SOLD – Canon 0.95 Dream Lens for sale


Canon 0.95 Dream Lens for sale, two of them 🙂

UPDATE – My lens has been sold just awaiting confirmation of wire transfer.

Since writing my Canon 50 0.95 “Dream Lens” review I had a slew of e-mails asking me if I was selling it. Well, I did in fact purchase it and I am also selling this rare, unique and beautiful lens for anyone who is interested. First off, if you did not see my review of the lens, click here to see it. I also posted a video that shows this exact lens so you can see the quality of this 50 year old optic. It is free from fungus and haze and is the nicest one I have come across in M mount. This lens has been modified for M mount and is even 6-Bit coded, which was all done by DAG.

The images show what this lens can do, and what it does no other lens can do, not even a Leica Noctilux f/1 or 0.95. This is not a high contrast lens at 0.95, in fact, the files could use contrast enhance in the RAW processing if you want more bite. Color is fantastic with my M 240 as is B&W. The lens is massive but again, this is an f/0.95 lens. A few samples below:





This is a gorgeous lens and does not come up often in the M mount and 6-Bit coded often, especially one that has spot on focus as this one does (on my M 240 and MM, which are both spot on with their RF). They sometimes pop up on e-bay and I saw one there recently for $3800. It all depends on condition. This one is clean and the aperture and focus is smooth, and as I said, spot on. There is no fungus or any kind of damage. It may not be perfect as no 50 year old lens is but this is the best I have seen and it is tough to get a good focusing copy.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail HERE. I am only selling due to finances and other items coming in that I had to buy to review as well as the fact that I would only use this lens a few times per year due to the uniqueness of it. I have two other 50’s coming in the next few days. I know many have emailed me offers for this one, but I deleted those as I was not expecting to sell the lens. This is a chance for someone to get a unique lens. I can accept Check, Money order, Wire or Credit Card through Google wallet with a 2.5% fee. Shipping would be Express next day for $75 (yes, it costs this much to ship Fed Ex next day). E-Mail me for pricing HERE. I expect it to go quickly so 1st come  – 1st to pay – 1st serve.


A reader also has one of these for sale!

A reader who I have bought old lenses from in the past also has one of these for sale at $2500 in M mount but the lens has a crack in it (corner) that he says does not affect IQ. I have not seen images from his copy so not sure about focusing accuracy, etc. If you want you can e-mail him HERE and I am sure he can tell you details and send you images of his lens.