1. Whenever I tried a shaky sensor body (Olympus, Pentax), results were – sorry for being candid – crap.

  2. What’s that big unit connected to the bottom of the camera? Is it a battery pack, GPS and flash connector type of thing?

    • Thanks, James! That’s what I decided on, and a Metabones adapter for my really old EF telephoto, until there are more available for the FE.

    • I agree, it is a stunner. It might surprise you to know that the sensor on the Mark II reveals even more of that Zeiss character from the 55FE…more pop and better 3D. Its not even subtle, its shockingly better than the 7, 7R and 7S.

  3. Thank you so much! I am only in the country next week and couldn’t find the body only anywhere. I even talked to B&H online support 30 minutes before you posted this, and they said they didn’t have them yet. Ordered with free shipping and delivery on Tuesday the 23rd. Now I just need to finally decide on a good prime lens.

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