Leica Monochrom IN STOCK at various dealers

Leica Monochrom IN STOCK at various dealers!


It appears Leica has finally caught up with demand with ONE of their current M cameras. Yep, the $7995 Monochrom is available at various dealers without any wait whatsoever. While expensive, there is NOTHING like it on the market, period. It is the only current production camera with a dedicated Black & White Monochrom sensor. Many articles have been published here showing what this bad boy can do and if you have a spare $8k lying around and a hinger for Monochrom photography, this could be your baby for life 🙂

There is still no stock of the Leica M 240 or the M-E, which has been MIA for a couple of months it seems. The problem is that Leica makes these in cycles. They probably recently did a Monochrom run and then a 240 run is probably going on right now. Leica are like turtles, very slow but it seems they win at the end because they usually sell everything they make in the M world.

You can pick up the Monochrom right now at any of my recommended Leica dealers below:

I have given my Leica a break for the past 2 months because I have been concentrating on other reviews and preparing for upcoming reviews. But I can honestly say..I have missed using it. Even if a camera like the M 240 does not give you anything special in IQ over cameras like the RX1, D800, or 5DIII there is still a joy to using it, holding it and testing out all of the incredible lenses that can be used on the new M. Some of the classics are incredible AND cheap. In any case, I feel some M time coming on soon. 🙂 The M 240 and Monochrom have my highest recommendation as do the dealers and sites above that sell them.


  1. I purchased all my Leica equipment (the Monochrom and lenses) through Ken Hansen. Ken is the best! It was a pleasure working with him. I would recommend him to anybody.

  2. The MM is not the only B&W camera in production right now, there is also the Phase One Achromatic+, it is a exclusive B&W back. One could argue that this is “just” a digital back, not an entire camera; but I believe this is beyond the point.

  3. I am surprised that after all these years the M E is sold out. One would have thought that the demand would have settled down as it is an M9 which is not exactly new.

        • and really, did you upgrade to the RX1R end of July 2013? Just curious. Thinking of getting this instead of a 35 summilux for the M.

          • Censorship of the facts! He does not have a 240. Sold the second one awhile ago to Ptah Hoep. Covering up this fact for what reason?

          • Lol. I have had FIVE M 240’s through my hand my friend. What many fail to understand for one reason or another is that I run a blog that has thousands of Leica users visit. Many of those users ordered an M 240 and then when they get it or when their turn is up some decide they do not want to make the investment and some decide they do not want it. I get emails quite often with offers to buy these M 240’s from private parties. Some go up in my classifieds. I have bought one from a dealer, one refurb from a 2nd dealer who had 3 of them, and three from private parties which were SOLD. I find it amusing and kind of sad that so many are obsessed with what I own but I have to admit, it is kind of flattering 🙂 Like I said, what I currently own is on my gear page. Soon to be added, E-M1 and a new Leica lens…for my M 240 🙂

          • Thanks for the answer. I have to say, the juggling of gear constantly makes you seem dishonest. Love one day, gone the next and back again. It just seems fishy.

          • Juggling of gear? Lol. Again, I run a review site, full time ++. It is my “job”, my source of income, my work, what I do. I have gear come through here on a weekly basis. Why? Because I have to write about it, and enjoy doing so. What I end up buying is what I truly enjoy using and what gives me the best results of anything I have tried, in all ways from usability to image quality. I have had an M since its debut, before that an M9. I have had an RX1 since day one and a Nikon V1 when it was released, then sold it and the nmissed it so bought another at $250 with lenses. So there really is no “juggling of gear”. Again, I find it amusing that so many worry about what I own.

            I guess I am now famous or something. Would I ever worry about what you own or buy? No,never. Would never give it a thought. Why? because that is not normal. I think one of the many reasons I am so happy in life is because I do not obsess over others or what others think or do. Try it sometime.

            But I thought it was obvious that I run a website here dealing with camera reviews. So of course I will have cameras coming in and out. I get review samples for a couple of weeks and review them, and then send them back. If that is “gear juggling” then so be it 🙂

            As for the Monochrom, I bought it, then sold it when the M 240 came in. Why? Because I realized I can get 90% of the MM with the 240 for $1000 less and since I do not obsess over B&W, and I could not really afford to keep both, that is what I did.

            So I will end this by saying you have no clue and your comment seems “fishy”. Another troll who knows nothing about the facts trying to start trouble, unsuccessfully I might add. Have a good day, and try to smile and think more about YOUR life instead of others 🙂

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