Cases by Vaja for the most used camera in the world, the iPhone 5

Cases by Vaja for the most used camera in the world, the iPhone 5

Hello to all! Just thought I would post some video reviews I have recently done on some new cases by for the iPhone 5, which is the worlds most popular camera. Yes my friends, the day and age of cel phone cameras is here and it is only going to ramp up as time goes on. Just as I write about cases for the Leica cameras or Sony cameras, I decided to share my experience with a few cases for the iPhone 5. Vaja has been making cases for a while and they always create quality products with high quality Argentina leather. They used to take 30 days from the time of order but these days they have most models in stock, in most colors. So no waiting. Check them out HERE as they have loads of cases for all kinds of devices, not just iPhones.

Video reviews below!



  1. Unfortunately, the cases fall apart after 9 months and customer service’s only response is that the warranty period is 6 months. They then proceed to ignore your emails.

  2. Nice cases, may look out for one for my S3 . With Samsung now the biggest phone company in the world its good that finally decent acc’s are now available as they have been for the Apple products for ages. My problem with most cases is that they either protect well but hamper operation or vice versa 🙂 Cheers for the review plus the Nikon V1 I bought from DigitalRev is now my fav digital camera (excluding the DP1 for pure IQ) thanks again for the heads-up on that amazing deal!

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