1. Thanks Steve. Today I went to Adorama and B&H, I could only shoot a floor demo sample. Your heads-up brought an additional sale to Pop Flash…
    A guy on FB claimed you sold him your M240 – may I ask you why ? I too sold my M240, not sure about buying a new one.
    Best regards,

  2. Ordered. First non Leica camera in years. Will be interesting to see how I like it. Portability, B&W quality and it not being a 35mm made the call for me. Tired of carrying a camera around my neck no matter the situation. Should be interesting how it integrates.

  3. I followed your link and just bought GR from popflash. Shipping was incredibly fast and FREE?!. Thanks for sharing the news. I waited for Amazon to sell one, but it seems though most merchants hiked up prices between 829,00 to 849.00 then add shipping charges. This camera will be great addition to GX7 in the near future.

    Steve, are you planning to get GX7 and try it out for us?

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