FOR SALE! Sony A7II, Macbook Air, iPad Mini Retina & More! DEALS!

FOR SALE! Sony A7II, Macbook Air, iPad Mini Retina & More! DEALS!

Was doing some cleaning around my office and found a few things I am going to sell, so figured instead of posting on my local craigslist, why not offer these items up to you guys 1st, at great prices?

1st to pay for each item gets it, I can not and will not hold any of these items. Doing so in the past was a mistake as it leads to lost sales. So if you email about the items be prepared to pay ASAP through paypal. Thank you!

1st up, my personal Sony A7II

I am selling my beloved Sony A7II! Why? Well, the A7RII is on the way and I plan on purchasing it, so this one has to GO! I still have and am keeping my A7s, but the A7II will be replaced with the RII soon. I will sell the A7II, in box, for $1025 shipped, which is a GREAT deal for you guys here. I will also include the custom-made and fit Angelo Pelle case and strap for it but the price then goes to $1300 shipped.

I can accept paypal only, but that adds 2%+ so total paypal for the A7II without case and strap would be $1052, with strap and case, $1328. 

A7II has been SOLD and paid for to M.F.



A 2013 Macbook Air 13″ – 1.8 GHZ Dual Core, 4GB Ram, 128 GB SSD Drive. I used this for my travels since buying it and it has never failed me once! I just upgraded to a Retina Macbook Pro, so this one has to go, and I will let it go CHEAP! $400 plus $25 shipping gets it. Paypal fee add 2%, so lets say $435 shipped. I will only accept paypal, USA only.

The Macbook Air has been SOLD and Paid for to H.M.


iPad Mini 2 Retina Display! This has been used maybe 3-4 times. It has been sitting in my bedside drawer for months, as I just do not use it. So , it has to go. I have the box and a leather case from Apple. Will sell CHEAP for $220 shipped. Paypal adds 2% so let’s say $230 shipped. I will only accept paypal, USA only.

iPAD MINI 2 RETINA has been SOLD and paid for to N.K.


Bang and Olufsen flasgship headphones used twice during travel. Perfect mint condition, in box. These sell for $499 but I will offer them here for $300 shipped, no paypal fee 😉 These are noise canceling and bluetooth wireless headphones that sound AMAZING. See the amazon reviews here if you want to see the raves. Then save $200! Paypal only, USA ship only.

B&O HEADPHONES HAVE SOLD and paid for to B.H. 



  1. Hi Steve,really great prices for all those quality items you are selling.
    I am sure they will sell very quickly.
    Just one question. You are selling your beloved A7II in order to buy the new A7RII…I suppose you are complitly sure that the new RII is worth the change…just by the specs or because you already tried it enough time to know for sure that it is better.???? When are we getting your awesome review?? 🙂

    • Not really anything to compare. Same body, 5 Axis in both, but the new sensor in the R is a RES monster, so is specific to those who want resolution and top notch video. Will have the same or better ISO performance as the II (not the S level) and will look and feel the same. Want more resolution and the latest tweaks? Go A7RII. Want an everyday camera that will not kill your computer or SD cards? Go A7II 😉 I bought this A7II with my own money, full price and need to sell it to get funds toward the A7RII. I always have access to any camera for comparisons though, if I want to compare I can get one for a few days to do so. Thank you.

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