Daily Inspiration #433 by Christophe Carlier

Hello Steve,

I am French and I live in Island La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. I am interested in your site since the beginning, and I read it every day.

I started photography there are now seven or eight years, with a Fuji S3Pro and with whom I had a lot of photographic pleasure. Then one day I tried a film camera like my grandfather (an old Pentax), and I struggled to catch my Fuji. But I remained attached to the advantage of digital.

So I looked for a digital camera and hand-held device, and I came across your review of the M8, and my choice was made. Since I had a black M8.2 (for me the most beautiful digital M) and today M9P. My favorite lens its Summicron-c40, the voigtlander 15mm, the Nokton 40mm sc, the Voigtlnder Ultron 28mm f2, and the Canon 50mm f1.2 Ltm.

For 4 years, I took my M in all my travels (Mali, Madagascar, India …)

You will find attached some photos of these trips.


Christophe Carlier.


PS: I’m sorry for my English, I am helped by google translator








  1. Lovely shots. Perfect reminders that subject matter, composition, and lighting make the photo rather than camera.

  2. Lovely pictures, very warm and tender, just my cup of tea when it comes to travel photography. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Christophe, don’t worry about language your photos speak for itself, no translation is required. That’s the beauty of photography – it is multilingual ;). Great work!

  4. Nice work. And for all you guys clamoring about the latest Sony sensor and full frame whatever, look at this guys work on his website and tell me the latest generation anything is going to improve your photography.

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