Daily Inspiration #386 by Moses Olmos

Hi Steve,

Really enjoy your site and your dedication to the Art and craft of the medium. I have been a documentary photographer for a few decades, starting out in the Speed Graphic days and just about every camera made since then. Today’s tools are beyond fantastic allowing us incredible freedom to create.

These photos are with my Nikon D3s shot in Estancia, New Mexico of a Traveling Circus. They are from an ongoing project “an emerging America” I’ve been on the last few years.


Keep up the good work!

Moses Olmos

Estancia Circus

Estancia Circus

Estancia Circus


  1. ” Emerging America” sets a standard of soaring excellence. Mastery of composition, tonal range, rapport with the subject and fantastic lighting puts the series in an altogether different league.

    Who will forget the two dogs in the study or the Texan ballerina..

    • Thank you and all for your comments and visiting my blog and an applause to Steve for making
      this place available for all us to share our passion..
      p.s.the two dogs are Winston and Chester, my ever loyal companions.

  2. Moses, your blog photos are inspiring! The portraits are awesome. I especially like the traveling circus but all of your images are great. Thanks!

  3. I looked at the entire “Emerging America” series on your Blog, Moses: it’s one of the absolute best series of portraits I have ever seen. Congratulations; your work is superb.

  4. Good job Steve on your site.

    I usually read some of the comments but never wrote any comments before. But this time I cannot just pass through without saying to you Moses that I have viewed your portfolio and it is obvious that you like photography and the variety of subjects and the care you put in each photo says it all. I have enjoyed each and every photos on your site. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Really great shots in the documentary tradition. Reminds me of a book I bought some thirty years ago, “Circus days” I think, would have to run upstairs to check. Maybe you know it.

    I mention that because I find the b&w quality of these images impressive; no flatness at all but great contrast and gradation. You obviously know your light.

    Care to describe the b&w conversion?

        • Michiel,

          when in BW in Lr or PS play with your split toning sliders, keep them equal about 19 to 29 but watch your saturation as you don’t want introduce unwanted color

          • I don’t have S Efex, just LR4. My “routine”, playing with D700 raw files, is convert to b&w, click auto tint to see where it gets me, play a little with contrast (usually MORE), shadows and highlights (I usually need deeper blacks; blacks and/or shadows at -35 or so), leave sharpening at the preset and noise reduction at zero. I’m usually not completely satisfied.

            Was I right in guessing that Jill Friedman’s Circus Days provided a bit of inspiration?

  6. Great set of documentary portraits with ood interaction with your subjects. . Be interesting to see the completed project.

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