Look what just arrived. The Leica X Vario! Very 1st thoughts

Look what just arrived..Review Soon of the Leica X Vario


OK. This is not even a 1st look or review but rather here are my “1st thoughts” as I held it for the 1st time. A full review will be coming in the next 10 days as I will be shooting this for the Palouse road trip starting this weekend. So here are my VERY 1st thoughts, which can change with use…

1. Camera is heavy. Much heavier than expected but the weight is in the lens. Feels very hefty and solid. Buttons and dials on top are just like the X2. LCD and menu just like the M 240.

2. 1st test snaps around the house made me come to these two conclusions:

  • The Leica X Vario has the best OOC JPEGS I have seen from any camera
  • The Leica X Vario has amazing color right out of the camera

Q: So why could Leica not do this with the M 240, I mean, amazing out of camera JPEGs and color?

3. Took some higher ISO shots inside the house at 1600-3200. They look much better than what came from the X2 so high ISO is better.

4. AF is faster than the X2 and Fuji X-E1.

5. Menus are gorgeous, just like on the M240.


6. EVF works well, and IMO should have been included in the box at this price.

7. Lens is sharp corner to corner, even wide open. This IS a real Leica lens.

8. Manual focus is implemented well but still not anything like an M

9. IQ is very “X1” like

10. Battery should have been larger like the 240 battery

11. Comes with a nice leather strap like the X1 and X2, packaging same as the X1 and X2.

12.  So it has a slow aperture zoom, no real Image Stabilization and is $2850. I will wait to see how it does in the Palouse before I write any more 🙂


Question for YOU: Would you guys want to see a one image crazy comparison later today from the X Vario, Ricoh GR and Samsung NX300, all at 28mm and f/3.5? 


  1. Leica makes great lens, no question ask , but electronic age , I think they are failing and soon surpass or already has by many other manufacturer , why? cus Leica is not rich enough to built plants like Sony, or hire IT researchers like that either. Electronics has much higher operation cost than regular lens plant.

    • It’s true that Leica does not make its own electronics, but somethings are simply a matter of choice, such as which codec circuitry to install. What they need to do for many of those matters is not R&D but simply to gather feedback from knowledgeable users.

  2. I agree about the image quality. What I saw is all i could wish for from a carry around still camera.

    I’m disappointed by the mp4 video. This is pedestrian and is becoming antiquated. Its 4:2:0 color sampling is noticeably inferior to many prosumer and DSLR cameras coming along with 4:2:2 color.
    There are some high data rate motion jpeg codecs (70-100Mbps), and another really excellent option is Pro-Res 422 HD, if one is really committed to excellence.

  3. Leica finatics have to defend the excessive cost of Leica equipment and will always state Leica is better despite all the flaws and poor manufacturing. M240 strap lugs falling off of a $7000 camera? Cut me a brake! Fuji manufacturing and IQ beats Leica any day.

  4. The X1 and X2 are both great cameras and the new Vario seems to be yet a step forward.
    The turn off is the price compared to the X100/ X100s which i use. If it was a true ‘M’ for the masses it would be close to being worth its money but it isn’t.

    I don’t find the Fuji sensor dull or flat at all, it’s the classic situation of actually seeing ‘good light’ and using it. Going to take pictures in near darkness to supply examples for appraisal is fine for high iso etc but if a person is chasing a stunning image for print publication that person will use all their skills to nail it, not just high iso and hand held.

    My Leica M2 and M4p with Cron F2 negatives are fabulous shots but the jump in quality with digital and especially the Fuji is like a huge over fed Elephant sat on your knee- very hard to ignore.

    I love Leica and always will, but being a poor individual i embrace the X100 and X100s they can do the business in any light, the colour is wicked, the white balance is impressive and the lens is way sharp enough for me.

    Fuji IMHO have got up a lot of peoples noses due their bar raising quality and price point, i can be honest and tell you this, the X100 hoovers dust onto its sensor and you can’t get rid of it unless you shoot sky shots with the lens closed down no more than f4/f5.6. I can live with this because i didn’t pay 2 or 3 K for the camera.

    In a years time check your Leica X1, X2, at F11 or smaller with a bright sky shot and tell me you see no dust.

    My Leica M2 shutter at 1 second speeds leaves black lower right corner vignette due to shutter needing service- i don’t care. I work with it and around it.

    Please don’t read this and think i’m trying to rubbish Steve’s site, it is in my top 5 favourite Photo sites, including Froknowsphoto,

    Love and Much Respect Steve, for the huge effort you put into your site for the good of all of us.

    Jack Nicholson in ‘The Departed’ ……..”As John Lennon said, Give me a Tuba and i will get you something out of it.”

  5. I’m an X2 owner. Just love the camera. Always bring it on vacation. Before that I had the X1. The output of the X1 was a bit different from the X2. As Steve sometimes pointed out, a bit better. But since I only shoot B&W it doesn’t really matter. What I’d like to know, Steve: Would it make sense buying the Vario for vacation? Is it worth it just for the zoom and Leica IQ? Or would you recommend another, more affordable APS-C camera with fixed zoom lens? Thanks. Looking forward to the full review.

  6. I have been following your site for about a year now, and in most part it’s very entertaining and sometimes even educational and I understand your love for the Leica brand – I started with M6s & M7s over 30 years ago and since then have also had M8.2 & M9 as well as an X1 – I have been to Wetzlar – although the factory was closed at the time – so I guess you could say that I have lived with and used Leica for most of my adult life. What I don’t understand is your dislike of the Fujifilm X system. You say the Leica IQ is better, but I don’t see it. I also follow the site of Jim Radcliffe – boxed light – who uses an X pro 1 amongst other cameras and produces results that I consider far superior to most of the shots I have ever seen from a Leica – especially my own- what I am getting at is that it’s not the camera as much as the person using it, and if your followers don’t agree with me they should check out the “boxed light” site.

    As this is an X Vario column the only thing I can add is that I hope Leica will bring out a new X3 with the
    X Vario body and a fast 50mm (75mm eq) prime lens

    • Radcliffe is a great photographer who basically replicates the same look with any camera. Look at his Leica DL3/4 reviews to see what I’m talking about. He’s also a master at post processing. I don’t think his site is good for evaluating the relative merits of different cameras.

      • If Radcliffe can get the same results from his DL 3/4 as he can get from his M8 or other small / large sensor cameras even with the use of post processing, to me that still says that it’s the photographer and not the camera he/she uses. His site doesn’t review cameras – it’s more about the photographs that can be produced by them.

        • But he can’t. There is no way at all to replicate what an M8 or M9 can do with a DL4, and I have not seen such a thing in his photos. Also, keep in mind that Jim shows small web sized versions of his images. Show a large version and it is a different story as well. Jim is great with PP, and yea, you can spend a couple hours on an image and make it look quite amazing but to get an image that looks like it came from an M8 or M9 with a 50 Lux..not possible.

  7. I am of the opinion that the digital revolution means that any APC cameras or a decent compact can produce stunning images in the right hands.

    At the end of the day it’s all about having an eye for good image, choosing the correct lighting along with some technical know how. Even so auto modes can still deliver the goods. Finally, I thinks it’s fair to say that post processing plays a significant part too.

    I guess it should be a case of “love your art” and don’t too hung up on equipment. I have been guilty in the past of constantly chasing the latest gear at the expense and the enjoyment of producing images, which duly became secondary.

    Having mentioned this , I still find the reviews/posts and comments on this fine site very interesting to follow.


    • TOTALLY different IQ and look. I do not shoot the RX1 at f/6.4 🙂 I shoot it at f/2 and f/2.8. That is where it excels. Low light? Sony wins. Bokeh? Sony wins. Usability? Sony is easier for me to hold but Leica is more simple. Video? Neither.

      If you are going to shoot in daylight and like to shoot static subjects, the Leica is a great package. If you want an all around use camera that can give some 3D pop, separation and a monster in low light, the RX1 wins all day, and is cheaper! Full frame too.

      I will not be buying the Leica Vario as that is not how I shoot. I need available light capabilities. The RX1 and M 240 have it all day and night. The Vario? No.

      It’s a beautiful camera capable of amazing APS-C output but at the apertures you have to use, any camera in APS-C land will be similar with different color signatures.

      All depends on what you like to shoot and if you prefer large DOF or shallow DOF. The Leica IQ is there and reminds me 100% of the X1 more than the X2. (this is a good thing).

      • Yes I agreed , something about the RX1 , just make you love taking it with you all the time .
        I owned Fuji XPRO1/XE1/X100LE/M240/1DX . ( I used to carry my XPRO1 alot with 35mm, but not anymore ) , I still love the Fuji X system , and wouldn’t want to sell it .

  8. IQ from the Ricoh GR beats the Fuji.? wow Steve you are lying read this the fujifilm x100 beats ricoh in low light and we are talking about the x100 not the x100s .that’s the problem 1 week ago you said that the new leica is very expensive and you’re not a fan of leica but you are lying because you are obsessed with leica . (The Leica X Vario has the best OOC JPEGS I have seen from any camera ?) WOW nikon d800 ,canon and fujifilm jpegs are rubbish now . People are not stupid you are promoting Leica despite the real true

    • Yes, IQ from the Ricoh, to me, beats the Fuji X100s. It equals the Leica X Vario. But you are stuck with 28mm. But think twice before coming to my site and making ridiculous accusations. I am honest, always have been and many hate that about me. I do not like for camera companies and never will. I speak the truth after using ALL of these cameras and what I write is my honest opinion. Yes, the Leica X Vario has the best OOC JOEGS I have seen from any mirrorless camera. D800? I could care less about the D800 and BTW, the OOC JPEGS from it are “OK”. I do not use big DSLR’s and have not done so for many many years. The X Vario is an overpriced camera with ridiculously overpriced accessories but that does not mean it is not a good camera, as it is an exellent camera for what it is. If it were $999 everyone would be singing its praises. What the problem is the cost vs what it offers (the lens).

      It may be overpriced but so is the X2 and MM and M240 but the MM and M240 are incredible cameras as well as versatile. The X Vario is an incredible IQ machine but not so versatile. I have no obsession with anything but taking photos and using tools that get the job done. Sony RX1 beats most Leicas that have come out for IQ. The X Vario beats the Fuji X series as well as any other APS-C where it meets the GR on equal ground.

      People get upset when I am honest because if person A has a Fuji and I say camera B is better than the Fuji for IQ, I get attacked. This is because people are so sensitive with what they buy and use. I just tell it like it is, and always tell what I feel. If you do not like it, do not come here 🙂 Simple as that. That goes for anyone who feels like they want to come here an make accusations that have not a shred of truth.

      FACT: The Leica X Vario takes amazing quality photos with superb color, contrast and resolution. PERIOD. This is not even a question. It is the fact that it comes with a slow zoom lens that has limited use and costs $2800. That is the issue.

      I’ve shot it side by side now with the Fuji X-E1, GR, and an Olympus PEN. The only camera that meet it in IQ was the GR, and that is quite remarkable seeing that the GR is pocketable and cost $700.

      • Steve,
        When you get into a fight with a pig, both you and the pig get covered in dirt. The only difference is the pig likes it. Coming down to the level of responding to this poorly worded drivel is a waste of your time and internet bandwidth. Everyone knows where you are coming from, trolls thrive when you notice them. I promise I won’t be mad if you delete a few of these posts. Even if it is mine…

  9. I’m kind of bored with the silliness over the DOF. The Noctilux at 0.95 and the Apo summicron 50 at 2.8 have very different DOFs. The swirly bokeh of the Noct is contrasted against the biting sharpness of the Apo.

    Which is better???

    Comparing the 35/(~F4) of the vario with the 35/(F2) of the RX1 makes no sense. Leica makes a 21/1.4 and a 21/3.4 which are different beasts altogether for different purposes.

    A horse is great on a track but is useless when trekking on mountain passes, A mule may suck on a racetrack but is a saviour on a mountain pass.

    The vario fulfills a highly specific purpose. It is not competing with Ms or other Xs. The RX 100 is a similar tool. One seems to be a mule, the other a horse. (I’m not saying which is which – that is for each used to decide).

    The best camera is the one that works for you.

  10. what is “better color”?
    To me it is a Fuji X-trans OOC JPEG color (one of the film simulations), to Steve it is Leica color, to others something else. This is a subjective thing.

    • Long time ago I read an article regarding how we people ‘see’ colors? We all see them differently and that’s why this issue is so difficult to discuss. There is only one judge, ourselves.

  11. How about you add the Leica M + 28mm @3.5 to this crazy comparison just for the sake of it?? After all, this Vario was orignially advertised as mini M.

  12. Steve, in your review of this camera, perhaps you could comment on whether you would consider using it for your commercial work, given how much better it is than the comparable Fujis.

  13. I would love to see a comparison between the X Vario & RX1!

    35mm, f4.5 (guessing the vario is ~f/4.5 when zoomed in to 35mm). Would be interesting to see the difference in rendering & color of the same scenes.

  14. Looking forward tot he review. Though I`m already biased and think no matter the amount of lipstick, the Vario will remain an epic failure.

  15. Had a hands-on yesterday… Took a couple of sample shots but have not looked at them on the big screen yet. Loved the good solid heft. On screen colors look really good even under pretty bad artificial lighting.

    Outside of the slow lens, the only bad thing is ergonomics are shot… Totally unlike the M240 with the thumb extrusion. Definitely need a grip for this one.

    This is a tough one to criticize… I get the sense they wanted to limit the size of the lens and yet still achieve high IQ so the choice of a slower lens vs a fast is tough. Perhaps if they were willing to sacrifice quality for speed, they could have done a more market palatable product.

    I really appreciate a side by side with the X-E1+zoom as it is the closest product competitor. I am a great lover of the X platform so surprised that Steve had rather harsh words on its output.

    Complaining about the price on a Leica is like complaining about rain being wet. They deliberately priced it substantially upwards based on their perceived premium value of the products. If you can’t accept that, stop following Leica product releases – you will never buy a Leica.

    • I’m sure it’s hell of a car but stick to my Cayman S. Regarding choice of new camera, I haven’t decided yet? I’m awaiting Steve Huffs comments and meanwhile I shoot with my P & S Richo GR4.

  16. A friend of mine was about to pull the trigger on the X Vario, but i actually convinced him out it.
    Best deal out there (if you dont mind a bit of heft) is a used 5DmII with a brand new 24-105.
    And its still cheaper than the Leica.

    • That’s like comparing the price of the Pentax 645 D to the Leica M. Completely different cameras with completely different uses. If you friend wanted a practical, easy to carry camera with the ability to create beautiful memories, I’m not sure your advice served him well. IMHO, the 5DMII had the most bland pictures I’ve ever seen. Pixels aren’t everything.

        • The same flatness that is so pleasing to the video guys is boring to me when I look at the pictures from 5d. Mk1, M2 or Mk3. Even my OM-D/nokton pictures are sharper than a 5d mk anything. I’m not trying to offend you. It’s just my opinion. In all my searches for a new camera the 5D never even featured on my wish lists. I’m no Steve Huff but it doesn’t stop me from forming an opinion. The vario and the 5D target very different needs. The fact that you could confuse the two is hilarious to me.

    • Alternatively, he could buy 3 Fuji X100s, or an OM-D with great glassware, or 5 Panasonic G5s or even 10 iPhones. Dollar valuation of cameras don’t necessarily reflect the signature pictures.

  17. Steve, when you say ” This is a real Leica lens”, do you mean build quality as well? Cant wait to read your review..

  18. Hi Steve, How about comparing the Leica with the Samsung, Ricoh and not forgetting the “original” the “classic” X100. I own one and not all of us have jumped ship to the X100S. My style of photography is somewhat deliberate and slow therefore snappy focusing is not an issue for me. PS – Steve – Have you ever owned an Artisan and Artist ACAM 103N strap – May buy one for my X100.

    Thanks for your forum – i read it daily – A damn good read I say. Adam.

  19. I was always sure this would be a winner. But not for me. I want to try the full frame aesthetic, I would like to have a smaller DOF. I have an OM-D and a gh2 with excellent lenses (1.8 45, 2.8 45 (PL), 1.4 25 (PL 4/3), 12-50 oly, 14-150 PL, 11-22 Oly 4/3 and Nokton). I wanted something more. Went for the M9P (used) with a new 50 Lux. Good camera for people upgrading from iPhone shooting. Not so great for what I was hoping for.

  20. I agree with you Steve. The lens is slow, but within the confines of the specifications, it produces excellent results. I am very happy with mine.

  21. The camera looks beautiful — exquisite! — but would have been much more useful with a built in viewfinder and a wider-aperture lens, either an f/2.8 zoom (say, 28 to 50 equiv.) or an f/2.0 prime (35 or 50 equiv.).

  22. The test would be good. I would also like to see how the contenders do when used with aperture fully open.

  23. Hey Steve, YES would love to see that crazy comparison. Speaking about CRAZY, I happen to own the GR too, Mostly love it other than some horror Moire I saw in some pics I took last week wearing a certain t shirt with a tight sort of cotton pattern that didn’t agree with the GR. And MORE crazy? I bought an NX300 a few weeks ago as well and actually overall LOVE it. I think it would be great if you could review the Samsung as well if you like it. I own the NEX7 and on the overall, I actually prefer the NX300’s IQ and color over the Nex, not as to actual CONTROL but as to output..but I’m using the 30mm prime, The kit lens..EH.. Anyway YES to the comparison please.

  24. Yes! We want “image crazy comparison” today! 😀 I knew you should more liked X Vario, its really good and I also know it does better colour then Sony XR1 😀

  25. The IQ from the X Veryslow will be good, but please never excuse the lens they’ve put on it for the price. 70mm f6.4, its a real shame.

    • By 50mm we are at f/5.1. Ouch.

      Used it for a bit today and it’s unbalanced in the hand IMO. Mostly front heavy. Focus missed twice out of 20 shots and I heard the aperture chatter that used to come from the Panaonic 25 1.4 but it was low volume chatter. My palm always hits the control pad and brings up settings when using the EVF.

      JPEGS in Vivid mode are sharp, detailed but highlights can blow. In standard the JPEGs are sharp but more boring. IQ is just like the X1/X2…but if I owned it I would only shoot it at 28mm as zoomed in just a weeny but and it just gets too slow (aperture).

      If Leica put a 50 f/2 equiv. on here it would have been much nicer. The X1 for 35 and say this one an X3 with a 50.

      The Zoom feels nice, looks nice and is quality but so far it seems much too large, too slow and too heavy for what it is supposed to be. IQ is EXACTLY like the other X cameras, maybe a little sharper due to being an f/3.5-6.4 lens.

      Over the X1/X2 the menus are better, camera is more responsive and it feels more solid but it is much larger, much heavier and is almost the size of an M6.

      • An X3 with 50mm f2 lens, with this body design would have been amazing. One day hopefully leica will listen and make something like that. I would easily have parted with $3k for that!!!

  26. of course the lens is sharp, it doesn’t have to be a leica lens to be sharp at that aperture, a pinhole camera is pretty sharp, too. 😉

  27. Hi Steve, The answer to your q above is YES. Having just bought a GR a few days ago I can say that I am astonished at the quality of the images. Not only is the IQ fab, but the Bokeh is lovely too. Incidentally the fov seems closer to 26mm than 28. Could be about 25.5. This is gleaned from using varoius clip-on viewfinders inc the Voigtlander zoom, which I really like. Leica’s 24mm VF is just a bit too wide. To put this into context for some of your readers I also run a MM and M9 w Leica glass and some Voigtlander inc the new 21mm1.8

    Keep up the good work

    • Received my GR yesterday too. The IQ is amazing. It’s as good as if not better than my M9 and 50 Lix. It’s that good. Crazy really

      • No, not as good as M9 and 50 Lux, not even close..seriously. As sharp? Sure. But no way the lens on the GR can replicate what the 50 Lux does on a full frame M. Not possible. The Gr is fantastic but it is more like an M9 and 28mm not a 50 lux. With that said, the GR is surprising me more every day. I already reviewed it but have not sent it back yet and it is one powerful little camera. IQ easily meets or maybe exceeds the X Vario and it fits in my pocket and costs $2k less.

        • Does not seem to be as intuitive to use, based on multiple reviews. The dial based manual focus drove me away from the camera. Pocket or no pocket. I am comfortable with focusing on the screen but I like the focusing on the lens. And yes, I am a snob (There, I said it!)… … I did not want my office copier and printer brand on my camera.

  28. Also Steve, this new Vario checked out with fitted Leica EVF? Pity, for med this should have been included the camera house and I possibly could added another USD1000 to the price USD2.850.

    • RX1 is a special camera with superb capabilities. I see the RX1 as an any use camera. Day, night, shallow DOF, large DOF. The X Vario has special IQ as well but is limited to daylight and large DOF 🙂

    • Agree. X-E1 with kit zoom is the real competitor. They are virtually the same size, as I confirmed when comparing both at Harrods on Friday.

      Also would be good to see if the Leica offers any significant advantage in lens quality versus the Fuji kit stopped down to Leica’s widest apertures.

      • X-E1 and 18-55 is about half the weight but I do not have an 18-55 here with me so cant do it. Also, from shooting the X-E1 and Zeiss glass over the past two weeks and a few snaps with the Leica I can state with confidence that the Fuji would lose in resolution, color and overall IQ. Fuji owners will hate on me for that but that is OK. Just stating how it is.

        BUT…the Leica is also not worth $2850 just as the M 240 is not worth $7000. In the real world, both of those cameras should be priced at half of what they currently are. But if that was the case, Leica would be burning up their new factory for sure making cameras. But then they would no longer be known as a rich mans camera, which I think is what they want.

        So while I was surprised and upset with the announcement of the X Vario and the price that comes with it, I can not bash it on its IQ whatsoever.

        • Reading this Steve, I’m thinking Porsche? You can buy a Nissan and other makes with terrific data and performance to much lower price. However, still it’s not a Porsche with its design elements and importantly, feel.
          I’m a Porsche sports car owner and once, long time ago, a Leica M4 owner plus a few lenses. Stolen in Italy. I still miss my M4 and never seen any replacement. By the way, checked out the M9 viewfinder and still, the M4 is better.
          M3 and M4 viewfinder expensive design however still the best.
          I’m now with great interest is awaiting your reviews.

        • Thanks for your thoughts Steve. Now, the question becomes: do people leave that SLR at home because of the size or the weight…?

          Also, quite surprised that X-E1 IQ doesn’t compare… Fuji sensor is top notch isn’t it?

          • Well, IMO no it is not. I am not a fan of the X-Trans sensor and was not from the get go. Many love it but not sure why. I can see those coming from fat cheap DSLR’s, point and shoots or smaller sensor cameras adoring it but if you shoot any other APS-C or full frame I just can not see how you can like those sensors. They still have issues with RAW conversions and Adobe software.

            I love the IQ of the original X100. Was very Leica M9 like. The new one (X100s) has been improved in every area to me, except IQ which I feel is much flatter and duller than the old sensor. Less “Brilliant” which the Leica has in spades.

            I hear Fuji is releasing a new camera that does NOT have an X-Trans sensor..so wondering what that will be.

          • The X-E1 or X-Pro have great JPEGS. The color is great and for people, it is the best. The 14mm F2.8 and 60mm F2.4 have been give top marks. The 18-55 F2.8-4 zoom has beeen give also excellent reviews. The zoom also has IS. I would say the X-E1/X-Pro1 will out perform the X Viaro. Focus speed maybe. But with new FW upgrades, focusing has got a better. Just compair the numbers betwwen the two.

          • I have an X-E1 here, have shot with one many many times and have tried all of the Fuji lenses. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it can not beat the X Vario for IQ and does not even come close to the Leica M for IQ.

            Not only IQ but it can not meet or come close to the Leica build quality either. I have them both in front of me right now. No contest.

            IQ from the Leica X Vario and M beat the Fuji.

            IQ from the Sony RX1 beats the Fuji.

            IQ from the Ricoh GR beats the Fuji.

            But it doesn’t matter what I say anyway, the only thing that matters is what YOU are happy with. THAT is what matters. If you shoot with a camera that you love you will improve your skill and craft. The Fuji X cameras are good cameras, I am just not a fan of the sensors for various reasons. Just my opinion after trying out just about everything there is to try and test.

          • Hi Steve,

            I respectfully agree with what you have to say regarding IQ as a strict preference depending on one’s taste.

            I am in the Fuji lovers camp – you just have to exert a bit more effort in your workflow to maximize what their sensor has to offer (for RAW images only though – can’t say I love the OOC JPEGS).

            For images that demand a bit more attention, I use RPP to extract the maximum sharpness and resolution out of the RAW file. There is a bit of color noise present in the final TIFF file but that can easily be controlled in LR4. After that, I work with the TIFF file for additional processing (selective sharpening, dodge & burn, B/W conversion using Silver Effex Pro 2). I go through this workflow if I am going to print and frame it. For everything else (snapshots, travel shots, etc.), I use LR4.4 straight up. It doesn’t have the best rendition of Fuji RAF files but it is acceptable.

            As most have said, it doesn’t matter what you shoot with as long as you are shooting. I’ve shot some good stuff with an 80’s Minolta SLR with a Vivitar lens but I still got good results. No matter what you are shooting with, as long as you have basics down you can produce great images (perhaps this is the primary reason I am shooting with film more often these days).

            Thanks again Steve for the energy you bring in to the community!

      • The X-E1 w/18-55? Been there, done that. Motion blur in the EVF, beautifully “flat” pastel images, and landscape details lost in X trans sensor mush. Great value for the money, but compared to the imaging quality of the X Vario, a pretender.

        The XF lens barrel is molded in Malaysia from recycled plastic water bottles, and just isn’t the same feel as the Leica’s milled aluminum. Even with the recycled plastic, the X-E1/18-55mm combo weighs in at a very nose-heavy 660 grams vs. the X Vario at 628 grams.

  29. Why not compare it with the currently hot Fuji X100S? Not a zoom lens, but hey you called the comparison crazy, right? 🙂

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