A look at the Sony Music Video Recorder

A look at the Sony Music Video Recorder

Action Cam meets HIGH QUALITY Audio!

Quick Look Video with Audio Sample..


Just arrived! The new Sony Music Video recorder and it is already sold out at Amazon on release day. There is a reason for this as this camera is like no other on the market. It is basically a video camera like a Go Pro style with a wide angle lens, full HD 720 or 1080 shooting, full color LCD on the side and high quality microphones built into the front. It is a pretty nifty little device and comes in at $299. Sony is marketing this towards musicians, singers and bands who want to record themselves but it can also be used as an everyday video shooter WITH great quality audio. It even has a low lux night mode for good video quality at night.


I did up a video on it to show you guys what it looks like, how small it is and how cool it looks. The camera comes with a USB cable for charging and uses the same battery as the Sony RX100 and RX1.

The camera also records to Micro SD cards. $299 at Amazon or B&H Photo (B&H has stock at this moment).



    • perhaps some kind of irony in pairing those two together. The sound quality from the MV1 is amazing, the video just ok.

  1. OK – it looks cool and has great sound, but Micro SD? Really? That’s right up there with Memory Stick Pro Duo! And, by the way, I haven’t yet grown an eye on the side of my head to be able use a display that’s mounted 90 degrees away from my subject. Great electronics, really lousy design! After the initial rush of ownership wears off, I suspect most of these will be really cheap on eBay.

  2. Alison Krauss and Union Station. Nice setup Steve! (resisting urge to throw out unsolicited audio advice like “hey get some room treatments in there” :))

  3. Thanks Steve for the preview
    and I would like to ask if you know the recording time limit ,because I’m thinking of using it to record some lectures (BTW , can it charge and record at the same time 🙂 ? )

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