So who is ready for that full frame Sony NEX?


So, did you see the rumors flying around internet land about the new Sony full frame interchangeable lens camera? Yep, speculation has been building for a year and I feel is soon going to burst wide open and what will come of it will be pretty damn special. Well, at least I hope so.

So, what are the rumors saying? 

  • This will be a full frame Sony camera, a NEX system camera. 
  • Larger than a NEX-7 but still the smallest full frame IC camera in the world
  • Built in EVF
  • Latest tech sensor which means INSANE quality in all situations
  • 5 Axis IS from Olympus will be on the sensor (Leica lenses with that 5-AXis, WOW)
  • Price for body? $2800. Lenses? $1200-$1500
  • E-Mount APS-C lenses will work in a crop mode
  • At least TWO new fast Zeiss primes at launch
  • August 2013 Announcement (which ties in with Sonys announcements last year)

If the above is true, then this will be the most incredible camera release EVER. Well, in my opinion anyway, and for what I like. The above to me sounds like my dream camera, one I have been dreaming about for years. A full frame Sony NEX, with the latest FF sensor tech and 5-Axis IS? Mounting a 50 Lux to this guy via an adapter would be AMAZING. Video..amazing!

Again, I have to state “IF THIS IS TRUE”. Sony Alpha Rumors has a pretty good reputation for these things and to me, most of this sounds about right, or what I would expect from Sony. But who knows, maybe it doesn’t even exist 🙂 I wish I knew but I know NOTHING. I am close with Sony but they tell me NOTHING. NADA. Even if they did, it would be top-secret anyway and I would have my toes cut off for even mentioning anything, lol.

So if the above specs are true, will you be buying one? I know I would, in a nanosecond. BTW, the above image is NOT a new camera, it came from SAR.


  1. What, a Leica M 240 killer already in the works by Sony for under $3k. This FF sensor field for mirror-less cameras is getting VERY interesting.

  2. I presume this will use the same fantastic sensor in the RX1r or better. I’ve been mulling whether or not to get the M240 to add to my M9 but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Will definitely get this over the m240 when it comes out! Classic rangefinder nirvana with the m9 plus high-iso, 5-axis ibis and focus peaking with this Sony FF … perfect combo! 😀

  3. you mean “the smallest full frame (IL) camera in the world” 😉 hints that it will be realesed SOON .. I guess in October.
    I just bought the Minolta 300mm 2.8 lens , so I wish that they will take more time to release the Nex FF .. I need to save more money 😉

  4. I’m DEFINITELY in. I have been waiting for such a camera for a long time. It will complement my 6 leica lenses and M9 and Monochrom very well. Finally, a rational merging between two photographic giants (Leica and Sony [minolta]) creating a small, FF compact camera with the best lenses on the planet! Mark

  5. I have a very big doubt that FF NEX is coming, but if its indeed true, Sony please design controls similar to RX1 and not like NEX-series.

  6. I have been a supporter of Sony NEX cameras. Had the NEX 5 and then traded in and got the NEX 7. Its compact and can use any glass. I have been using now exclusively old Leica R and M lens- and got amazing qualities. Was looking at going for the Leica M240 – saving up (yeah and the long waiting list!) and now Sony is also making a fullframe!! Dammit- now again choices!

  7. the rumored price is just about right regardless even if it doesn’t have that 5 axis IS. i’m not saying it is a reasonable price but Sony is just on top pushing camera technologies.
    for now, I’ll just have to do with the excellent Ricoh GR.

  8. 1) The M Leicas will remain the smallest 35mm format ILCs with excellent optical rangefinder.
    2) Why does Sony stick with “old school” 35mm format in a new system? I’d prefer to see a medium format ILC from them !

    • Re Rangefinder: Exactly. But it will have a dated looking sensor and electronics in comparison and everything at a premium of about USD 4000. The write off on the M240 in the first 1-2 years will easily match the price for a NEX FF body. At the pace sensor technology is improving, it`s difficult to rationalize a M240 purchase.

  9. Just put down deposit and got on a pre-order list for the NEX-FF at my local camera store! I am number one on the list 😀

  10. Already since the first appearance of the RX-1, I commented to be sure that Sony would be working on an IC FF mirrorless and that thàt camera would be my ideal. So yes, this FF NEX will have about everything I want, at a reasonable price (!), if it will have (what I deeply hope) the Tri-Nav controls of the NEX-7 (my present camera).
    Yet, since the release of the RX-1, one thing has changed. With the Zhongyi focal reducer (compacter than an adapter), I can use all my FD lenses in a way that’s very comparable to FF use (50mm can be used as 54mm on FF, instead of 75mm). Of course the FF IQ will be better, but I’m already pretty satisfied with the NEX-7’s IQ, which, with a bit of processing can already produce very nice images. And I’m convinced that IQ will continue to improve. So this new NEX-9 definitely will be my dream camera (I simply refuse to dream any longer about a Leica M because of its rediculous price and lack of good EVF), but the focal reducer made the need for it a lot less urgent – although it would be great to be able to use my M-mount lenses in “FF mode”, because they’re considerably more compact than FD glass.
    So I applaude this camera with all my hart, I’m pretty sure to buy one eventually, but maybe only after a while, because the need has become somewhat less with the focal reducer.
    Anyway I’m really looking forward to your experience with it, Steve. This site surely is the place to be for information regarding this subject.

  11. Me, I will simply sell all DSLR stuff…
    I am already a nex user (6) and I have some good manual primes (biogon 28/2,8 contax G and color skopar 35/2.5 among them)…

  12. I have to admit I’m pretty intrigued by this info. Ergonomically I’m not a huge fan of the nex cameras which is why I went Fuji, but if they put the RX1 sensor in this the ability to use M glass on this would outweigh any concerns I have about the nex system. I would love to use something like this alongside my new(to me)Leica M9 having these two cameras would be the best of both worlds. The M9 colors, rangefinder focusing and such and on the Nex the high iso cmos look with Leica and Zeiss glass…I’m intrigued…I imagine if this happens soon enough it could encroach on Leica M 240 sales.

    I had been tossing around the idea of putting aside funds little by little to get the M 240 when they finally catch up with production which is probably about how long it would take me to save up the money, but if the FF nex happens I could use those same funds to get this and the 50mm Summilux.

    Very intrigued…

  13. I had the RX1 but thankfully it developed a fault within the first 48 hours of owning it and it went back..The image quality is right up there obviously, but it did not deliver the visual quality that comes from the M9 50 Lux asph combo which is simply beautiful…I would have been happy with the Sony if i hadn’t known better..the Leica has spoiled me!

  14. Sony innovates and pushes technical boundaries and Leica blesses the world with its breakthrough X-Vario priced at the same level (For the price of the EVF a lens for the FF NEX can be bought.)

  15. I’ll buy it and fit my 50 Lux 1.4 ASPH on it 🙂
    My M3 will be a little sad but hey…I’ll come back to it from times to times !

  16. I would say it’s now time to start thinking of banning all mirror type reflex cameras in press conferences, meetings, theatre and other events. And flashes too. I can’t stand their noise interference. Someday, someone will have to find a way to “denoise” these sounds in the historical video and film clips. Video cameras nowadays do not have these issues.

  17. Hello,

    To answer the question, it’s no because it’s to expensive.

    The RX1 is already too expensive, I’m not sure that Sony is on a good way with this kind of price.

    • The RX1/RX1R is priced just right and well well well worth the cost. Anyone who owns one will testify to that fact. Just how it is today. Full frame cameras of this quality cost money. If you want what the RX1 can do, with that kind of lens and performance it will cost you no matter what system you buy and a DSLR will be much larger and heavier with huge bulk. Id take the RX1 any day over a DSLR.

      • Only for those that only need one focal length. That is why I bought an X-Pro 1 over an X100s -I shoot primarily between 10mm (15mm equivalent) and 100mm (150mm equivalent), so a single focal length camera would not be sufficient for me. And, by the way, in my opinion, the X-Pro 1 is a fantastic camera. I use Capture One for the conversion and Photoshop for the rest, and the image quality is outstanding. If Fuji introduces a full frame version with the recently announced organic sensor, it will be hard to beat.

  18. I will definitely NOT buy it.
    Why ? Simply because I already have cameras that fullfill my needs and maybe because I don’t give a cow of these new products announced every two weeks.

    And please guys, don’t throw the “GAS” card on the table.
    Time for you to start using instead of buying…

    Think different, drink Pepsi.

  19. Very attractive proposition. The lacksure in Sony glass and CZ glass performance lately will have to step up several notches to cater for the super good sensor in Nikon D800E alike. Great sensor, super sharp glass, IS, fast AF will kill most of the BIG 2s and Leica boys. This could provoke a huge GAS across the camera geeks

  20. The whole camera business= a complete rip-off.
    Stick to your gear, whatever that might be, Keep it simple and, well, try to master it. You’ll be ok for several years to come.

  21. Hi Steve,
    I love your blog and I endlessly look at sony rumours. I am about to burst, I can’t wait for this camera. I use canon gear for work and have done for 19 years, but not because I am a die hard canon guy, just because they and nikon have been the go to gear for pros. When I see the gear coming out now I can’t wait to get my hands on it, i really hope it is good enough for pro work. I just sold my 5d2, I have a 7d back up and i will probably have to buy a 6d just to fill the gap, but I feel ripped off having to buy the 6d, but I have to have two bodies for work. I have the sony RX100 on your recommendation, and i bloody love that little camera, so I can’t wait for the nex 7 update and the nex ff. I have been waiting as I said and if they are good, I am going to change systems. Sony are really going for it, they are exciting and innovative, all I can say is watch out Nikon and Canon.

    I look forward to your reviews.


  22. Sounds an interesting enough camera but the deal breaker for me would be the EVF. I have the expensive little EVF for the NEX-5N, and the X100S. Both EVF’s are hugely clever but their lack of clarity led me to give up on the Sony and use the OVF most of the time on the Fuji. I’m also not sure smaller is always better in the case of ILC’s. Most lenses (at least legacy lenses) balance far better on DSLR’s. If Canon or Nikon could shrink their full frame cameras along the lines of the latest APS-C from Canon, either would be more attractive to me than a full frame NEX. Of course, YMMV.

    • This is a very good point. Not everybody want’s an EVF for several reasons. I will keep my 6D together with a CV 40mm Ultron. I doubt EVFs will ever reach the level of cameras with OVF in terms of clarity, connection to the subject, batterylife etc. If FF-DSLRs can shrink towards the size of analog SLRs then there’d be an overall advantage over ICL cameras because an OVF in a ICL can never show sharpness/unsharpness like the mirror in a DSLR can.

  23. I think it sounds like a logical progression for Sony, bring it on – will be good for Leica to have some proper competition help them gain greater focus.
    I will be keen to see the results at least we know when Sony say they are shipping the product they will have the infrastructure to produce the product.
    For me there are two caveats – must have a good EVF – must take my leica glass. 🙂

  24. The only Full Frame I’m interested in is Full Frame Film. For Digital I much prefer APS-C ot M4/3 Mirrorless. I like longer (rather than shorter) lenses. A f/2.0 135mm lens on a NEX FF negates any of the mirrorless advantages. For Me, a f/1.8 75mm on a OMD E-M5 makes more sense. YMMV.

    I’d rather have a 15.3 oz Nikon f/2.8 AI-s mounted on a 20 oz Nikon FM3a Full Frame Film camera. The Nikon lens/camera combo can be bought for less than $1,000.00 vs $2,800 for a lensless NEX FF … sound like a no-brainer to me.

  25. I would definitely seriously consider it. As mentioned it would be a great 5D2 replacement. Already have a M9P that I don’t plan to get rid of. I processed some RX1 photos yesterday and was surprised how well the color balance came out it. The color balance was already really bad on the 5D2 and M9

    • Yup, the color that the RX1 sensor pumps out is brilliant. So rich, yet accurate if that is your goal in reproduction.

  26. no matter how big the sony sensor could be or how much mega pixel it will have, SONY cameras have NO SOUL ….

    these cameras are build upon the technology not upon the act of taking a picture, unless fuji, olympus or leica cameras

    • the art of taking picture is behind viewfinder. we need camera with technology for it. or else just use the film camera then

    • I had rejected Sony NEX as well, having gone the route of Canon 5d MkII, and a triumvirate of L lenses (28-70/2.8, 17-40/4 and 70-200/4). However, it was all so large I never carried it with me enough. So I started looking for something that I could carry yet produced good IQ and had some type of viewfinder I could live with. I looked at Olympus (liked the OM-D), FUJI (hated their viewfinders and focusing), Panasonic (no built in viewfinders except for their VFE SLR-types), etc.

      I settled on the NEX-6 and love it. The soul of the camera is that I have it with me now 99% of the time and take images that I would have walked past without the 5D.

      I too am looking forward to the FF version, if true, albeit I may have to wait to afford it. However, I have a raft to great legacy lenses that I can’t wait to try out on it!

  27. I hope is not true . I would like the same rx1r but better . I dont want to pay just for body and just for lenses like Leica . leica is for “rich” doctors

  28. I can only hope Sony decides to embrace a different design sensibility for the FF NEX. I might have bought into the NEX system earlier if the ‘cameras’ were built more like cameras and less like ‘electronic devices.’ Sony has always been an innovative company, but i fear they sometimes allow their Future-oriented design to infringe on usability, comfort, and ‘sensual ergonomics.’ In that regard, Fuji seems to have hit the right note. Fuji’s cameras are innovative and forward-thinking, while still feeling like photographic tools.

  29. Any word on if the sensor is also bsi? I am slightly disappointed after recently getting the excellent RX100 to see the new version brings bsi & a tremendous improvement in low light performance.

    • It will have plenty of controls, the ability to mount full frame lenses from Leica, Zeiss, etc. 3rd party and those made for the system. Will it have better IQ than the RX1? Unlikely but should be close. Why do you think it will not have the dials and buttons you need?

  30. Nope not for me.

    Fuji XE! and X100S is plenty good enough for me………..and without being condescending to others, probably for most of us.

    I will continue to enjoy using these two lovely little cameras and marvel at the images they are able to produce.

    I might spend the money I have saved though to go on some trips and outings looking for subjects.

    Those of you who do buy though……………Enjoy!!!!!! 🙂

    • I am with you, Ian! Just sold all my Nikon gear (vintage D2H bodies) for the X100S and a X-E1 w/35mm 1.4. I buy cameras that will do the job I expect of them. The two Fujis I feel will work for me and the new direction I am going.

      But, like you said, “Those of you who do buy though……………Enjoy!!!!!! :-)”

  31. I have a couple of thoughts on this rumor (if it is true). Mirrorless cameras have been a boon to those of us that use manual focus glass. The one problem has been the wide m-mount lenses. The only mirrorless cameras that are currently available with the offset micro-lens array that work well with the wide angle M glass is the Leica’s and the Ricoh GXR. The OEM source for the Ricoh GXR APS-C sensor is SONY. Therefore SONY has the technical ability to make such a special sensor. SONY also makes full frame sensors for their cameras as well as other vendors such as Nikon. We do not know if SONY has made a full-frame sensor with a offset micro lens array.

    But we do know that the RX-1 is a full-frame camera and it has a fixed wide angle lens in a compact body. It is my belief that the sensor in the RX-1 actually has a micro-lens array that make it possible for the Zeiss lens to sit very deep into the camera busy. If my theory is true, then it’s possible that the RX-1 was a test bed, that lays the ground work for a full frame mirrorless with a very short flange distance (in order to make the camera and lens combination very compact). Furthermore such a camera might do a good job with wide M lenses. Just a theory?

      • There is a lot we don’t know yet, but perhaps a few clues can be extracted from the Sony NEX-VG900 full-frame video camera. On that device you have a full frame sensor with a Sony crop lens E mount in front. So you can put a Sony E lens directly on the camera and it shoots in crop mode. But if you click on the Sony LA-EA3 adaptor, the flange distance is increased and you can put on the Sony full-frame A lenses. Perhaps this is how the FF still camera will work???

        On the web there is a test, where they put a Leica 50mm Lux ASPH on the Sony VG900 camcorder and it seemed to do OK.

        I have not however seen a test with a wide angle Leica lens on the full-frame Sony camcorder. In any case we don’t know if the new Sony FF still camera will use the same chip or mount of the V900?

    • Guess you never used an RX1 🙂 Feels much better than 90% of DSLR’s. Guess you never shot a Leica M, or even a Nikon V1? Just as solid as a DSLR without the weight, which sucks. The RX1 beats every DSLR besides the D800E. All in a solid, well made, metal and compact body. FAR from a toy but to those who judge by weight, instead of build and performance would have no clue about it anyway.

  32. There’s no way I’m going to invest in another Sony full frame system after the lackluster support they’ve given their Alpha system. I would only consider buying this body if it will let me use my existing A-mount Zeiss lenses without any compromise in speed or optical performance.

  33. I’ll order one the second it’s made available for ordering…and then promptly cancel my pending order for the Leica M-240, which Leica has failed to deliver on after many months of waiting. Sorry Leica, but you’re blowing it big time!

  34. This has potential to be everything I have wanted from a camera.
    I currently own FF Canon set and Olympus E-M5 set and since the release of E-M5 it has been my main go-to set. Small camera + fast primes + 5-axis IBIS is just so much more pleasurable to use in most situations than the big DSLR set, and with E-M5 the image quality has been good enough for almost anything. If the m43 sensor is replaced with a modern FF sensor, then there is little more I could ask from a camera. 🙂 Now those old (and often cheap) classic full frame lenses from almost any 35mm film system can be resurrected to new life and used with sensor size they were originally designed for!

  35. Wow, can it be done with even closer flange distance than an M? Wonder what built-in lens correction profile will be like for the super-wide lenses… This body or even the rumor of it would be very smart on Sony’s part, compromising the E-mount sales for more body sales. I would want one for sure in a heartbeat seeing what Sony has been doing with their sensors although hoping the design will look more like the RX1 than the gadgety NEX. To balance it, the interview with Dr. Kaufman hinted Leica’s plans which makes me want to see what they will offer before buying my first Sony…

    Quoted here on Leica Rumors
    ” For the next three years Leica has a lot of “very interesting products in the pipeline”. New products will be announced this fall and next spring. Dr. Kaufman hinted that new Monochrom devices “would make sense”. Another quote: “we are working on many different solutions for the full format”.

    Oh what an exciting time we live in, photography is no longer about glass, shutter and film but electronic, sensor tech and computers it seems. Nothing wrong, just funny considerations for camera choice is more important than optics these days.

    I think the right thing to do while waiting is to buy some Leica glass before they rocket through the roof even more if this Sony baby is true… Where is the Zeikon digital version? That would be smarter than the Hasselblad collaboration edition… just saying…

  36. Same problem as dirk. Waiting for the M since 8 months now and willing to let go if another decent full-frame option for M lenses pops up. Still, it remains to be seen if Sony took care about proper microlenses to accomodate for classical wide angle lenses. So I’m waiting with my excitement until the first test reports – counting on you Steve 🙂

  37. Would buy one without hesitation and skip on the M, which I placed an order the day it was announced and still have not seen it.

    • Until the M will be available its sensor will already look “last generation” compared to what Sony will have. The slightly “older”Sony FF 24MP sensor is actually already bettering the one in the M240. So besides the mechanical RF experience, not much will speak for a M and I don`t see how this can justify a price difference of about USD 4000.

  38. I’m currently selling up my Nikon gear (D4, holy trinity and a bunch of prime) and getting by with “just” an RX1 in anticipation for such a camera – bring it on!

    • I am one step ahead of you 🙂 I sold all he big dslr stuff and bought an R100 II and will wait for this or the new OMD if that happens. I have no need for the size of dslr-sized equipment with the image quality we are seeing coming out of the new 4/3 and R1.

  39. Don’t really know. I haven’t been that interested in the NEX cameras, but I like that smaller cameras are moving towards larger sensor. Larger sensor probably means larger lenses though. Think I’ll stick with the Oly E-M5 for a little while longer but otherwise welcome anything larger.

    • Have a lot of lenses for the E-M5 so am waiting for the next generation. I also love the RX1 so the next generation of FF Sony’s could get my $ as well. All exciting stuff.

  40. It’s supposed to be the case that the Nex FF wont have the same body as the current lineup. That all the Sony “mirrorless” DSLR/NEXFFcameras…..will have a minerature DSLR shaped body.

    I love Sony…no other company has balls AND money. I always find it funny that a company that made it’s name in the audio visual industry on EVERY level….isn’t considered a “professional” brand when it comes to audio visual equipment.

    Nobody innovates as much, or as fast…as Sony. FACT

  41. I’m still happy with Nex7 and M8.2. Might trade both for FF Nex, or just buy another lens and keep enjoying what I have now.

  42. My only issue is that one of the rumored Zeiss lenses is a 35 f2.8. At that aperture I see no advantage to the NEX 7 with the 24 1.8; at least with that focal length…

  43. This is definitely interesting. I have an NEX7 (which i think is brilliant) and a 35mm f1.4 Voigtlander lens and i struggle to get consistently sharp results using peak focusing. I would love to see some sort of refinement that would allow more accurate manual focusing. It seems to be especially difficult in low light.

    • Yes, interesting indeed!

      I have the same Voigtländer 35mm f1.4 and use it with a GH2. I find that the magnified view focus assist makes getting sharp focus quite simple, easy and quick, with either the EVF or LCD. It’s just a great little lens!

  44. Now my X-Pro 1 has focus peaking I think I will probably stick with the Metabones adapter and M lenses and await the X-Pro 2. Fuji have been amazing with their firmware updates – lets just talk about 3.0.1 and forget about 3.0 shall we 😉

  45. Steve,

    I would sell my current new Leica M and cancel my order on another M. This camera would be the answer to my dreams-Zeiss primes that rival Leica glass and auto-focus????

  46. I’d hope Fuji would soon follow with an Xpro FF…and begin the mirrorless FF race!
    Also a FF Foveon in one would be fun.

    • The lens that are are out there now, will be able to cover a full 35 frame? If Fuji goes with a APS-H sensor, that would be 1.3 or 1.2x. That would be close enough for me

      • No they won’t and I keep hearing this as a nonsensical excuse for why Fuji would not go full frame. Neither do the current NEX lenses (cover full frame) but, just as Fuji X lenses would, the current E-mount lenses will work in crop mode on a FF body.

        Fuji has only stated that the current lineup would not cover full frame, not that a sensor could not fit behind the mount.

        • Yes, but Sony does have a whole swag of FF lenses… 16mm, 16-35mm, 20mm, 24mm, 24-70mm, 28-75mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70-300mm, 70-400mm, 85mm, 100mm, 135mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm…

          Fujifilm have?

          • Yeah, if you want to adapt a big Alpha lens to your little FF body. Both Sony and Fuji would need to commit to the production of new, smaller FF lenses to recognize the intended benefit of these smaller system cameras.

            And I would argue that there are way more NEX users adapting manual focus Leica, Voitlander, etc, than AF Alpha lenses. Those same MF legacy lenses would support any Fuji effort.

  47. And now, compared to the NEX-7 Apsc, a bitty bigger body, a FF sensor, ISIS stabi from Oly, all ok, but what in the world justifies 2800$ for the body alone. 2800$ with a correct lens, just like RX, could be ok, but 2800$ for the body alone, keep then dreaming. Nikon D600 at 1600$ and A99 around 1800$ was a dream and remained one, and as far as I know, on most makets, those cameras do not sell like hot cakes, despite Nikon’s gear being more successfull, many having a lenspark for it.

    If I understand this simple reasoning, double sensor size, double price, or what? A part from the sensor size and a different software, there is, maybe, 10% more material in a FF camera than in any APSC one. Now, in what does then anything here justifies 2800$ for a body alone? 25% more for FF seems ok, if they want to get the market to use it, it has to be affordable, and only mass production makes the price “affordable”. Do not forget that RX1 has a lens that was worth that price alone , the camera was a gift, in some way.

    Could it be, I say, “could it be”, that the Leica stuff and pricing, that seems to be taken recently as a marker, for comparing just anything to anything and itself, has turned your head upside down. Remember your own critics for Nikon’s V1 pricing once, and how fast you bought one when it became affordable and worth the money it costs, for 269$ with the lens.

    I would like SONY to make cameras that masses can pay for, not exclusive toys for 1% ers. Nothing will then be in your way, and no one will blame you, if you use adapters and a 17500$ Leica glass on it.

    I do the same with my NEX-7 as well, i use many glass on it, just not in that price range, since some do as good at 1200$ pricing. At a decent A4 print, 99% of the population will anyway not find where the red dot, or any other one, was in action, only the 1% who use it could probably do, but also there, I doubt it.

    So, like usually, let’s wait and see.

    • So. True, man!

      And let’s hope Sony doesn’t screw it, as during the early NEX years: weird lens offerings, endless wait for those lenses that enthusiasts (but not Sony) consider as essential.

      Easy adaptility of old glass is perhaps not what a marketing department wants. They either make it weird to use or have to offer own glas with qualiyand features users can’t resist.

  48. Max….the R100 is very complete. I don’t need the bells and whistles. Just a great sensor and manual abilities. If this is true I am purchasing straight away!

    • Bells & whistles- such as a complete lineup of fast lenses? If the first lens announced(35/2.8) is any indication of what’s to come… Hopefully your a patient man.
      They should’ve just made it alpha mount.

  49. I am, give me that thing now, Sony! I would upgrade from my NEX-7 and keep all lenses until I replace them all with FF Zeiss 😀

  50. Nothing is amazing here. Sony products are always incomplete. Phones cameras etc.
    lacking of decent AF, video artifacts, fast lenses etc

    Look at the SLT line a total failure the next product around the corner is always shines

    • Max:
      No different then the others as for incomplete !…So if you are going to complain, explain the differences with the Sony set up and the others. All have their…oddities . And all are good. If you want a complete system , or as close to one….you will spend thousands , and still there will be something…’missing’. So don’t be a player hater….

  51. I can’t afford any Leica lens and I don’t like MF. so i will wait and see the release of the AF lens. From sony’s history it will be quite slow. In the meantime keep shooting my nex 6 with the 24mm. Interesting product no doubt.

  52. Hell yes I would buy it!
    I have a:
    Zeiss Sonnar 50mm F1.5
    Zeiss Biogon 35mm F2
    Heliar 15mm
    Just sitting in boxes waiting for a full frame wonder like this to mount them on.
    I would never spend the ridiculous price for the under featured Leica 240.
    So for now I use my OMD and my V1.

  53. Sony NEX7 without color problem with wide angle lenses would perfectly suit me (sensor-stabilisation and the “modern features” features of the nex6 are welcomed but not necessary)

  54. Hopefully the real thing would have a regular hotshoe not the old Minolta one like in the pic above 🙂

    If they can get a bit of weathersealing going on then this IS the ultimate camera and as close to future-proof as anyone would need.

  55. I’m totally with you on this one Steve! what a great combo, a 50’lux on a top Sony FF sensor with a built in high spec EVF (hopefully one as good as Olympus’s VF4) I’d sell my kidney to buy one!

  56. For me it will be all about haptics – that’s where Leica has massive edge. I know, I should get on with the current times but I’d prefer if new NEX FF was more like a traditional camera& (aperture ring on the lens, shutter speed dial, exp comp dial). Will wait, if they deliver a photographic tool I might switch from Fuji and use it with my lenses for Leica and Nikon. Until then I shall enjoy my new toy – Hasselblad 501c and some home film developing 😉

          • What are you talking about? With adapter the focal distance from the lens to the sensor plane is the same with Leica M bodies. Otherwise the lens will not be able to focus.

          • Exactly. M lenses will physically work, but many of them will vignette, have color shift, and be soft near the edges of the frame, unless Sony went out of their way to redesign their sensor toppings and pixels, like Leica does with the M cameras.

          • well, it will be given. Sony will have to design sensor pretty similar to Leica’s. Otherwise Sony’s Wide and UW lenses will not perform well either. Yes they could apply SW correction, but it only can do so much, so sensor will have to be pretty good as well. If Sony’s wide will work well with 18mm flange, I think Leica’s wides will work fine as well with extra 10mm to spare (at least 28mm will be fine for sure)

  57. I know what Sony is capable of since I have the RX1, simply the best FF sensor combo. A new Sony FF ILC will be clear buy for me. My M9 will be sold for this.

  58. For those who just want a good sensor to go with legacy lenses this should be a pretty safe bet. But for Sony shooters who have been disappointed by the mirrorless and SLT ventures of the last few years it’s kind of a make or break moment. If the on-sensor PDAF is close to the performance that a pro Canon or Nikon delivers then many will be encouraged to stick with Sony. I’m guessing based on the RX-1 that the high ISO performance will be more than adequate. These are the two things Sony has lacked. But if the camera doesn’t give folks the promise of a competitive mount to Canon and Nikon, I think Sony will be left with a small following that may not be competitive or economically viable. Suffice it to say that I hope they succeed. I’ve got lots of Minolta and Sony glass that I’d love to keep using. But it definitely feels like a put up or shut up moment.

  59. This is exciting. I recently spent a few days with an NEX-7 and my Leica lenses and was quite impressed. If the rumors are true, it would be the perfect complement to my MM.

  60. I have two NEX 6 bodies presently (and had a NEX 7, and 5N), with a slew of OM, CV, and Sigma E-mount lenses—so I will be on this immediately it is released.

  61. Well, Sony is certainly not my favourite company, not only in photography.
    But it seems Olympus share a lot of technology with Sony, like IBIS or Jpeg engine, and Zuiko is working on an Alpha lens.
    So i’m pretty confident, if the lens choice will be better than current Nex, with Zeiss and Zuiko(as affordable but great quality option), maybe some interesting third part(Sigma ART) will be surely a great system.
    Another wish by me, is the option to use m4/3(and 4/3)lenses in crop mode, fully supported as the Nex lenses on Aps-C mode.

  62. Thanks Steve for this survey. I’m sitting here with my Richo GR IV and speculating for a Fuji X100s? Or, the updated GR? Now, you have stopped any decision until we have seen what Sony will unveil next September?

  63. I’m a long-time NEX shooter and fan. The possibility of a full-frame NEX was one of the reasons I bought into the systems years ago. Really looking forward to it!

  64. It’s an intriguing laundry list of items if true, much more spectacular than that Leica debacle last month. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’d be the most incredible camera release ever – but exciting none the less. As a current NEX owner, I know these little guys can sing. And if the FF version can get up with the quality of Leica – I could be tempted to it as a back-up to my ME. Been testing the Touit lenses on the NEX, so I know the Zeiss quality on a FF NEX would soar.

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