The Tenba Mini Messeger Bag Video Review

The Tenba Mini Messeger Bag Video Review


Hello and happy weekend to all! Last week I talked a little about this messenger bag from Tenba “The Mini Messenger”. I ordered one in Brown from and have had it for a couple of days now. I am pretty happy with the bag and it is larger than I thought. This bag will take the place of my aging and ratty Artisan and Artist bag I have taken all over the world over the last few years as it can hold more and is made better. It may not have the low-key appearance but it looks like a messenger style bag and it is VERY functional, up there with Think Tank bags. I find it stylish, well made, comfortable and it can hold 2-3 cameras, lenses, my macbook air 13″, my iPad mini, chargers, SD card holder and more. Everything I need. My new travel bag, the Tenba Mini Messenger.


Below is a video review of the bag so you can see it and all it offers. Is it right for you? Only you can answer that! But it is available at, B&H Photo or Tenba Direct.


  1. I suspect that no bag can be perfect in every respect, but I’ve had a mini for over a year now. In comparison to other bags I’ve had (still have), it is by far the best of the bunch – for all of the reasons mentioned (including the price). But (sorry!), I do have a tiny complaint and that concerns the lack of rubber (or whatever) embeds in the strap pad in order to grip the shoulder more firmly. I have large, wide shoulders, but even so, the mini – and all other bags I’ve had (haven’t checked out the Think Tanks) – are constantly sliding off unless I’m gripping the strap. This drives me nuts. That said, I still think Tenba is the best. I’d try the Think Tank except for the fact that they lack the direct access slit on the top of the bag, ala Tenbas . I wonder if the rubber embeds on the Think Tanks are patented, or if the patent refers merely to the pattern of embedding, because if Tenba could do something like that, it would be the perfect bag.

    • Same problem. Just changed the strap to a think tank one. Problem solved. However a MAJOR design flaw is the handle, now had tow of these bags and handle has fallen apart on both. First material on handle stretches, then splits and finally a tube like piece of rubber falls out! Great bag apart from handle and strap!

  2. Looks to be an excellent travel bag for mirrorless systems. My concern would be the side flaps to protect the interior from rain. They look to not extend inward far enough. The left side in the video appears outward, exposing the interior to the elements. The top-access zipper is terrific; though the zippered pockets on the flap always frustrated me on the Tenba, so darn small.

  3. Hi Steve
    Read your article and saw the video and liked what i saw, and yet ,went to read some of the reviews.
    Many like it and some say there is a problem with the shoulder strap, some comlain it is not waterproof apart from the bottom.
    What do you think?
    Thanks Danny

  4. I have the 15 inch version, and it’s the most versatile camera bag I’ve ever owned. It enables me to carry a laptop and a heavy Nikon setup and not complain about it. Or I take the insert out and it becomes a work bag, or I can use a spare insert and swap two different camera outfits (let’s say Nikon F and Nikon 1) in a hurry. I bought it because I wanted to be able to avoid having two carry-ons — and it has worked really well in this regard. The combination of light weight and a very deeply padded strap really helps.

  5. Wow that bag can hold a s#@tload of stuff…very functional…but doesn’t look much like a messenger bag…at least in my mind…great review though as I can take this one off my list

  6. I have the copper/orange one. It’s a great bag although it’s not my daily carry-about.
    Out of curiosity, how many cameras, on average do you take with you on international travel?

    • I take whatever it is I have to review, as I always have something, sometimes multiple that I am reviewing so there is always something and I bring them all if I have to use them. If I am just shooting personal, it is one camera and two lenses along with my computer, iPad, charger, batteries, accessories, books, etc.

  7. The relatively narrow profile (of a messenger) is a good idea. Keeps the c.o.g. close to the body for comfort and some extra security. Good one.

  8. That top opening zip – so you can get at the camera without opening the main clips – is one of those ‘why didn’t somebody else think of that’ ideas. Very clever. Looks like a nice bag at a very good price point.

    • I have this bag. I performed a drop test. I wasn’t planning to, but when you are lugging around luggage, accidents happen.

      It was a fall from about 50cm. Contents included a 12-inch Thinkpad, a film SLR with its 50/1.4 lens, a Canon S95, a 7-inch tablet, etc. There is no damage that I can see. 3 months later, everything works flawlessly.

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