The Leica 50 APO Summicron ASPH – couple more test shots…

The Leica 50 APO Summicron ASPH – couple more test shots…

A few weeks ago I had a Leica 50 APO Summicron ASPH lens sent to me for review by the folks at I-SHOT-IT.COM but during the review period the focus barrel became loose and I wanted to send it back immediately before it became even more loose. During the few days that I had it I was able to snap a few shots on the M 240, a few that I never posted. The question? Is this lens worthy of the $7k pricetag? Well, you can answer that by answering this question: Do you want a perfectly sharp lens across the frame with superb color, contrast and pop along with the smoothest bokeh you may ever see? If so,  then it could be worth it to you. It is small in size and feels great on the camera and it is more versatile than the $11k Noctilux. It is said that this may be the toughest lens Leica has ever had to produce..ever, which is why it has been so slow to be delivered.

The 50 APO is gorgeous. I think it could be a perfect “one lens one camera” kind of lens, and at the cost, it should be 🙂 I am not sure when I will be able to get a hold of another to do a proper review, if ever, so I decided to put up the rest of the shots I had. Check out the 1st one which is a full size image from camera (RAW) at ISO 1600 on the M and at f/2.

You must click the images to see either full size or larger with crop!

ISO 1600, 50 APO at f/2, Leica M


ISO 1600 with 100% crop indoors – f/2


Full size tree shot for detail


50 APO  – ISO 1600, Leica M, f/2, no PP


Leica M, ISO 2500, 50 APO at f/2



  1. why are you testing this lens with high iso? I guess it would have been more interesting if you brought it out in the sun or overcast sky…

    • This was not a test, it was quick 2nd look as I had it for a couple of days before the focus barrel came loose and had to be sent back. I assume you saw my 1st look? Guess not…

  2. Great shots. A comparison with the RX1 would be interesting as the Zeiss` oof rendering is one of the best I have seen.

  3. This week I’ve set myself a simple task. Forget the hefty Leica price tag I’m out to take a top quality image with a camera costing under £10. To date I’ve bought a Fed 3 fitted with 52mm f2.8 Industar lens for £9.98.(with case). I’m already impressed by the near perfect circular diaphram, the inbuilt eyesight correction, and a clear rangefinder. OK the viewfinder is less than perfect but I think it’s up to some street photography!

  4. That’s exactly the one big reason — perfect “one lens one camera” kind of lens, as you say Steve. A lens with practically zero tolerances.

    I there’d only by a 35mm APO…

  5. Hi Steve,

    IMHO, there are quite a few f2 50mm lenses which are tack sharp across the frame, with superb color and bokeh which do not cost $7000.00. The zeiss Planar is one which you yourself have reviewed. In truth, if one likes to shoot at the widest aperture a lens is capable of, then corner sharpness is not an issue as the corners will be soft no matter what the edge quality is. My point is not to knock your loving Leica lenses. They probably ARE the only lenses which are as sharp in the corners as the center wide open. But as was shown so clearly in the Prosophus post, the corners were all soft because of the aperture used. Many lenses are as capable as leica lenses to create a lovely artistic image. Will they shoot sharp newsprint at 1.4 from edge to edge? No they wont. THAT is what $7000.00 buys.

  6. Steve – thank you for your ongoing reviews of this lens… To my surprise, I found one today at a camera store in Orlando and bought it… Just curious if you’ve heard of any others having issues with the focus barrel? A bit dismaying given the price – and I realize Leica would rectify any problems – but would hate to have to go through the trouble of returning… Thanks…

  7. Do you know what kind of results are achievable on the M9/ME platform? Or is the M needed to take advantage of the 50mm 2.0 APO?

    An interesting comparison would have been M9 + 50 2.0 APO vs M + 50 Lux (or old Summicron)

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