Back from the 4800 mile road trip! Back to normal post schedule!

Back from the 4800 mile road trip! Back to normal post schedule!

I’m back, and as a matter of fact, I have been back 10 minutes! As some of you may have read a few days ago I was on a 12 day road trip with my son Brandon and we put 4,800 miles on my car in those 12 days. We drove from AZ to Illinois to Kentucky and into the Mountains to visit family and then back again. Was a great trip. On the way back we drove some of old Route 66, which is always fun to do. The site will be back to normal posting schedule as of today and I am expecting some new Sony news any day now 🙂 Stay tuned!

I will also be posting some cool stuff a little later today so check back!

Just a few snapshot pics I snapped over the past 3 days, as always click them for larger and clearer versions!

1st up, some Sony RX1R shots – My Review HERE










and a couple of RX100II shots – RX100II is available HERE




And some Nikon V1 images:












  1. Thank you for your answer Steve :All I can say is that I have yet to see any Moire with over 2000 shots, but I do not usually photograph patters or anything that will give it to me 🙂

    But for example how can we fix moire using a sonyrx1r?

  2. It seems you both had a great time traveling and taking pictures. Is there any chance we could see some Brandon pictures?

  3. Your son got tired of carrying around that D2H? I’m reminded of my own experiences shooting with my dad’s Leica IIIf.

    I really enjoy the diner photos. They capture very well the interactions and dramas that occur naturally. Rt 66 looks like a great drive. Here in the Northeast you wouldn’t dream of pulling over on an interstate highway.

  4. Great pics and looks an awesome trip 🙂 The deserted gas station reminds of the film “Hitcher”- the original best one with Rutger Hauer! So impressed with my V1 I just bought a new spare body, less than £100 by the time I’ve sold the surplus 10mm lens – god it’s almost worth it for the spare battery alone! Cheers Paul

  5. My fingers are crossed that the Sony news on the horizon will be of a brand-new, much improved, whiz-bang-thank-you-mam Sony RX1R with a built-in viewfinder!

    Now back to Earth… I hate seeing photos of your kid. Aren’t they supposed to be babies forever? : )

    • Thanks, and highly unlikely that Sony will release an RX1R with an EVF just after they released the RX1R 🙂 They are releasing something else pretty nice though, probably in September or October. But some other new things headed at us at the end of this month!

  6. Where in eastern KY does your family live? I’m originally from Pike Co. Live in St Augustine, FL now (very photogenic here).

  7. Hello Steve i like your review of the sony rx1r and i will buy it but now i have a lot of doubts because i have read a review and the sony rx1r produces a lot of moire .

    The RX1R moiré is very severe, but the bottom pull-up shows that it can be removed fairly easily, or at least reduced in Adobe Camera Raw . The same thing occurs when the grid array of a digital camera sensor is exposed to a similar linear pattern, such as tightly woven fabric or intricate brickwork on a building.

    I have more doubst because i want to use the camera for family and reunions but what happens if my father or uncle use a shirt with vertical or horizontal lines ? i can´t say sorry the picture will not be good because you are using shirts with fine lines or something like that . Yes you can reduce the moire but not at all.

    So i want to know can you please take more pictures but with that kind of clothes .

    • All I can say is that I have yet to see any Moire with over 2000 shots, but I do not usually photograph patters or anything that will give it to me 🙂 If you WANT to see Moire examples, I am sure you can find them on the internet somewhere.

  8. The V1’s I liked the best are the B&W of the the kid in front of the car -which is classic and the one of the bridge in the greenery- shows lovely separation between in-focus and out of focus areas.
    I believe it is about the gear as well, the RX1R files are so clean and clear -none of the other cameras can match of course. – the colours simply shine through.
    I am so tempted to get V1 and 32/1.2 but maybe I should wait for the panasonic 42.5/1.2 to be released later this year and get a cheap micro 4/3 body

  9. Cool shots, Steve!

    What hits me is that these pics are _so_ not about the gear.

    The cameras you choose to use are awesome, convenient, powerful.
    But your creative, enthusiastic eye could have produced equally enjoyable images 20 or 30 years ago with the film gear of the time.

    These latest wunder-machines just add another fun angle to the process. Enjoy!

        • Nice to take a family trip-vacation…very nice.

          Really enjoyed seeing if there was any big or emotional feeling present in the images from any particular camera.

          There is one camera conspicuously absent from contributing to your trip gallery. Why? Too BIG? Too complicated to use while traveling? Too expensive to chance losing? Too manual? Why did you omit this tool from your travel kit?

          Really want to know. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Looks like a great trip! Thanks for posting the images. In particular, I really enjoy the b&w shot, shot low over the roof of your car, of your son holding the V1.

    My RX1R is being delivered today, and seeing your images has added to my excitement!

  11. seems there is a slight hair them.
    great portrait “tha hair is awesome”- nikon132.jpg
    great landscape, interesting because of the smoke or mist
    truck stop image is interesting also. scary hair complimenting the new hair.
    good work.

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