And the winner of $25,000 and a Leica Monochrom is…


And the winner of $25,000 and a Leica Monochrom is…

Many of you have been waiting for it but today announced the winner in the premium B&W photo contest I wrote about a few weeks ago and wow, what a shot. You can see the winner and the others who received a “Mark of Excellence” by going to their page HERE.  Many of you entered and I am not sure if the winner came from this site but man what a prize!! $25,000 US dollars and an $8000 Leica Monochrom is HUGE!!!!

They already started the next premium B&W contest as well as a few others with other great prizes. The full list of current contests and prizes is HERE. 

UPDATE: The winner did find out about the contest from my site!!! How cool is that! CONGRATS!!!



  1. Congrats indeed, great stuff up there. I read about the competition on this forum too, in fact, and eventually signed-up. My shot of the Chinese man received a mark as well, can’t believe it made the selection to be honest.

    • So thanks to Steve Huff Velu won the big one and 3 of us got marks.
      We are all very grateful to you Steve for turning us onto the I Shot It Competition. Have all of you guys entered the next B+W competition that’s started?

        • As I mentioned in my thank you to the judges the sheer volume and high level of the images that were submitted was so impressive that I think that we are in a golden age of photography where the quality of digital cameras, social media, camera phones, and the success of blogs like yours have created a perfect storm of inspiration for people to go out and contribute to the amazing photographic culture of today and the enthusiasm for the medium that you communicate on a daily basis in your blog has to be recognized as playing an important role so major props Steve! Keep up the Great work!

          My submission below:


  2. For someone to win a B&W photo competition with thousands of entries, for me, it would require a photo that would just knock me backwards. That photo was by Simon Anders. If art is ultimately about sex, death, and love, then this is it:

    • I agree that is a fantastic photo as just could have easily won. These competitions are tough because it’s all in the eye of the beholder. You or I could have radically different views on what is good then the judges have. I can only hope they have a deep knowledge of fine art photography to help draw their opinions from.

      There are a couple things they should keep mind of in the future: 1) More judges. Two judges ( in some cases one) is not enough to filter out personal preference and I think it leads to my second issue… 2) There seems to be a heavy preference for documentary shots instead of purely creative photographs. They also seem to love “light rays and beautiful poverty” as the winner of both this contest and the other premium contest that ended a couple weeks ago had these mediums in their photographs. Nothing against these photos because of it, both of which were beautiful and deserved to win as much as anyone.

      I will probably refrain from entering their premium contests in the future, however tempting the prize until I see more diversity in their selections as it does cost quite a bit to enter them.

    • It is a stunning shot – I had pegged that photo as the likely winner. I like the judge’s comment that it reminds them of a Finnish movie (by which I’m sure they specifically mean an Aki Kaurismäki film). Partly because I’m a Finn myself, but also because it’s so true.

    • Thanks David for the kind comments, and Kai for the faith 🙂

      Congrats to Velu and please enjoy the Leica – it’s the reason i entered (wife would NEVER let me actually purchase one of those). If i’d won the cash my brother would have probably expected half of the prize, let alone of the dilemma of buying new lenses (only have voigtlander 12 & 21mm)

      I entered when the prize was $8000 and looked at all the other entries before deciding to have a go. I almost didn’t because of the quality of most of the other entries. The shot with the shadow of the airplane ( made me wonder if i was even going to be in the running – nice shot.

      Well done to all who entered and Thanks to Steve for promoting it and for the site in general – i’ve become a daily reader – I hope to be a daily inspiration one day when i can get my act together.

      If your wondering what the rest of their day was like the “sneek peek” facebook album of the wedding is here:

  3. That photo is simply STUNNING Velu…It is the sort of thing most photographers spend their whole lives trying to take! I wondered how the judges would pick the winner…yours stands alone.

    That being said, there are some amazing photographs there, and yours is no exception Kai.

    Congrats to you both!

    All the best,

  4. Congrats to Velu on a well deserved win! That contest got out of control (in a good way). So many great photos, I remember seeing that picture of the circus trainer and elephants while browsing the site and thought I might as well save my money (I didn’t) because that is such a timeless image. The judges had a really hard job and I think they deserve a round of applause for taking their time to thoroughly go through all the entries to pick their best of the best.

  5. @Steve The winner did read about the contest over here … I’m the lucky one …
    I am still overwhelmed and kinda speechless. So many great shots in there ( like Kai’s for example).
    Thank you for the heads-up Steve !!
    ( by the way, picture is taken by a X-100)

    • Congratulations, Velu! It’s a superb photograph – prize well deserved.
      (My favourite camera, too).

    • Congrats Velu! I love the fact that it was shot with an X100 too! David topples Goliath! Well done.

    • Congratulations, what a great shot!

      I must admit being very ambivalent about I-Shot-It: on one hand I have a principle problem with competitions requiring payments to participate, especially when a significant part goes to the organizer; on the other hand, I would certainly not mind winning 25k$ and a Leica M Monochrom!

    • Yes Nice one Velu! Was happy that you won too. With quality like that out of the little Fuji you hardly need the Monochrom;)!

  6. Some really great shots. Not so sure about the winner. Pity those who achieved a Mark of excellence didn’t get a prize.

    • I agree. The winner is excellent but I’m not sure it above some others that were awarded excellence. Close call. My favorite was by Simon Anders. A wedding and death in the same photo… I’m speechless.

  7. Congrats to the winner – it’s a truly stunning shot. Thanks again for the earlier heads-up about this competition, Steve. As I said before, I’ve never entered one, but the stakes were too good to pass by. I expected nothing, but came away from it with a Mark of Excellence, which I’m really quite chuffed about!

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