SITE NOTICE: The Buy/Sell Classifieds are no more…

SITE NOTICE: The Buy/Sell Classifieds are no more..

Just a notice that I have removed the classifieds from the site, maybe for good and maybe temporarily. It seems they have been the cause of the site crashing and running slowly in recent weeks and the plug in I use for them needs to be updated as it is not very well written. Until it is, I can not run it without constant issues. So for now, they are down but they will be back as soon as I can get it worked out one way or another.

Thank you!



With that said, I have a couple of lenses for sale as I have a couple more classic 50’s coning in soon and I have too many 🙂

Canon 50 1.8 LTM – GREAT shape, glass is EX, focus is spot on and if I had to compare it to another 50 the closest it gets is the 50 Cron. Small, tiny, well made, black and silver – $300 + $10 ship.

Leica 50 Summitar 1.5 – VG conditon. Lens looks great, glass is not bad at all and the lens is VERY sharp by f/2 and dreamy at 1.5. Focus is now smooth as silk and the aperture dial is a little stiff. Old lens, but optics are great and give a super classic look. This one is also small but about the size of a modern 50 cron. $500 gets it. $10 ship.

Voigtlander 15 4.5 Heliar II, new in box and unused. This is the one that is RF coupled and normally $599 as you can see here. Buy mine for $450. This is new in box. Perfect. $10 ship. This lens is stunning on the Monochrom but on the 240 does give the color issues on the sides. So no go for color full frame M9 or M 240 but superb for the MM.


I can accept credit cards through Google Wallet. I can email  you an invoice and you pay with your CC and I ship the lens. Easy. No PayPal (I do not use PayPal). Thanks! USPS Priority Shipping with Tracking. You must EMAIL ME if interested.



  1. Hi Steve, I have a few WordPress sites that I do work for, at present the best plugin for a shopping cart is Woo commerce, its a very powerful and easy to use shopping cart and wont upset your wordpress site. Worth looking into if you wish to reinstate the buy/sell section.

  2. I’m with Mark here. This forum has been a great place for me to buy and sell gear. Unlike the one time I used ebay and didn’t realize that the associated fees amounted to 14% of the selling price!!!
    Which is why I only used it once..

    This site has many great resources Steve, including the Buy/Sell forum. Looking forward to its return.

  3. This is a real tragedy. Your forum was an excellent place to buy and sell fantastic gear–I sincerely hope you get it back up and running!

    All the best (and thanks for the great lens!!)


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