My favorite case for the iPhone 5, the Vaja Nuova Pelle


My favorite case for the iPhone 5, the Vaja Nuova Pelle

FACT: The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world.

This morning I have something a little different. I loooove my cases and accessories for my cameras and if you guys know me well, you know I love my iPhone cases as well. I have tried a couple of them out already and this one from Vaja is the best one I have tried, for me. It is sleek, slim, feels luxurious, hand-made in Argentina and has protection for the front and back of your phone. The coolest part of this case is that it is unlike any other case made for the iPhone 5 to date. There is simply NO BULK. There is not a bulky back to slide the phone into. Instead it seems to float in the middle while being rock solid secure. The top flap is magnetic so it sticks to the top glass of your phone. (the Iphone 5 has magnets under the front glass).


It is an ingenious design and I love it. I have tried other cases like the ultra high End Orbino, which is still going strong on my girlfriends iPhone 4, but on my 5 the leather started to split on the Orbino, and at their $220 asking price I feel that is unacceptable.

The Vaja is quite amazing and will wear in like an old baseball glove or wallet. All for $80 and in stock with no wait times from Vaja, which now ship direct from the USA (no more long waits for some products, like this Nuova Pelle case) – You can see all of colors available and more info from Vaja at their page set up just for this case, which is HERE.


So check out the video I made of the case above on my phone. I found no real weakness except that if you need ultra protection, this will not save your sides and top in case of a big drop to concrete (if you drop on the edges). It will protect the front and back and do so with style, class and luxury, all for $80. Well worth it for a case that will last the life of your phone and even wear in with time giving you a gorgeous rich look and feel. I highly recommend this case.  It seems they have all colors in stock for immediate ship at this time. Mine came in 2 days and I have one for my phone as well as my Son Brandon’s phone. We love them.


NOTE: When I first ordered my Case the front cover did not close. The magnet system was clearly not working but not only that, the cover was being pushed up! Turned out my phone has a defect and the magnets were put in wrong. Well, one of them was put in wrong with reverse polarity causing it to push open the case. It is my phones issue and the case worked on three others that I tried. My sons, a friend of mine and a phone at the Apple store. I tried to get Apple (at the Apple store with a Genius)  to replace my phone under warranty and they actually laughed at me and said if the magnet is put in wrong it is not a defect as the phone still works. I said “I just bought this case for $80 that depends on the magnets working correctly so what do I do”? The girl at the Apple store said “buy a new case”? So while I understand the position of Apple, my phone indeed does have a defect even if it is not noticeable with normal use. 

When I sent an email to Vaja about this issue (this was before they sent me the colored review samples) not only did they refund me but they made a custom case for me that would work with my oddball phone. How cool is that? They then asked if I wanted to review the case after I mentioned I have reviewed their previous products. Was so cool and their service, speed and overall customer service was splendid. Problem solved, and not by Apple but by Vaja. They also informed me if anyone else had this issue with their phone they would do the same for them as they did me. Nice.

BTW, You can see my other Vaja video reviews HERE, HERE and HERE. The iPad mini case is AMAZING btw. Quality products all the way in my experiences.


  1. Check out the Pad&Quill Bella Fino. Basically the same design, except that it holds credit cards/licenses as well. Not having to carry a wallet has been great.

  2. Steve,

    Glad to hear the company was able to help you, but I must argue their statement “if anyone else had this issue with their phone they would do the same for them as they did me”. They did not help me as they helped you, and even stopped emailing me as I was still concerned with the issue. I’ve gotten dozens of compliments on the case, as it is unlike any other on the market, and I’ve even pushed people to buy their own. Unfortunately, my image of the company has since changed, and I will not be a repeat customer.

  3. Hi Steve. I bought two of these cases from Best Buy and was getting so frustrated that the front flaps kept sticking up. I finally understand why after reading your post. I did some experimenting and it looks like my iphone has a reversed magnet on the bottom portion of the screen. Did you have to pay any extra for Vaja to customize your case?

  4. Great Review – thoughts on using the camera with the case? Does it make taking pictures awkward? Hope not , love the look.

  5. I’m using a Manfrotto Klyp. I like the tripod threaded attachment that clips on which I keep screwed to a Manfrotto Pocket tripod. It makes Skype calls and watching video so much easier. The case isn’t a tight fit and really needs a thin strip of card behind it to keep it on tight. It also bulks the phone a little but it’s worth it for the tripoddyness.

    • Great! Yea, love mine as well. No bulk, very nice design, feels great, magnetic feature is very nice and slips in and out of my pockets easily. Great case.

  6. I have to jump in late so be it..steve you sold me on this brand and unfortunately it didn’t last 2 weeks for me. Fortunately i had already on back order a custom exovolt case. Made of Brass and Pau Ferro wood see link here .. I have been using these cases for the past 4 years and have not deviated (minus the vaja for 2 weeks) I explore you to check these cases out…. review it I dare you 😉

  7. “I tried to get Apple (at the Apple store with a Genius) to replace my phone under warranty and they actually laughed at me and said if the magnet is put in wrong it is not a defect as the phone still works.”

    They must also laugh at customers who happen to notice that the speaker and microphone were switched during manufacturing. After all, the phone still works and by the way, you’re holding it wrong.

    Derisively deciding for a customer which aspects of a product are important to them doesn’t spell Genius, but Presumptuous.

  8. Steve this is the third time this month you have brought something to my attention that I would never have known about otherwise. Variety is the spice of life!

  9. Wow…this looks like a fantastic company that is making great products and actually care about satisfying customers even if they have to put in extra effort. Great you have had such a good experience with them.

    • Steve, will you start asking Deano’s approval before adding any other post. He clearly knows what should and should not be posted.

    • Lol, your comment just proves how uniformed you are my friend. For the past 4 1/2 years I have posted reviews of other products from time to time…headphones, iPad cases, phone cases and other things..nothing new here at all but if you do not like it why oh why do you come here, lol. Too funny. TRY to stay away please 🙂 My guess? you will not.

      BTW, there are thousands of posts and articles here on Photography so yes, this is 99% a photography site. Also, you are probably NOT aware but more people use an iPhone for their photos than people do cameras. Fact. The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. But of course someone who posts idiotic comments like the one you just did would never know this as you are too busy hating your life.

      Try taking a deep breath, tell yourself you have a good life, smile and do yourself a favor. Never come here again. 🙂 Take care!

  10. Hi Steve, I hope this email finds you well. I too am a case and camera bag addict. This product looks sweet. I recently got the REALLY RIGHT STUFF case for the iphone 5S. Absolutely gorgeous and one of the best and highest quality products I have seen for this phone ever. YOu should check it out. YOu would absolutely love it. Louis

    • I had that case for 3 days..was way too fat for me and hard to get in and out of my pocket because the leather would not slide in and out of my pocket but kind of stick. The Vaja is MUCH MUCH thinner, different case alltogether as the BookBook holds your cards, cash, ID which is why it is fat. The Vaja does not hold those things but is much slimmer, slides in and out of pockets easily and is more “minimal” in design. But the book book is cool if you want an all in one to hold your other cards, etc.

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