Video Overview: VAJA Ipad 2 Bag and Iphone 4 case..NICE!


Lots of posts today but here is one more! I Just received a package this morning from FedEx! That is always fun as many of you know ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, this package came direct from VAJA and it included the nicest little leather Ipad 2 messenger bag I have ever seen, as well as a special edition Red and Black Iphone 4 case that is stunning. It also happens to match the bag perfectly with the pebbled leather in black and red. Wow.

The bag is small, but soft, supple and luxurious. It fits the Ipad 2 (Im sure the Ipad 1 would also fit fine) as well as the Iphone, maybe the charger and some papers and a passport or wallet if needed.

I am going to use these as my travel set for airplanes, or even car rides. Will hold what has now become my “travel essentials” as I always like to be connected. Also, the Red smart cover for the Ipad is just insanely cool with this set. I am extremely happy with the quality of the bag and the case. Vaja is my favorite case maker and ย they are all handmade in Argentina and shipped direct to your door.

You can see their offerings at I do not make money from them, and I did pay for my cases! Just love their products and wanted to share because as fellow Leica lovers, I am assuming you guys also love nice, hand made quality STUFF!

Below is a youtube video I made showing the bag and case. Enjoy!

One more quick video I made of some Iphone 4 cases for those who are interested…


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  1. I did think about the LV case for the iPad, but came to the conclusion that any case that separates from the iPad means that I could lose it by just forgetting about it. Hence, I’ve stuck to the default Apple case for the iPad 1. I know it kind of hides the beauty of the iPad, but at least I won’t lose it.

    • Now, if someone would come up with a carbon fibre shell or bumper case for the iPhone, I’d buy one. I think it would look wicked.

  2. A bit feminine for my tastes…and way too expensive.

    I have a leather Fossil case for my iPad and it’s great protection, and even better I’ve never seen one other person with the same case!

  3. The workmanship looks lovely, but I’m really not sure about the look – a bit ostentatious for me. Does anyone know of more simple looking cases with workmanship like this?

    • I agree, i would not carry it, but i do very much like it. I have a lot of different bags for different outings – On the other end of the style spectrum from euro cool to Classic Leather Military looks – Colonel Littleton makes some gorgeous bags – partnered with Griffin – but the style is classic and either loved or not. . . I love it. They stand behind their products 100% even when customized.

      • Nice – but sort of going in the opposite direction to what I’m imagining. I think this might be an American vs. European aesthetic thing coming out.

  4. Super expensive cases. If it’s expensive, then it HAS to be good! Right? I did buy the Domke case that you recommended, and I have to say that it is nice functionally and stylistically, but not $140 nice. I can’t help noticing canvas bags on the web, and in market, all for less than $20. While they don’t quite measure up to my Domke, it is awful close.

    A penchant for things expensive, that is what many of us are afflicted by. Could it be that this is one of the roots of much of the madness that we experience today? If it is, this is turning out to be a great place to feed the madness.

    • IMHO – Awesome bag, just not great fro an M- System – I have this bag and ended up taking out the insert (Recycled it into an old Manhattan Messenger which is just as bad but i’m happier to place on the floor than the handsome leather of the dothebag) and just using it as a plain messenger or laptop bag – it’s too deep and a bit awkward for use with my m-system, yes everything fits – 2 m bodies and 3-4 lenses, film and lens cleaner etc. . . but getting things in and out is a chore.

  5. Pretty nice bag, the iPad one tho! The iPhone case reminds me of mine Piel Frama I got for my HD2 but ended up selling it as it was little too bulky and having to flip it open for phone call, sms etc was annoying for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seems like Leica and Apple products go together very well ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I’m using a Vaja case for my iPad and find the craftsmanship and quality of the leather similarly high to Luigi’s beautiful M cases. The only issue I had, similar again to Luigi, was the order fulfillment. But, I think one needs to remember that boutique items like Luigi’s cases and Vaja’s cases are worth waiting for.

  7. Steve, if you ever get the chance (and have the time), could you please review a Billingham bag that’s just big enough to carry an iPad and a small Leica system? I’ve been looking at their site and I just can’t decide…
    Great video as always. I’m a big fan of the Spanish Piel Frama cases. Handmade leather as well, not quite as ‘flashy’ as these, real nice cases.

    • The Billingham small is a bit tight with the ipad – check out the fogg bags a bit more pricey but well worth it. e-flat satchel is awesome.

      • Thank you Jerome! Just realized I had seen a video by Steve earlier on a Billingham, seached for it and it turned out to be the Hadley small. Seems like the ideal size. Jerome, when you say a bit tight, does that mean it would still fit? I wouldn’t take it all the time, but just want to be able to take it along once in a while.
        I’ve seen Fogg’s bags, I love them, but availability migt be an issue. I’ll look into that!

        • I had and sold the small bag because with one m- body and two lenses and a few odds & ends the bag was filled – you can fit an ipad (ver 1) in w/o a case and the bag will close on the biggest closure holes – in a case the ipad will take a little effort to close the bag – if you’re not going to carry the ipad then no worries. its a great bag. The only two Fogg resellers i’ve worked with are Tamarkin in CT Robert White in the UK. When I travel i almost always have a plain or train involved and the ipad is my respite tool.

          The iPad 2 i would guess have the same issues filling the bag because it is basically the same dimensions.

          Good Luck – the perfect bag is still in the mist. . . and the Fogg works for me quite well, for now. (Pardon the pun)

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