Facebook Profile Pic? Get the angle right!

Sunday Funnies: Facebook Profile Pic? Get the angle right!


Saw this video today after someone sent me a link telling me how funny it was, and it is quite funny but also shows the importance of the magical angle. With Facebook self portraits so big these days, this girl may be able to teach you a thing or  two on how to get it right 🙂 Check out her video below. Crazy right?


  1. I was having that problem. Photos taken of me recently were done by people who a shorter than I. So my face looks a lot fatter than what I see in the mirror 🙁

  2. LoL…this video reminds me why my wife is korean…
    Everyday is a guaranteed laugh 😀

  3. This proves my theory that all pictures of me thus far were taken at my “bad angle.” 😀

  4. Hmm… it was unbelievable as I do not use a smart phone, and I did not know that much of distortion available.

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