, the lbetter sensors hold the “grain or pixel clusters” better. In lesser sensors, you can see it degrade and come apart, with alot of ugly blotchiness. The pixels look bad too as you can see how they are formed. It’s one thing to compare at good exposure, but another when you over expose the shadows in PP. Lesser sensors even at iso 100 have this coarse look about it, like dense coarse sand that will disperse unevenly and unattractively. The apsc sensors have much more smoother, cleaner and less coarse look about that at base iso’s and higher. It’s for this reason I stopped buying anymore m43 cameras and went back to apsc mirrorless cameras.

  5. Looks like you can get shallow DOF with the Nikon 1 system if you have this lens, shoot super close, shoot small objects macro-like, and don’t mind the associated distortion!

    • @Jonny, just what I was thinking. I’d be interested in the DOF created by the short focal length on such a tiny sensor. I bet this would be a good night/dusk lens though.

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