The new Leica M 240 Pre-Order links

The new Leica M 240 Pre-Order links


Had about 16 e-mails today asking me where I recommend to go to for a new M. As previously posted, the top Leica dealers have been taking pre-orders for the M for a while. Below is a list of where you can pre-order the new Leica M 240, well, the dealers and stores that I highly recommend for stress free and hassle free shopping:

Ken Hansen – email him at

PopFlash –

The Pro Shop for Photographers – Call them at 561-253-2606

Dale Photo 

Amazon has them up for pre-order now as well, just opened up – Black or Silver.

B&H Photo has them as well for pre-order and they show a ship date as Feb 28th – Black or Silver



  1. I’m very disappointed by the recent published files made by Jonoslack for Leica. I will recall my order and will definitely have a look at other cameras now. Hopefully there will be coming out a M 2nd version that might give better results….

    • I have done the same. My pre order was placed months ago at a local dealer in NYC and he even stated I was one of over a dozen cancellations he received for the new M in the last two weeks. I can’t bring myself to neither part with my M9 nor spend thousands on a camera whose images are no longer distinct but in fact seem as though I could pull them for a Canon, Nikon or even Olympus M43 system at this point. The CCD sensor is just superior in quality and although it doesn’t allow for love view or video I didn’t buy my Leica for those purposes…I have other systems for that.

      • In addition to MY pre-order cancelled through B&H, two other people here in South Florida also cancelled their pre-orders. One of their justifications, as owners of M-9s, is that for $7000 you could buy three (3)!! Nikon D600s with equivalent FF CMOS sensors at 24.3MP, which really aren’t that much larger than the bulky M, with money left over for your choice of Nikkor lens, with SUPERIOR image quality than what the new Leica M has been showing off lately. Just food for thought.

    • Same here, I canceled my order as soon as these samples came up. I plan on keeping my Olympus EM-5 because frankly I don’t see much difference between the images.

      • Couldn’t agree more. My EM-5 images are truly comparable. I’m disappointed in the sample images and the detraction from the allure of the CCD image quality.

  2. I ordered mine on Amazon yesterday. I’m pretty sure it had just gone up, I found it by mistake honestly. I’ve been asking around and from what I can tell no one has ordered the M from Amazon before yesterday (Feb 4th).

  3. Perhaps this question is ill posed in this post… but…

    I have been wondering what impact the live-view feature of the new M will have on M-mount lens designs? Is it purely a nod to Leica R (and video) users? Or is this also providing Leica an opportunity to design some specialty non-rangefinder coupled M lenses? Things that the rangefinder has struggled with such as macro and telephotography?

    Though fun to think about, I suspect M lenses will remain much the same. I am sure Leica would be extremely cautious about the possibility of diluting the system … Any thoughts?

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