Worlds best iPhone 5 and iPad mini cases – Vaja Agenda LP and Libretto

Vaja Case Review: iPhone 5 and iPad Mini – High end luxury protection 

Ahhhh! iPhone and iPad cases Cases! Not something I normally talk about here on this site as it is not really photo related but lately, I guess you CAN say it is indeed photo related. How so? Well, these days there are more people shooting photos with their iPhone than cameras and in fact, the iPhone is the worlds most popular camera. With case makers like Luigi, Gariz and many others making cases for our beloved Leica’s, Sony’s, Fuji’s, Olympus, etc what about those luxury kick ass cases for our “i” devices?


Now, not everyone will be into these because some just can not image paying $120 or $180 for an iPhone or iPad case even though many of us pay $400-$600 for a Leica M9 case 🙂 It is just the thought of buying something so luxurious for you “phone” but I have to say, I know quite a few people who LOVE to buy stylish, quality and protective cases for their most important device, which is usually their iPhone or Smartphone.

Me, I am a sucker for a good case that looks good, feels good and is functional. In the past I posted video reviews on my youtube channel for Vaja products which at the time was an iPad 2 case and iPhone 4 case as well as a bag to carry the iPad and phone and other things I may want to carry with me. I admit, I ended  up selling the Vaja bag as I never used it but I love Vaja cases and have been using one on my iPhone 4 since it was released. Since upgrading to the iPhone 5 I have waiting for the new Vaja line and one day I magically received an e-mail from Vaja asking if I would like to review their new cases.



So in the video above you will see the brand new Vaja Agenda LP for the iPhone 5 and the Libretto for the iPad mini. You can take a look at their site to see more as these are super customizable and you can order these in just about any color combo your heart desires. Vaja cases are all handcrafted in Argentina using the top 10% of leather. The quality is superb, best I have seen in a case. You can take a look below at my previous Vaja case videos! Enjoy!





VISIT VAJACASES.COM to browse their entire case selection


    • Sorry to disappoint you and your bitterness and anger but Vaja nor anyone pays me one penny to write about anything. The only ones who pay me are site sponsors who do so to support this site and have their ads up every month, so they are paying for ad space. The FACTS are FACTS. Vaja makes some of the best, if not the best cases in the world. I have tried many but have yet to find any better than Vaja. You can be a hater on expensive cases but that doesn’t change the facts. Besides, I have been a Vaja fan for a few years now. Well worth it if you like higher end luxury cases for you phone, tablet or whatever.

  1. I have the Vaja libretto cases for both of my iPads. (The original iPad and the 3rd generation.) My wife uses the original now. Excellent cases for the iPad. Incredibly well-made. When I bought the 3rd-gen iPad the first thing I ordered for it was the Vaja case.

    • It is just a Sony CX760V handycam, which was their top of the line consumer model for 2012. I find it works out better than using a still cameras video as the AF is super quick and DOF is much bigger 🙂

    • Vaja is still better 🙂 Those have a “name” but appear to be slip cases. I prefer a “case” 🙂 Vaja is a little more pricey too in some cases. Thanks for posting!

      • The Vaja cases look gorgeous, but Smythson deserves some credit. They also make a wallet-style iPhone case that’s gorgeous, and premium priced. I still think the Vaja designs are nicer and I like all the customization, but for my phone I’ll stay with OtterCase, as I’m looking for protection, not enhancement. I might buy a nicer case for my Nexus 7. I have it in my hands so much, like now.

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