Around the world with the Fuji X-Pro 1 by Nate Robert

Around the world with the Fuji X-Pro 1 by Nate Robert

Hey Steve!

In December last year, I sent you a bunch of photos from the streets
of Iran
, all taken using the Fuji X-Pro 1 with the 18mm lens. I
thought your readers may like an update, as my journey around the
world with one camera and one lens has now passed the 400 day mark –
I’m still going strong and not slowing down – I’ve done 17 countries
in the last month.

I recently spent some time in an unrecognised breakaway territory deep
in Eastern Europe, known as “Transnistria”. After a brutal war of
independence in the early 90’s, the region is now doing its own thing
– due in large part to the Russian military that maintains a presence
on the ground. It was an incredibly interesting place to visit,
especially on Independence Day – held annually on the 2nd September.

Apart from an extremely Soviet-esque military parade, other highlights
included a parade of available brides, plenty of BBQ, and Vodka
flowing freely. It’s a hard place to explain, and I’m not sure my
photos do anything more than seed further confusion about

In any case, despite being tempted by full frame in the Leica range, I
have stuck with the Fuji and the 18mm for quite some time now. It’s
something I recommend everyone doing at least once in their
photographic life. As time passes, I get to know the capabilities of
the camera, and the lens, in great detail. I’ve used this combo for
street photography, landscapes, and architectural shots. Of course,
the Fuji does have it’s “quirks”, but let’s face it – all camera’s do.
Is any camera really perfect?

Keep up the great work, and I will check in again next time I have
something interesting to share. Iran, Transistria, who knows where I
will end up next. If any of your readers would like to follow my
indefinite ย journey, I think they would find it interesting – one
lens, one camera, one world. I’m blogging as I go.

Keep on doing your thing Steve, we all appreciate it.

Nate Robert

army children transnistria

transnistria guns

general transnistria tiraspol


tiraspol transnistria october

transnistria girls nude

soviet transnistria

transnistria mig


  1. Hi Nate

    Really enjoyable, envy your trip. Keep up the great work.

    I’m just going to add that the parade of available brides should be adopted by all nations….:)

    Cheers, Jason.

  2. I look the photos and actually I think they are successful in transmit that idea of a soviet world… the colors, the tones, the ambient, and I think that’s successful because the idea is clear.
    But I notice that from these eight pictures six are about people, I am not sure if the rest of photographs have the same proportion but I think for this selection you’ve enjoyed more your people (photographic) shots… It would be better use a 50mm lens instead a 18mm to travel? In the portrait of the gentleman in blue I can notice the effect of the lens in his face. Anyway, I am not a photographer but I enjoyed see this another world. Thanks!

  3. Fascinating images Nate. I wonder why they don’t look as sharp as is usual on this site though (yes; I opened them). Great that they were done with one lens as well!

        • As I said, they don’t look that sharp to me (not that that matters a lot); I’v elooked again. It’s not my screen; images with other posts look a lot sharper. Shouldn’t be the camera or the lens, so I just wondered what it was.

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