A great project to support: Craig Semetko – America: E Pluribus Unum

So I watched this video a few days ago and being a fan of Craig and what he is about it struck a chord. Made me realize I wish I was able to go do what he is doing with this project and also made me realize how important it is in the grand scheme of things. I will not sit here and ramble on but watch the video above and if strikes a chord in you then you can head over to his Kickstarter and chip in. He is not too far away from his goal, I think he will make it.


  1. Thanks so much, Andrew. Yes, I am very fortunate and grateful to be doing this project at this time. I hope to have another book out of it as well. I will let everyone know as soon as I nail it down. Take care, Craig

  2. Good on you Craig. Looks like an exciting project and a labour of love. We only live once so when you can do something we love and bring those images together to showcase history and culture it as unique opportunity. I live in Australia but will be keeping an eye out for the finished product! Are you going to publish these in a book? I assume so.

  3. Steve! Thanks so much for the shout out! What a great thing to wake up to:) Thank you and Doug, Ashwin, Tyson, Brian and James for such wonderful comments. It’s thoughts like yours that I keep in mind during the more challenging times of this project. I appreciate your kind words! Thanks again, Craig

  4. I suspect Craig has his heart and talent in the right place.

    And wasn’t it pleasant to not hear any “my heroic sacrifice for my work for mankind” stuff, we recenty endured from a well paid snapper. I wonder if that Nat. Geo chap has any tears left for Craig..

    Go Craig.

    • Yes, I didn’t get involved in the Sony camera video discussion. However, this project and “pitch” motivates me, the Sony one not so much.

      I saw this on Adam Marelli’s site and have become a patron. Good luck Craig.

  5. There’s something eternal about projects like these. A slice in time through Art. Simple put it’s just brilliant like those that have come before and restores my own drive for me personally.

  6. Steve,

    Thanks for posting this. Pledged early in the campaign and was excited to see you post this today as Craig’s work is fantastic and kickstarter projects like this are a great example of crowd funding. Wanted to share with you that it looks like Craig hit his goal today which means it will get funded! I’d like to think your post today played a large role in pushing it over the top. Kudos to you for the great work, great site, and your ability to lend influence to areas that deserve it. Regards

    • I was happy to post this and am thrilled he reached his goal today a few hours after this post. Looks like he gained several thousand dollars from the time it was posted so this is GREAT news. 🙂

  7. Great work so far! Why don’t you approach a car company to sponsor you with a car. How about a Chevy Volt electric car. Save you lots in gas and be a good advert for them. Best of luck. Look forward to the finished project. Doug.

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